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Photo Gallery: Hendricks Training Complex Construction... 9/16/2011
Check out the latest construction gallery from the Hendricks Training Complex, which opens on Oct. 13th. For more on the Hendricks Training Complex, visit http://expandtheirexperience.com
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  • 480 640 MBB Offices The men's and women's basketball will be on the upper level of the Hendricks Training Complex, overlooking the respective practice courts. 206033055 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    480 640 Hendricks Training Complex Weight Room The new strength complex will be three times bigger than the one currently at the Devaney Center when it opens in mid-October. 206033059 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    480 640 Men's Players Lounge The men's basketball players lounge will have nearly 400 inches of TVs on five video boards. 206033056 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    140 640 MBB Players Lounge A wide shot of the men's basketball players lounge and kitchen in the Hendricks Training Complex. 206033054 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    480 640 Hendricks Complex Wrestling Room The Hendricks Complex will also feature an expanded wrestling room as well as offices and locker rooms for the nationally ranked wrestling program. The wrestling room is twice the size of the current wrestling room at the Devaney Center. 206033060 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    480 640 Hendricks Training Office Construction is underway in the main lobby area which will feature a two-story piece of art and video boards. 206033052 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
  • 480 640 Hendricks Training Complex The men's locker room features hot and cold tubs for student-athletes to use after practices and games. 206033051 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    480 640 Hendricks Training Complex The view from the offices at the Hendricks Training Complex, as the building features natural light. 206033058 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    640 480 Locker Room Tiles The showers at the Hendricks Complex feature the block N logo. 206033057 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    480 640 Bus Whitehead Court The Bus Whitehead Court inside the Hendricks Training Complex. 206033053 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
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