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Will Compton Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications
Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Monday, Nov. 12, 2012

Will Compton
Sr., Linebacker, Boone Terre, Mo.

On his decision coming to Nebraska and what he thought he was getting into with new coach Bo Pelini

“It was a unique situation, I remember. I remember committing to Coach (Bill) Callahan and his staff first. We had a top class coming in that was committed and everyone scattered after that. I stayed committed, but at the same time I was looking elsewhere. I remember being in the living room with my mom after my official visit here and after Coach Bo (Pelini) and all of them got hired. After talking with them I remember telling my mom that I was down to Notre Dame, Illinois, and Missouri, because Illinois and Missouri in particular were having good years. Illinois went to the Rose Bowl and Missouri was having a great success that year. I remember telling my mom that I wasn’t coming here that year and she started crying. She really like the staff, Coach Bo and everybody here and she thought I was making a mistake. Right before I committed, Coach Bo called me on a Friday, because I had just left my mom’s school with Missouri's coaches and Bo called and asked if he could do one more thing before I made my decision. I think it was the next Tuesday. I was basically just being courteous and I said sure, thinking I was just going to talk on the phone with the staff or something. He said he wanted to send the defensive staff down on Sunday in the jet and watch the NFC Championship with me and I said, alright that’s fine. I remember it was Coach (Marvin) Sanders, Coach Carl Pelini, Coach (Mike) Eckler and Coach JP (John Papuchis) and they all came on Sunday night. We sat with the family and I had a couple of friends over and it was just Nebraska from there. We had a great night and once they walked out I just said I didn’t know what I was thinking in the first place and I said that Nebraska is where I definitely want to go.”

On what he remembers on the redshirt year having 50 redshirts
“Some of us were just talking about it this morning being back in Selleck Hall, the dormitory we stayed in, and we had a bunch of guys. We became close pretty fast, a bunch of different cultures. We all became friends quick and we’re just reminiscing on the fun times we had there. That year we were the first class that came here with Coach Bo and we talked about in four or five years what it’d be like as seniors. Fortunately we’re in a driver’s seat type of place right now and we have to finish the year off, but we want to make it a memorable one.”

On the Virginia Tech game where Bo told him to get ready and almost had his redshirt pulled
“I remember that. I was like a deer in headlights. I was nervous and caught off guard. I think Phil (Dillard) blew a coverage and I think they took the lead but Coach Bo turned to Coach Eckler and told him ‘Get Will ready’ and Coach Eckler turned to me. They were both walking towards me fast paced just ticked off at what had happened and Coach Eckler said ‘Will get ready to rock and roll’. I was nervous and grabbed my helmet. I was standing there, pacing back and forth, and moving around. It ended up they didn’t pull my redshirt and nothing else was said to me the rest of the game and they stuck with Phil. There was another game at Baylor when we started getting injuries. Cody (Glenn) was down and Phil was down and I started to grab my helmet. Coach Bo called me over and said ‘Don’t worry about putting your helmet on because we’re not going to put you in there'. I wouldn’t do that without sitting down with you and your parents and talking about it.”

On how he’d summarize the senior class
“I don’t know. It’s a brotherhood. We all really are close, very close. We all get along. We’re all usually on the same page and at times there’s a bunch of bickering about stuff like brothers would but we’ve been through a lot together. Like I said earlier, we’re trying to make these last weeks as memorable as we can because we’ll remember this month and the beginning of next month for the rest of our lives. We’re chasing our goals.”

On if he’s the peacemaker in that bickering bunch
“It just depends. It depends on the situation. Sometimes I might be bickering or in an argument, but other times I could be the peacemaker. It just depends. You get a lot of different things with us but we’re all close and we all have each other’s backs.”

On what the last tunnel walk will be like for him
“It’s going to be different. I don’t know. I see myself and they all joke with me about being sentimental because I always bring up our last stuff, last this and last that. I’m trying to take it all in and live in every moment that I can because it’s the last year that we’re all going to have together. It’s going to be memorable. I say I’m not going to get emotional when it happens but we’ll see what happens. We have a game to win and I’ll have a bunch of family in. We’re just trying to send the senior class out the right way.”

