Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200
City/State: Latrobe, Pa.


         1976 Nebraska Football Hall of Fame Inductee

         Drafted in the 5th Round by the Philadelphia Eagles (32nd Overall)

         1937 First-Team All-American

         Three Time All-Big Six Selection (1935-36-37)

Fred Shirey transferred to Nebraska from Washington and Jefferson College. While at Nebraska Shirey played right tackle and was in integral part of the Husker football teams from 1934-1937.


Shirey was named to three straight First-Team All-Big Six Conference teams and is one of only 20 Huskers to ever be named to three First-Team All-Conference Teams. Most recently it was done by Ralph Brown from 1997-1998-1999. On top of being a three time all-conference pick, Shirey was also a First-Team All-American in 1937, and was picked to play for the West in the 1937 East-West game.

Shirey was picked 32nd overall by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fifth round of the NFL draft, but chose to teach at Beatrice High School instead.

Huskers with Three First-Team All-Conference Selections
Vic Halligan (1912-13-14)
Dick Rutherford (1913-14-15)
H.H. Corey (1914-15-16)
Steve Hokuf (1929-30-32)
George Sauer (1931-32-33)
Lloyd Cardwell (1934-35-36)
Fred Shirey (1935-36-37)

Charles Brock (1936-37-38)

Jerry Minnick (1951-52-53)

Johnny Rodgers (1970-71-72)
Dave Rimington (1980-81-82)

Turner Gill (1981-82-83)
Mike Rozier (1981-82-83)
Marc Munford (1984-85-86)
Broderick Thomas (1986-87-88)

Will Shields (1990-91-92)

Zach Wiegert (1992-93-94)

Grant Winstrom (1995-67-97)

Aaron Taylor (1995-96-97)

Ralph Brown (1997-98-99)

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