Fan voting is now limited to one every six hours per social Twitter/Facebook account.
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Memorabilia Lightning Round Voting Begins

By NU Athletic Communications


 Randy York’s N-Sider

Monday launched the lightning round of voting to celebrate 125 Seasons of Nebraska Football Memorabilia.  The voting promises to be exciting because each ballot cast will be swift and the spotlight will be isolated on each second-round segment over a four-day stretch.

The Sweet 16 gets sweeter with the nation's recently annointed most loyal fan base in college football seizing the opportunity to make a difference in six-hour chunks around the clock.  "Voting is limited to one every six hours per social account,” said Kelly Mosier, director of digital media.  “Vote totals displayed, however, will not be final because they will not reflect the votes will receive via email.”

Sweet 16 Reseeded, Ready for Your Vote

Mosier’s digital media team re-seeded the Sweet 16 to reflect the voting status each item has earned.  This week’s pivotal stretch drive takes me back to the game show electricity that television fans felt back in the 1960s when contestants on Password and Beat the Clock couldn’t wait to see how much faster they could think, let alone make a decision when the competition got tougher and the stakes went higher. 

This week’s second round will reduce the Sweet 16 to the Elite Eight with the top four seeds in each of the four regions represented – 1) The Old School Era (from the beginning of Nebraska football in 1891 until Bob Devaney arrived in 1962); 2) The Devaney Era, an 11-season game-changing paradigm that included back-to-back national championships in 1970 and 1971;  3) The Osborne Era beginning in 1973, covering a quarter-century of excellence that ended with 60 wins in the Huskers' last 63 games en route to three national titles in 1994, 1995 and 1997; and 4) The Modern Era featuring teams from 1998 to the present.  Those four eras are the cornerstones in our time-tunnel transport through history.

Here’s this week’s bracket that will determine the winners in accelerated 24-hour Facebook and Twitter voting, plus emails submitted through 

Monday July 7th 

Old School Era

No. 1) Coach Ball vs No. 4) 1923 Ticket Letter

Modern Era

No. 1) Custom Helmet vs No. 4) Buckle Collection


Tuesday July 8th 

Devaney Era

No. 1) Complete Set vs No. 4) Champ Tickets

Osborne Era

No. 1) Football Room vs No. 4) SI Covers


Wednesday July 9th

Old School Era

No. 2) 1924 Program vs No. 3) Freshman Beanie

Modern Era

No. 2) Tunnel Mural vs No. 3) Husker “Crib”


Thursday July 10th

Devaney Era

No. 2) Hat and Stairs vs No. 3) IM Hipp Jersey

Osborne Era

No. 2) First Program vs No. 3) Mini-Trophies


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