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Nebraska PEO Program: Investment Beyond Graduation Nebraska PEO Program: Investment Beyond Graduation
Post-Eligibility Opportunities 01/11/2018

If the adage time flies when you're having fun is true, then the past two years of Nebraska Athletics' Post-Eligibility Opportunities (PEO) Program has gone by in the blink of an eye.

Directing Their Future Directing Their Future
Post-Eligibility Opportunities 01/10/2018

For international student-athletes, the unrealistic idea of being able to gain hands-on experience outside of the United States due to immigration policies is made possible by participating in an internship in their home country.

Running with the Bulls Running with the Bulls
Post-Eligibility Opportunities 08/03/2017

Running with the bulls is both a literal and figurative expression, explaining the culturally enriching and diverse experiences had by five Nebraska letterwinner alumni who utilized Post-Eligibility Opportunity (PEO) funds for study abroad experiences this summer.