David and Carol Alloy Strength Complex

Alloy Strength Center

Thanks to the generous donation by David and Carol Alloy of Omaha, this state-of-the-art strength complex assists in developing Nebraska student-athletes.

The Nebraska volleyball team utilizes the David and Carol Alloy Strength Complex. The model strength and conditioning program in the nation, Husker Power plays a major role in the continuing success of Nebraska Athletics.  Nebraska's strength program was the first in the nation, and their facilities have set the standard in collegiate athletics since the early 1970s. With 13 staff members, Husker Power is one of the most comprehensive strength and conditioning organizations in the nation.With 13 staff members, Husker Power is one of the most comprehensive strength and conditioning organizations in the nation. Nebraska's strength training facilities have set the standard in collegiate athletics since the early 1970s. The Ndamukong Suh Strength and Conditioning Center in the Osborne Athletic Complex has taken the Husker program to a whole new level in the past five years.

Building the All-Around Volleyball Player

The University of Nebraska volleyball strength and conditioning coach is dedicated to making each student-athlete the best all-around volleyball player they can become. The goal of the strength coach is to help the volleyball player reach her full potential on the court. With the year-round lifting and conditioning program, we strive to reduce injuries and at the same time increase performance. 

Strength Staff

Brian Kmitta is in his first year as head strength coach for the volleyball program. The strength and conditioning program's goal is to produce strength, speed, power, and discipline. Making sure the student-athletes are strong, healthy, and competitive is the number one priority. Another goal is to build team dynamics, leadership and mental toughness through different conditioning drills.

The indoor sand volleyball court is used for both Volleyball and Sand Volleyball training.


Sand Volleyball Court

A full-sized sand court is housed within the David and Carol Alloy Strength Complex. Used througout the year for both Volleyball and Sand Volleyball training, the indoor sand court is one of the finest in the country.

Weight Training

The weight lifting program consists of both strength and explosive exercises that focus on ground-based and multi-joint movements. Off-season lifting consists of four days a week of lifting with two days of explosive training and two days of strength training. In-season lifting is two days a week focusing on total body movements.

Plyometric and Agility Training

It is important to condition like a volleyball player. Volleyball is a game that requires agility and explosiveness on a consistent basis. It is important to follow this pattern when performing conditioning drills, as plyometric exercises are specialized, high-intensity training techniques used to develop athletic power.


Volleyball is a fast-paced game of short bursts requiring change of directions both laterally and vertically. Developing volleyball endurance is also crucial to prepare for five sets. The conditioning consists of plyometric, agility, speed and endurance training. Plyometric training is used to increase verticals and to work on landings to reduce injuries. Volleyball players need to be able to change direction quickly and get to top speed as fast as possible.


Flexibility is another important component to the overall volleyball program. It is worked on throughout the year during conditioning sessions and practice. Yoga is also used during the season to increase performance and reduce injury.

The Injured Athlete

We have constant communication with the Athletic Medicine Staff in order to plan a successful training program to get the athlete promptly and safely back to competition.