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2015 Football Donor Parking

Please call 1-800-8-BIG RED or e-mail with questions.

**Changes to Lot 11 RV parking**
 An island has been installed on 10th Street at the bottom of the overpass to create a right-in, right-out situation. Due to this change it is now required for those traveling in RVs or oversized vehicles to use Charleston and 12th Street to access Lot 11. Regular-sized vehicles traveling northbound on 10th Street may continue to use the normal entrance; however, it is highly recommended that all regular-sized vehicles use also the new path as well due to the high pedestrian traffic where the new island is located. The vehicles traveling southbound on 10th Street must utilize the Charleston and 12th Street access to Lot 11. Please click here to view the new path into Lot 11. We would also recommend utilizing this same route for exiting Lot 11 as well. Map


Donor parking for football is allocated based on Lifetime Giving to Nebraska Athletics. You must donate at least $300 annually and have season football tickets on your account to qualify for donor parking. Please see below for full rules and guidelines.

Allocation rulesparking maps and frequently asked questions about the process are below (you can navigate directly to your area of interest by clicking these links). If you have any further questions, please contact the Nebraska Athletic Development Office at or 800-8-BIG RED.

Nebraska Athletic Event staff will be present in every lot and will be enforcing the lot opening times, which are 6 a.m. for games that start before 6 p.m., and 11 a.m. for games starting at 6 p.m. and later. 

Parking request forms were available online beginning on March 1, 2015. This parking form was used as the only source of information for football parking for the 2015 season and needed to be completed by each donor requesting parking. This year, the form was primarily available online, but a paper form could be requested by calling the Nebraska Athletic Development Office at 800-8-BIG RED.

Parking request forms needed to be completed by April 1, 2015 to qualify for football parking for the 2015 season. If a form was not completed by that deadline, Nebraska Athletics will conclude that the donor is not interested in donor parking for the 2015 football season.



Parking Pass Allocation Rules and Guidelines:

  • To be eligible for donor football parking at the University of Nebraska, you must be a football annual donor of at least $300 to the Nebraska Athletic Development Annual Fund and have football season tickets on your donor account. You must also complete a parking request form by the April 1, 2015 deadline.

  • We will rank every donor interested in 2015 season football parking by their Lifetime Giving to determine donor position in lot selection order. We will then start lot allocation with the top Lifetime Giving donor, using the information he/she has provided on the parking request form. We will continue this process in order of Lifetime Giving rank for each subsequent donor requesting parking until all available lots have been filled. Lot colors/donation values on the map below are only applicable if requesting multiple passes, and does NOT factor in the process if requesting only one parking pass.

  • If the donor’s first request is for a lot that has been filled before we get to his/her request, we will proceed through the donor’s ranked lots either until we are able to allocate a requested lot or there are no more lots listed. If all lots listed by the donor are allocated before we come to his/her rank in Lifetime Giving order, the Athletic Department will not assign a pass to the donor.

  • If requesting multiple passes, your annual donation amount must be no less than the combined total of the lots’ value as determined by the Athletic Department. Please reference the map key in the lower left corner of the map for details, or the examples of how multiple lot allocation works below. The 2015 Contribution level listed on this page refers only to contributions made to annual football fund allocations

  • Though counted for lifetime giving, non-football related booster clubs, capital campaign, suites, and Sideline and Skyline club contributions are not eligible for annual football parking contributions.

  • No more than four (4) parking passes will be allowed per account. There is a minimum of two (2) season tickets per parking pass.

  • Parking passes and parking spaces are for vehicles only and cannot be used for grills, tables, additional tailgating spaces, etc. We reserve the right to revoke any passes used for unauthorized purposes. 

Parking reallocation may not happen every year. Please call the Nebraska Athletic Development Office at 800-8 BIG RED if you have questions or concerns.

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2015 Map (please click on image to view it in PDF form)
2015 FB pking map

Reserved Football Parking

All stalls will be reserved in Lots 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 12, 13, and 23. Lots that are not reserved will have only general admission parking. 

Please click on each lot below to see a map with the numbered reserved stalls marked. 

Lot 1                             Lot 2                             Lot 3
Lot 5                             Lot 6                             Lot 8
Lot 12                           Lot 13                           Lot 23

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nebraska Football season parking is an annual process that involves over 13,000 donors and 4,000 parking stalls. Due to these demands, we are very vigilant about the process, staying within our set parameters while trying to foster the wonderful environment that takes place around the stadium on game day.

1. How was parking allocated for the 2015 football season?

Each donor that requested football parking via the parking request form (available online beginning March 1) received a football parking rank based upon their lifetime giving to Nebraska Athletics. Unfortunately non-athletic contributions and ticket costs were not eligible. Allocation started with the #1 ranked donor, filling his/her request, then continued down the ranked list of those requesting parking. A parking pass was allocated for his/her preferred best available lot, if there were stalls still available in listed lots when we came to him/her in ranking order.

2. I wanted to request multiple parking passes. How were these parking passes allocated? Will they be located in the same parking lot?

