David and Carol Alloy Strength Complex

Alloy Strength Center

Thanks to the generous donation by David and Carol Alloy of Omaha, this state-of-the-art strength complex assists in development Nebraska student-athletes.

Widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of strength and conditioning and the premiere collegiate strength and conditioning program, Nebraska's David and Carol Alloy Strength Complex is a one-of-a-kind facility. Husker student-athletes are given a technological and strategic advantage by combining state-of-the-art strength training innovation with top-notch coaching and programming.

The facility is utilized by Husker volleyball, baseball, softball, rifle, soccer, and women's gymnastics student-athletes. The Alloys' generous contribution provides all these sports with one of the finest strength and conditioning facilities in the nation.

Husker Power is continuing to innovate in the 21st Century. The East Stadium Expansion of Memorial Stadium includes a Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab dedicated to innovations in athletic performance.

One such innovation that has already born itself out is the use of EliteForm's innovative performance tracking software. 

Workouts are captured using 3D cameras which provide real-time feedback to athletes. Post-workout analysis allows strength coaches to personalize workouts to help every athlete optimize their time in the weight room. Because everything is integrated, each athlete can adjust a workout in real-time based on changes they see in their velocity and power on each set.