On how special it’d be to be a part of the class that brought Nebraska back to winning a championship
“It’d be extremely special. We’re in a position to do a few different things that hasn’t been done here in quite a while. We’re all aware of that, but we have to stay locked in. We can’t take this next game lightly at all. We have to take care of us and take care of business. These last games, like always, they don’t matter anymore. We’re in the driver seat but we have to continue to stay in the driver seat and to do so we have to take care of business this next week.”

On what he’ll remember most about Memorial Stadium
“There are a lot of things. The fans, the tunnel walk, the pregame speeches with Coach Bo, the sideline conversations and the on-field conversations, and everything. I can think of a bunch of stuff that I’ll remember it all forever.”

On what change he’s seen from Bo and if he takes more feedback from players than he used to
“Yes, without a doubt. We communicate all the time. He communicates with us players all the time. The stuff that we went through in the offseason, having player meetings and he’ll be in there and we’ll all give each other feedback on things. It was never a player takeover type of deal, but he wanted our feedback on things and he always wants to get better. I think he has gotten better each and every year. I think he’s matured, especially on the sideline. I know some people might not see that, but he really has. He’s just grown as a head coach over the years.”

On how the team has played at home and what it’d mean to be undefeated at home
“It’d be awesome. We’ve played well at home. If we start off slow we’ve had strong second halves at home. Our fans have helped us out a lot with the noise being the twelfth man. It’d mean a lot to us to get an undefeated home season. We’re aware of doing that and it hasn’t been done since 2001 or something. It’d be huge. We’d love to do that and we plan on doing so with our last home game as seniors as well. It’ll be a good game this weekend.”

On what he wants to tell the fans that criticize how Bo interacts with players on the sideline
“It doesn’t bother me. I know what happens and I know what’s being said. I know what is meant when things are said. We’re out there battling and we’re out there in a war. Bullets are flying and there’s going to be disagreements just like there would be in a household. We’re a family and we all know that. There’s never anything that puts somebody down or to put a player down or embarrass him. It’s never about that. It’s just executing and we’re all trying to get done what we expect of each other. It doesn’t really bother me and I never really care what the outsiders think of what happens or how they think Coach Bo is or how the players might be. Like I said, we’re out there trying to get a win and we expect to win. When that’s expected you have high standards and you’re going to have disagreements when things go wrong and things do go wrong. It doesn’t bother me.”

On why the team is so successful in the month of November over the past few years
“Each and every year we’ve kind of been put in situations where we could control our own destiny. I think the sense of urgency always kind of rises, as it should be high at the beginning of the season in the first place. I think when people start to understand what is at stake, then that’s what does it. I’m not sure. Coach Bo always preaches get better each and every week. Each and every week we always hear we haven’t played our best football and that there’s a lot more out there for us to go get even if we play a good game. That’s a good thing because you understand how much more we could’ve done better and how much more we can get better. I think that’s just what we go by, the message he always preaches to us.”

On how the defense gets better as the year goes on
“Everybody just understanding their role and what’s expected of them. Especially when you have bumps in the road like this year that we’ve had with UCLA and Ohio State. Taking those situations and learning from them instead of just seeing them as failure and not being able to move on from them. I think we all just understand the system more and more each and every week and what the coaches are trying to do with the game plan and what other teams are throwing at us. I think guys start to get a grasp on that part of it so I think that’s how we get better.”

On if Mike Vick hadn’t gotten hurt would the Cowboys have won
“Without a doubt, did you see the way our defense and special teams were playing? Without a doubt, we concussed Michael Vick. That was their fourth win. We’re still in the hunt. The Giants lost and the Cowboys had to come out on top. The Cowboys did. We’ve got to move forward and execute next week. We could be in the driver’s seat soon."


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