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Why a Road Race Means So Much to Walk-On Blackshirt
Football 06/26/2017

Even though senior linebacker and future doctor Chris Weber has worked relentlessly this summer to maintain his status as a Blackshirt, the Omaha native has an equally important priority burning

Pepin: Recruiting Was Maxwell's Biggest Strength
Track and Field 06/22/2017

Take a quick glimpse at the picture above with Billy Maxwell wearing his red hat and Gary Pepin focusing in on what is very likely an identical thought. The ultra-close friends/catalysts behind

Honoring Husker Football Lettermen Kirby, Mueller
Football 06/07/2017

Big Red football fans appreciate what Huskers take with them when they're gone and what they leave behind.

How Nebraska Paved Right Road for Kelsey Robinson
Volleyball 05/17/2017

This is a story about one of the Huskers' greatest-ever athletes who turned down a scholarship because she did not think she was good enough to play volleyball for John Cook.

Grad Hunter Becomes Gym Rat to Learn New Techniques
Volleyball 05/16/2017

So what kind of summer vacation is in order when you've just graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, earned another AVCA All-America honor and can't help but remember the pinnacle

Sharing an Incredible Journey with Husker Grads
Men's Golf 05/10/2017

Even though the credit is anonymous, someone once said that a positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. That quick-hitting thought describes Nebraska

Laeng Describes Why There's No Place Like Nebraska
Women's Gymnastics 05/09/2017

A 5-foot-7 senior gymnast from West Middlesex, Pa., Jennie Laeng scored a 10 last Saturday afternoon addressing 51 fellow Husker student-athletes who received their diplomas at the University of

Levi Gipson Locked in, Loving Life Post Graduation
Track and Field 05/08/2017

Sometimes, well-rounded superstar student-athletes can be semi-overlooked in the grand scheme of graduation, especially if they completed their athletic career a year earlier and grew up somewhat

5,000 Miles from Home, Katerina Matysova Graduates
Randy York N-Sider 05/06/2017

In the midst of thousands of positively-charged graduation stories Saturday at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, few, if any, can match Katerina Matysova, a multiple Big Ten Distinguished Scholar

Huskers Honor George Sullivan, Bob Cerv This Weekend
Baseball 05/05/2017

Nebraska Athletics Trainer Jerry Weber is so interwoven into Husker history, few things can bring a tear to his eye or make him clear his throat. This weekend, however, may be a rare exception.

Alum, Husker Fan Touted Idea for Sports Media Major
Academics 05/03/2017

Last week, The N-Sider credited Dr. Frauke Hachtmann with being the primary force behind Sports Media and Communications as the fourth component of UNL's degree offerings in Journalism, Broadcasting

Eichorst Reflects on April's Husker Highlights
Athletics 04/28/2017

If you ever wonder what the core traits are to be a successful NCAA Division I director of athletics, you should take the time to read Shawn Eichorst's April Connecting on Campus column published