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Sophomore Quarterback Taylor Martinez

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Washington Game Week
Monday, Sept. 12, 2011
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Sophomore Quarterback Taylor Martinez
On what comes to mind when having to play Washington a third time in 15 games:
"Just the revenge that happened from last year at the Holiday Bowl. Hopefully, we do a lot better this time. It should be a fun game."

On if the team is fueled by that:
"I think the whole team is, especially the coaches and the players. The players that are coming back just because they beat us last year when we were expected to beat them. They came out and played a lot better than us."

On how injured he was at the Holiday Bowl:
"I was pretty injured. I was not healthy. I was not healthy since the Missouri game."

On the biggest difference on the way Nebraska played from the first game and the second game:
"I guess they came out and played harder than us. Maybe we just thought since the very first game we beat them so bad, and in the second game we were lackadaisical about it, and we thought we'd come out there and stomp on them. It didn't happen that way, and they came out and played harder than us."

On if there was a hangover from the Big 12 Championship game:
"Since we lost the Big 12 Championship game, I thought our team would come out more fired up since we lost and end on a good note, but we didn't do that."

On how good it's felt to make some big runs and build up his confidence in the running game:
"I feel great just to get back on the field and feel 100% and being able to do what I'm able to do."

On if he feels more comfortable throwing the ball down the field instead of 10 yard routes:
"It all just depends on where the defense is."

On if he feels as if he's had more success throwing the ball down the field:
"Yeah. Most of the defenses are playing more of our running game and short passes."

On the new wide receivers:
"They've all done a great job. The receivers are rotating a lot. They're doing an awesome job."

On Washington's secondary:
"We'll just go by the game plan, and hopefully we play well and come out strong."

On his thoughts on the Washington defense:
"I haven't watched any film on them yet this year. Today, we'll start watching film on them, but from what I've seen so far, it should be a pretty good game."

On if the team has addressed ball security differently after a couple games:
"Just every time we get on the ball or running with the ball, being able to hold it tighter, and just being self-conscious with not swinging the ball out so much; maybe holding it tighter to your body."

On if he feels if he's been lackadaisical with it so far:
"I don't know. I think on the first one, I was trying to switch hand and give the guy a stiff arm around the corner, as I was switching hands, it kind of fell out of my arm."

On if there are repercussions in practice on it during the season:
"Yeah. Yeah it does."

On what the repercussions are:
"Just rolling. Pencil rolls."

On how far they have to roll:
"I think every fumble is maybe 100 yards or something. I'm not really sure. I don't know if I was the first one to fumble on the season, but we'll find out."

On if the drill is pretty nasty:
"Yeah. All you do is lay down and you keep rolling. It's pretty hard. You guys should try it."

On if he has to roll more because he had the fumble:
"We'll find out today at practice. I can't really answer that one."

On if you get dizzy:
"Yeah. Really dizzy. Try to roll 15 yards spinning in circles. It's about 100 times worse than that."


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