Strength and Conditioning

Pinnacle Bank Arena

The Hendricks Training Complex includes a 5,000-square foot weight room.

The model strength and conditioning program in the nation, Husker Power plays a major role in the continuing success of Nebraska Athletics. Nebraska's strength program was the first in the nation. With 13 staff members, it is one of the most comprehensive strength and conditioning organizations in the nation.

Nebraska's strength training facilities have set the standard in collegiate strength training since the early 1970s. Not only does it feature the Charles and Romona Myers Performance Center in the Osborne Athletic Complex, it also features a weight room utilized by several teams in the Hendricks Training Complex.

ProgramThe Husker Power Strength and Conditioning Program is geared for maximum improvement of performance on the basketball court. Each athlete receives his own individual computerized program each year.

SupervisionThe Husker Power staff has eight full-time strength and conditioning specialists and four interns.

FacilitiesThe Charles and Romona Myers Performance Center in the Osborne Athletic Complex is the finest all-around athletic facility in the nation, providing athletes with all the tools necessary to achieve at the highest level. Nebraska basketball players now have the Hendricks Training Complex, which opened in October of 2011. The facility's 5,000-square foot weight room features five transformer machines and a strength wall.