Football Student Tickets - FAQ
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Courtesy: NU Athletic Communications
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1. When can I purchase football tickets?
•    Tickets for the 2013 season go on sale April 8.  If interested, please click on the "Purchase Student Tickets" link on the Student Ticket Central main page. Once tickets are sold out, students may also visit this site ( and register to be put on the waitlist. Tickets for 2014 will go on sale in April of 2014. An email will be sent to UNL students in March of 2014 with additional details.

2. How do I join a football ticket waitlist?
•    Students that didn't purchase tickets and are still interested are encouraged to visit and register to be put on the waitlist.

3. When am I eligible to purchase football student tickets?
•    Students must be admitted to UNL for the 2013-14 academic year to purchase tickets for the 2013 football season.
Seniors & Current Grad Students (89+ hours):  Monday, April 8
Juniors (53-88 hours):  Thursday, April 11
Sophomores (27-52 hours):  Monday, April 15
Current Freshman (less than 27 hours):  Thursday, April 18
Incoming Freshman and transfer students: Monday, April 22

•    Seniors will be given first priority for seating in East Stadium by selecting their stadium of choice. East Stadium tickets will be sold until the allotment is exhausted. All students will know upon sign-up which stadium they have been assigned.

4. I am a transfer or graduate student, can I get football tickets?
•    Transfer and graduate students are eligible to purchase football tickets.

5. How much are football tickets?
•    2013 Nebraska Football student tickets are $189.

6. How do I purchase football tickets?
•    Students can purchase football tickets online at

7. How can I pay for my football tickets?
•    Students can pay for their football tickets with Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card, or they can be charged to their student account. Only returning students can charge to a student account. Your student account MUST be paid in full by June 12, 2013, to avoid cancellation of ticket(s). Assessment of late payment fees will apply as per student account policy.
•    Incoming freshmen and transfer students can only use the credit card option to pay for tickets since they do not have an activated student account. Using any other form of payment will render the order invalid.

8. When and where can I pick up my football tickets?
•    Football tickets will be delivered electronically to the N cards of all student season ticket holders. You must be a full-time student in the fall for tickets to be delivered to your ID. Full-time registration status will be verified in late August prior to the ticket(s) being delivered and again at the gate on game day.

9. Can I get football tickets for my spouse or dependent children?
•    Full-time UNL students may request to purchase ONE additional ticket for either a spouse OR a dependent child. Students MUST purchase a student ticket to be eligible to purchase a spouse or dependent child ticket. A marriage certificate MUST be presented in order to pick up a spouse season ticket, or a birth certificate MUST be presented in order to pick up a dependent child season ticket. A spouse or dependent child season ticket is full-price at $392. A current full-time student ID (N Card) MUST be presented to pick your ticket(s) and presented with your ticket(s) for entrance at all home games. Spouse/child tickets will not be delivered to your N Card, so they must be picked up at the Ticket Office beginning Monday, August 27. The student requesting must show their student ID and also provide the copy of the marriage license or birth certificate required.

10. Where is the student section for football?
•    The Nebraska Football Student Sections are in East Stadium Sections 9, 10 and 11 and in South Stadium Sections 12, 13 and 14. Gates open 90 minutes prior to kick-off. Non-traditional student seating is available for those students wishing to be seated outside of the general student population and must be requested when the student ticket is purchased.

11. How can we sit as a group at a football game?
•    Seating for students is general admission only; therefore it is best to arrive together with your group of friends in order to sit together.

12. What gates do we go in for football?
•    Students with seats in East Stadium enter Memorial Stadium through Gate 23. Students with seats in South Stadium enter through Gate 24. A valid full-time student ID (N Card) MUST be presented by the student ticket holder. Gates open 90 minutes prior to kick-off.

13. Do I need a wristband to get in to the football game?
•    Wristbands will be handed out after your cards are scanned for entry.

14. What if I lost my N Card or it gets destroyed?
•    Contact the Ticket Office for tickets to be placed on a new N Card.

15. Can I get a refund for my football tickets?
•    A full ticket refund (does NOT include the $5 handling fee) will be given if the Ticket Office is notified AT LEAST SEVEN DAYS PRIOR TO THE FIRST HOME GAME IN WRITING. After this time, refunds will be prorated based on public selling ticket price. Refunds WILL NOT automatically be processed. It is the student's responsibility to request a refund in writing directly to the Ticket Office. A student who has requested a refund may not reapply for a student season ticket.

16. When is the student migration game?
•    The 2013 Nebraska student football migration game is Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on October 26. An allotment of tickets will be set aside for UNL student use. More information will be available at a later date.

17. Where can I get my Student Traditions T-shirt?
•    The 2013 Official Traditions Red Out T-Shirt will soon be available for purchase at your favorite Husker retailer including Huskers Authentic Team Store, located just west of Memorial Stadium.

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