Those donors requesting multiple parking passes indicated if they want those passes located in the same lot or the best available for each pass. The donor's annual giving and the minimum contribution value for each parking lot were utilized ONLY when allocating multiple parking passes. Here are some examples for either choosing the same lot or best available lot:

    • Donor A would like to receive 2 parking passes and contributes $5,000 annually and has Lifetime Giving of $28,000. He would like to receive the best parking available for each pass, but they don't need to be placed in the same lot. When we get to his football parking ranking, the best parking lot available based upon his preferences is Lot 13. Donor A will be assigned a parking pass in Lot 13 for his first pass. Since the donor annually contributes $5,000 and Lot 13 has an annual contribution level of $3,000 placed on the lot, Donor A now has $2,000 left to allocate towards parking. We would then look at their highest preference based off of the lots that have either a $500, $1,000, or $2000 annual contribution level associated with them and award their highest parking preference. Donor A indicated that Lot 24 was his top choice of these lots, so he will be receiving one parking pass in Lot 13 and the second parking pass in Lot 24.

    • Donor B would like to receive 2 parking passes and contributes $5,000 annually and has Lifetime Giving of $28,000 . He would like to receive his two parking passes in the same lot. When we get to his football parking ranking we would look at his order of lot preference for lots that would have a per pass requirement of $500, $1,000 or $2,000. Donor B has indicated Lot 18 as his best preference so he will be receiving 2 parking passes in Lot 18.

3. Will I be able to park with my friends at the football games? If so, how were parking lot assignments made if I want to park with my friends?

To park with other donors, each account requesting to park together needed to rank the same lot choices. The minimum lifetime giving requirement, which is determined after the lot allocations, needed to be met by all accounts wishing to be parked together.

For General Admission lots: Donors who were allocated parking in general admission lots with their requested accounts simply need to arrive together on game day to park together.

For Reserved lots: After the lots have been allocated, we will go through a stall selection process for all of the reserved lots. During this process you can request to park with other donors that have also been allocated in the same lot. The Park With stall selection will be determined using the average of all donors’ Lifetime Giving amount of the group. Please make sure that the stalls requested are the same for each member of the group. If you request to park with someone and they do not list your name on their form, then we will not include them as part of the group. Though we will attempt to honor all requests, we cannot guarantee groups will park together.


4. What are the minimum lifetimes giving values for this year as compared to last year? 

Please note that these values may have increased or decreased based on supply and demand.

(sorted by Lot #)

(sorted by Lot #)

Lot # Rank Min. Lifetime Giving Lot # Rank Min. Lifetime Giving Increase of
1 520 $110,600  1 565 $112,050 $1,450
2 801 $75,650  2 666 $98,400 $22,750
3 350 $148,700  3 406 $146,534 -$2,166
5 993 $60,200 5 871 $74,500 $14,300
6 683 $88,100 6 685 $96,142 $8,042
7 1,449 $40,000 7 1,495 $42,350 $2,350
8 247 $190,000 8 189 $242,105 $52,105
9 1746 $31,597 9 1,985 $30,400 -$1,197
10 2,686 $20,000 10 2,327 $25,400 $5,400
11 1,301 $45,944 11 2,705 $22,000 -$23,944
12 464 $121,600 12 418 $142,000 $20,400
13 786 $77,100 13 765 $86,800 $9,700
14 2,777 $19,172 14 2,581 $22,650 $3,478
16 2,148 $25,007 16 2,089 $28,607 $3,600
17 5,704 $8,500 17 2,418 $8,000 -$500
18 1,716 $32,500 18 1,719 $36,000 $3,500
19 4,504 $10,700 19 4,753 $11,001 $301
20 11,452 $1,700 20 - -$1,700
21 21 $0
22 738 $82,850 23 769 $86,350 $25,404
23 983 $60,946 24 1,480 $42,700 $10,200
24 1,709 $32,500 25 3,029 $19,500 N/A
Red 1  - -   Red 1 11,851  $1,500  $1,500 


5. Are there reserved parking stall opportunities for the 2015 football season? If so, which lots will have this opportunity?

Yes, there are reserved parking stall opportunities in 2015. All of the stalls in reserved lots are reserved. Those lots that are not reserved have only general admission stalls. The parking lots that are reserved are: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 12, 13, and 23.  Donors receiving parking in the same reserved lot that they held in 2014 will have first right of refusal for same stall they held in 2014 with the exception of lots 2 and 8.  Lots 2 and 8 had some changes that made the same stall process unfeasible.

6. I have an RV and would like to purchase a season parking pass. Where is the RV parking lot located?

RV Parking is in Lot 11. There are still spots available in RV parking for the 2015 season.

7. Will there be any football parking available for non-donors?

Parking opportunities still remain in Lot 21 and may be purchased by season ticket holders that do not contribute $300 or more on an annual basis to Nebraska Athletics, as space allows. 

8. I have a handicap parking permit. Will there still be lots that will be utilized for handicap parking? If so, where will these lots be located?

We have a number of parking spaces reserved for handicap parking. These parking passes are again located in Lots 5, 8 and 9. If you had a handicap parking pass for the 2014 season, if your tag is still valid, and if you have paid for your season tickets, you will be issued a handicap parking pass in the same lot for the 2015 season. 

If you are interested in new handicap parking please contact Karen Williamson-Conway in Athletic Ticketing at 800-8-BIG RED.

Public handicapped parking is also available around the stadium. Please click here for more information.

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