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Photo Gallery: Hendricks Training Complex Update 4/27/2011
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  • 422 640 Sadler Tour Nebraska men's basketball Coach Doc Sadler gets a tour of the Hendricks Training Complex construction from Associate Athletic Director for Capital Planning and Construction John Ingram and Assistant Director Maggi Thorne. 205645080 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    360 640 Natural Light The Hendricks Complex will feature natural lighting to help create a more open look. The facility is approximately 75,000 square feet and is connected to the Bob Devaney Sports Center. 205644971 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    640 360 Main Lobby One of the highlights to the Hendricks Training Complex will be a main lobby display that includes a grand lobby with a 25-foot wide video wall, granite basketball fountain and two-story custom artwork. 205644965 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    360 640 Locker Room The Husker locker room inside the Hendricks Training complex will feature a sunken players' lounge with an expansive TV and video wall as well as additional counter space and dining areas. 205645042 Scott Bruhn/NU Media Relations
    360 640 Recovery Tanks The men's basketball locker room will feature hot and cold tanks to allow players to recover following practice and games. 205645075 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    360 640 Nutritional Oasis The Hendricks Training Complex will feature a nutritional oasis similiar to the one in North Stadium. The expanded area will feature a nutrition station plus a full-sized kitchen with lounge. 205645072 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
  • 360 640 Strength Complex The Hendricks Training Complex will feature a 5,000-square-foot strength and conditioning area, more than doubling the size of the current Devaney Center weight room. 205645077 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    360 640 Men's Practice Courts Here is a photo from the balcony of the practice courts inside the Hendricks Training Complex. The men's and women's programs will have court-and-a-half basketball gyms, allowing free throw and 3-point shooting at the same time as full court scrimmages. 205644962 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    96 640 Panoramic Shot Here is another wide shot of the men's practice gym in the Hendricks Training Complex. The practice court is named "Bus Whitehead Court," recognizing the contributions made by former All-Big Eight performer Bus Whitehead, who passed away in June of 2010. 205645074 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    360 640 Men's Basketball Offices The Hendricks Training Complex will feature office space for the men's and women's basketball programs, as well as the Husker wrestling program. The coaches offices also include expanded meeting areas for the team and staff. 205644969 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
    360 640 Swimming Locker Rooms The creation of the Hendricks Training Complex will open up additional space inside the Devaney Center. On of the additions will be an expanded training room, doubling the size of the current training room and featuring a rehab area, hot and cold tanks, exam room and office space for medical staff. 205645078 Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com
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