Group Tickets - Benefits

By NU Athletic Communications

Group Ticket Central

What are the Benefits of Group Tickets?

•    Group ticket discounts are offered for most events.

•    Group seating is offered in all sections in the arena. Call early for best seating. 

•    Avoid standing in long ticket lines. Handle your entire transaction over the phone with our friendly and helpful staff or online at at your convenience.

•    There is no per-ticket surcharge. Free Print-At-Home option when purchasing tickets online.  Other delivery charges will apply.  

•    Personal Group Sales Representative to assist you throughout your group event

•    Promotional materials and posters are available for most games to assist you with publicizing the event within your organization.

•    All Nebraska season ticket holders can receive 10% discount when ordering through sales representative.

•    Special group ticket offers can be emailed to your membership & employee database, at no cost to your company! Simply designate a person to receive the email from us & you can forward the link to your organization!
This program is a great opportunity for groups to network with fellow members & enjoy quality entertainment at discounted prices.


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