Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska 23, #20 Michigan 9
Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke

Opening Statement

"Got to give Nebraska a lot of credit. They played well. The second half, especially late in the third quarter we did not tackle well as a defense. When you don't tackle well, big plays can happen, and we didn't keep the ball inside enough. We need to do a better job with that. Offensively when you count on field goals like we did last week, when you get in the red zone and you are not scoring touchdowns that will hurt you in big games, and in games with good competition, and that is what happened."

On quarterback Russell Bellomy's performance
"You know until you watch it all and see it all we will see."

On Denard Robinson's injury
"Same thing, he's got that nerve and when he gets hit the wrong way it is hard. But he gets better and better as time goes on."

On if he thought of using Devin Gardner at quarterback
"No. He hasn't practiced there a whole lot."

On if he talked to Bellomy about his struggling performance
"Well I would think so. That is a part of coaching... wouldn't you do that? If someone was struggling in life? I told him to keep going we believe in you."

On how the defense performed
"I think we tackled well, we did a lot of things well. I thought defense kept us in the football game for three quarters."

On how the game plan changed with Bellomy in the game
"Oh it changes a little bit obviously, there are some runs in there that Denard (Robinson) is very good at. We ran the ride play still, and Russell (Bellomy) took it up in there a couple of times, but he didn't get that much yards. I thought he did a nice job on the scramble, and got a first down for us.

On if he liked how the offense was staying on the field before Robinson got hurt
"Yeah you always like that, that is a part of it. Defensively I never felt comfortable in keeping the jet read under control. It got outside a couple times, and we missed tackles as it got outside. I didn't feel real comfortable at times."

On if he thought Robinson would go back in the game at any point
"I checked with the trainers a couple times, but he couldn't grip the ball real well, and he didn't feel like he could throw the ball well enough."

On the thought that Robinson could have gone out of bounds instead of taking a hit on the play where he got hurt
"Well... you've got a guy that is a pretty good competitor, and sometimes competitors are stubborn. He was trying to get into the endzone. For me to say he shouldn't have done that, I would be a hypocrite. You like competitive people, and he is a competitive guy."

On if Nebraska's defense took the run away in the second half
"No, I didn't think we blocked real well. (Fitzgerald Toussaint) had an opportunity and if he got to the second level he would still be running probably."

On if Bellomy's performance was a result of nerves
"For me to speculate why a guy plays (the way he does); he hasn't played a whole lot for us."

On if he felt Bellomy was confident
"He seemed like he was pretty good. Russ is competitive, studies, he does all the things a QB should do. He is going to be fine."

On when he found out Robinson was not going to come back in the game
"I don't know if I did ever, if he would have progressed a little further he would have played at the end. But it just wasn't happening."

On what he said to Bellomy as they walked back to the locker room at the end of the game
"That is between Russ and I...I think."


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