Nebraska Football Annual Awards
Courtesy: NU Media Relations
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Offensive guard Greg Austin earned Nebraska's oldest team award by winning the Novak Trophy in 2006.
Courtesy: Scott Bruhn/NU Media Relations

Tom Novak Award
Offensive guard Greg Austin was voted the winner of the 2006 Tom Novak Award. The trophy, established by J. Gordon Roberts in 1950, is presented to the Husker senior who best exemplifies courage and determination despite all odds in the manner of Nebraska All-America center Tom Novak. Sportswriters and broadcasters, who cover Nebraska games, vote on the award, which is presented at the Outland Trophy banquet in Omaha.

Previous Winners
1950--Charles Toogood, T
1951--Frank Simon, E
1952--Ed Husmann, T
1953--Ted Connor, T
1954--Bob Wagner, G
1955--Rex Fischer, HB
1956--LaVerne Torczon, G
1957--Jerry Brown, FB
1958--Dick McCashland, FB
1959--Harry Tolly, QB
1960--Pat Fischer, QB
1961--Don Purcell, E
1962--Dwain Carlson, G
1963--Dennis Claridge, QB
1964--Lyle Sittler, C
1965--Tony Jeter, E
1966--Larry Wachholtz, DB
1967--Wayne Meylan, MG
1968--Ernie Sigler, QB
1969--Al Larson, DB
1970--Joe Orduna, HB
1971--Jeff Kinney, HB
1972--Rich Glover, MG
1973--John Bell, MG
1974--Tom Ruud, LB
1975--Tony Davis, FB
1976--Clete Pillen, LB
1977--Monte Anthony, FB
1978--Rick Berns, IB
1979--Tim Wurth, RB
1980--Jeff Quinn, QB
1981--Mark Mauer, QB
1982--Steve McWhirter, LB
1983--Turner Gill, QB
1984--Craig Sundberg, QB
1985--Travis Turner, QB
1986--Marc Munford, LB
1987--Von Sheppard, WB
1988--Todd Millikan, TE
1989--Mike Murray, MG
1990--Kenny Walker, DT
1991--Keithen McCant, QB
1992--Lance Lewis, FB
1993--John Reece, FS
1994--Matt Shaw, TE
1995--Tommie Frazier, QB
1996--Mike Minter, Rover
1997--Scott Frost, QB
1998--Monte Christo, QB
1999--Adam Julch, OT
2000--Troy Watchorn, FS
2001--John Gibson, WB
2002-- John Garrison, C
2003-- Jason Lohr, DT and Jammal Lord, QB
2004-- Jake Anderson, OL
2005-- Cory Ross, IB
2006-- Greg Austin, OG

Guy Chamberlin Trophy
Zac Taylor was the recipient of the 40th annual Guy Chamberlin Trophy, presented at the Outland Trophy banquet in Omaha. The award was inaugurated in 1967 in memory of the former great Nebraska All-America football player who went to both the college and pro halls of fame. It is presented to the senior player who has shown by the play and contributions to the betterment of the University of Nebraska football squad that he has the qualities and dedication of Guy Chamberlin to the great Cornhusker tradition. Lincoln radio station KFOR donated the permanent trophy and each recipient receives a replica through funds contributed by the Chamberlin family and the Champ's many friends following his death in 1967. The Chamberlin Memorial Fund is administered by the University of Nebraska Foundation. Sportswriters and broadcasters who cover all Nebraska games vote on the award.

