Athletics Coaching Staff
Kim Schellpeper
University of Nebraska Athletics
Coach Info:
Position: University of Nebraska Athletics
Other Position: Associate Director of Academic Programs
Phone: (402) 472-0513

Kim Schellpeper joined the Academic Performance Team in 1996 and was promoted to associate director of academic programs in 2007.

She has served as an academic counselor and the coordinator of learning development programs for 19 years. As an academic counselor, Schellpeper coordinates academic support for the softball and football teams. Her additional responsibilities include the administration and evaluation of the tutorial program, the mentoring and study hall programs, learning assessments and the hiring and supervision of Nebraska's assistant academic counselors. Schellpeper also serves as the liaison to the Office for Students with Disabilities, Athletic Medicine and to consulting clinical psychologists and campus instructors.

Schellpeper came to the University of Nebraska from the Omaha Public School system, where she served as a reading specialist and social studies instructor at Omaha Central High School for 12 years.

Her contributions to Nebraska Athletics include representing Nebraska at the N4A National Conference in 1998 and 2001, the N4A Regional Conference in 2006, and the National "On Course" Conference in 2008. Schellpeper also served as a working member of the Freshman Experience Task Force from 2000 to 2002, and the Academic Integrity Committee from 2008 to 2009. She currently serves as a working member of the Enrollment Management Council.

A native of Stanton, Neb., Schellpeper earned a bachelor's degree in education from the Nebraska in 1981, and a master's degree in curriculum and instruction in August 2000.