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Football Ticket Information for Disabled Patrons

By NU Athletic Communications

Disabled Parking 

Single-game parking for persons with disabilities is available on campus on a first-come, first-serve basis. Booster Lots 5, 9, 12 have limited spaces reserved for those with state-issued disabled parking tags or license plates. Ten extra-wide stalls, reserved for lift equipped vans are available in Lot 5. Booster Lots 5 and 9 have free shuttle cart service for persons with disabilities to Memorial Stadium.

Season permits for disabled parking in booster lots 5, 8, 9 can be applied for through the Nebraska Athletic Ticket Office. Lot 8 has limited spaces for patrons with disabilities who utilize wheelchairs/scooters.

Free public parking for the disabled is available at hooded meter spots on 14th and Vine.

Additional public parking for the disabled is available at 14th and U Streets (east of Morrill Hall, 14th & W Streets, North of Mabel Lee Hall) and at the 17th and R Street garage, for $20 per game (generally space remains available). This garage is 10 blocks from the stadium, but has a free bus service that runs throughout the game. Accessible bus service during the game is limited to the northwest corner of the stadium and the east side of the stadium – west end of lot 12.

Drop Off Locations for Disabled Patrons
There are two drop off locations available on game day for disabled patrons. 
North: On the North end of Memorial Stadium, head east on Salt Creek Roadway and utilize the pullover lane directly north of Lot 8 (just east of roundabout).

East: On the East side of Memorial Stadium, at the 17th and R parking garage reserved for disabled patrons. 

Mobility Impaired Entrances
Gates 3, 11, 15, 16A, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 23A & 24 are disabled accessible. There is no vertical transportation, i.e. elevators, located inside gates 3, 23A, or 24 but all other disabled accessible entrance points will have vertical transportation for those who have proper access privileges.

Mobility Impaired Seating
Mobility impaired seating is available in the following areas in the stadium:

East Stadium – Section 1 – Rows 1-4
South Stadium – Section 14D – Row 3
West Stadium – Section 21 – Rows 22-23
North Stadium – Section 33– Row 11
North Stadium – Section 34 – Row 7
North Stadium – Section 35 – Row 3
North Stadium – Section 36 – Rows 17-18
North Stadium – Section 37 – Row3
North Stadium – Section 38 – Row 7
North Stadium – Section 39 – Row 9

Wheelchair Seating
Wheelchair Seating is still available for 2014 Football season and is located in the following areas in Memorial Stadium:

East Stadium – Level 3 Flex Space – Areas on both sides of suites
East Stadium – Club Section 402 – Row 8 – Seats 1- 12
East Stadium – Club Section 404 – Row 8 – Seats 1-12
East Stadium – Club Section 407 – Row 8 – Seats 1-12
East Stadium – Club Section 410 – Row 10 – Seats 1-12
East Stadium – Club Section 412 – Row 10 – Seats 5-14
East Stadium – Club Section 601 – Row 3 – Seats 1-6
East Stadium – Club Section 613 – Row 3 – Seats 1-6
South Stadium – Section 14D – Rows 1-2
West Stadium – Club Section 225-D – Rows 1-2
North Stadium – Section 33 – Rows 7, 17-18
North Stadium – Section 34 – Row 1
North Stadium – Section 35 – Rows 1, 17-18
North Stadium – Section 37 – Rows 7, 17-18
North Stadium – Section 38 – Row 1
North Stadium – Section 39 – Rows 6, 17-18
North Stadium – Field Level – Rows 1-2

Red Cross First Aid Stations
There are five Red Cross First Aid Stations located throughout Memorial Stadium:

Northwest Concourse (near section 32)
Southeast Concourse (near section 11)
600 East (near section 21)
West Stadium Club Level (near section 224)
500 East (near the North End)

Football Tickets

Game Day Accessible Seating Exchanges:  Patrons who need to exchange tickets for accessible seating may do so at the Ticket Office starting the Monday before each home game up until game time. Game day exchange inventory is limited.

Single Game Accessible Seating Sales: Patrons who would like to purchase accessible seating for any home football game may do so by calling the Ticket Office at 402-472-3111. Seating is based on availability after we have helped season ticket requests and is typically located in the north stadium at field level and in the 600 level of the east stadium.

Accessible Seating Season Tickets: Season ticket accessible seating is located in various locations throughout the north, south, east and west stadiums. Patrons may purchase one wheelchair seat with up to three seats for companions, if available. Call the Ticket Office at 402-472-3111 to discuss available options.

Additional Ticket Information

If you are having any ticket trouble and seated in Northeast or Southeast sections, you may seek help at Gate 22 (East Stadium).

If you are seated in West Stadium please use the main Ticket Office should any troubles or questions may arise.

Assistive Listening System Equipment
Assistive Listening System Equipment is available inside Gate 18 at the Guest Relations/Security Office and inside the West Stadium Lobby at the Guest Relations/Security Office.

Disability Service
Gates 3, 11, 15, 16A, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 23A & 24 are disabled accessible.

Boy Scouts
Athletics partners with the Nebraska Boy Scouts to provide us with approximately 100 scouts on gameday. Scouts primary responsibility is to provide ushering duties within the stadium bowl (non-premium level areas). They provide direction for ADA, concessions, restrooms, seats along with policy and procedure.

Disabled Seating Contacts on Campus

Nebraska Athletics
Chris Anderson - Director of Athletic Community Relations
One Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, NE 68588
(402) 472-7771;

University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Christy A. Horn, PhD
ADA/504 Compliance Officer, AA/EEO Officer and Ombud
University of Nebraska
Co-Director, Center for Instructional Innovation
Director, Accommodation Resource Center
Professor, Educational Psychology (Courtesy)
222 Varner Hall

Nebraska Ticket Office
Karen Williamson-Conway
Assistant Ticket Manager, ADA Seating
625 Stadium Dr., Ste. E, Lincoln, NE 68588





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