Previous Winners
1967--Marv Mueller, S
1968--Ernie Sigler, QB
1969--Dana Stephenson, DB
1970--Guy Ingles, SE
1971--Jeff Kinney, HB
1972--Rich Glover, MB
1973--Maury Damkroger, FB
1974--Ritch Bahe, SE
1975--Bob Martin, DE
1976--Clete Pillen, DB
1977--Ed Burns, QB
1978--Rick Berns, IB
1979--Tim Smith, SE
1980--Jarvis Redwine, IB
1981--Anthony Steels, WB
1982--Dave Rimington, C
1983--Dean Steinkuhler, OG
1984--Shane Swanson, WB
1985--Jim Skow, DT
1986--Chris Spachman, DT
1987--Jeff Jamrog, DE
1988--Mark Blazek, FS
1989--Gerry Gdowski, QB
1990--Pat Tyrance, LB
1991--Pat Engelbert, DT
1992--Will Shields, OG
1993--Trev Alberts, OLB
1994--Terry Connealy, DT
1995--Aaron Graham, C
1996--Jared Tomich, RE
1997--Grant Wistrom, RE
1998--Joel Makovicka, FB
1999--Mike Brown, Rover
2000--Dan Alexander, IB
2001-- Eric Crouch, QB and Tracey Wistrom, TE

2002-- DeJuan Groce, DB
2003-- Demorrio Williams, LB
2004-- Barrett Ruud, LB
2005-- Sam Koch, P
2006-- Zac Taylor, QB

Lifter of the Year
Ty Steinkuhler was honored with Nebraska's Lifter-of-the-Year award given annually to the player who has shown the greatest dedication and improvement in the Huskers' strength and conditioning program. Steinkuhler, a junior from Lincoln, Neb., is the first defensive tackle to win the Nebraska Lifter-of-the-Year award since John Parrella in 1992.

Previous Lifters of the Year
1974--Rik Bonness, C
1975--Rik Bonness, C
1976--Rod Horn, DT
1977--Lawrence Cooley, OG and I. M. Hipp, IB
1978--Kelvin Clark, OT
1979--Bill Barnett, DT and John Havekost, OG
1980--Russell Gary, DB
1981--Dave Rimington, C
1982--Mitch Krenk, TE
1983--Mike Tranmer, MG
1984--Jeff Smith, IB
1985--Jim Skow, DT
1986--Danny Noonan, MG and Chris Spachman, DT
1987--Neil Smith, DT
1988--Andy Keeler, OG
1989--Mike Murray, MG
1990--Curtis Cotton, SS
1991--Mike Anderson, LB
1992--John Parrella, DT
1993--Cory Schlesinger, FB and Donta Jones, OLB
1994--Donta Jones, OLB
1995--Mark Gilman, TE
1996--Jared Tomich, RE
1997--Dan Alexander, IB
1998--Chad Kelsay, RE
1999--Kyle Vanden Bosch, RE
2000--Kyle Vanden Bosch, RE
2001--Jon Dawson, OG
2002--Demoine Adams, RE
2003-- Trevor Johnson, RE
2004-- Adam Carriker, DE
2005-- Seppo Evwaraye, DE
2006-- Bradon Rigoni, DB
2007-- Ty Steinkuhler, DT

Native Son Award
In honor of Cletus Fischer, a former NU assistant coach, this award is presented annually to the senior player selected by the Husker coaches, who best exemplifies the following qualities: good work ethic; competitiveness; leadership; forthrightness; sense of humor; pride; loyalty and love of Nebraska. This honor is awarded at the Outland Trophy banquet in Omaha. The 2006 recipient was fullback Dane Todd of Lincoln, Neb. 

Previous Winners
1991--Pat Engelbert, DT
1992--Jim Scott, C
1993--Ken Mehlin, OG
1994--Terry Connealy, DT
1995--Clester Johnson, WB
1996--Jon Hesse, LB
1997--Matt Hoskinson, OG/C
1998--Chad Kelsay, RE
1999--Brian Shaw, LB
2000--Russ Hochstein,OG
2001-- Dave Volk, OT and Jeremy Slechta, DT
2002-- Chris Kelsay, RE
2003-- Trevor Johnson, DE and Kyle Larson, P
2004-- Steve Kriewald, FB
2005-- Titus Adams, DT
2006-- Dane Todd, FB

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