Nebraska Coach Tim Miles answered fans' questions on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Tim Miles Twitter Fan Chat

By NU Athletic Communications

Lincoln -- Nebraska Men's Basketball Coach Tim Miles spent 45 minutes answering fans' questions on Wednesday by using the #AskCoachMiles  hash tag. Here is a recap of today's chat with fans. 

Tim Miles: Let's do this!!!! #AskCoachMiles

@ryanknispel What's been you and the staffs' biggest surprise so far this season?
Tim Miles: Leslee Smith has done an outstanding job with his presence & leadership off the floor #AskCoachMiles

@bnemecek92: What has been the best concert you have seen at @PinnacleArena? Tim Miles: Jay Z

@JGEEZY15 what is the biggest emphasis for the Huskers?
Tim Miles: Defensive Rebounding & more efficient offense #AskCoachMiles

@brainhansen Any discussions about getting SportVU at PBA/Hendricks?/
Tim Miles: Looking at options, looking at discussing financing #AskCoachMiles

@cseberger: How do you decide what tie to wear on game day? :) #dress2impress
Tim Miles: Try to match the suit. Subtlety

@BSchilke do u have time hit the golf course at all?? If so how is the game?
Tim Miles: My game is only good enough to get strokes from who I am playing against..and I love golf #AskCoachMiles

@WillyWonky1: What is your favorite kind of Christmas cookie? #AskCoachMiles
Tim Miles: sugar cookie with icing

@tjthielen01 Who's scheduled your next four games after The Citadel?
Tim Miles: We took Cincy game b/c it was an ESPN2 game, the rest was B1G

@Sp_ortz What would you do if you weren't coaching bball?
Tim Miles: I’d be lost…that’s a scary thought! #AskCoachMiles

@Coach_Sunde. Who was the first player you ever cut?
Tim Miles: It wasn’t you, Sunde. You have to be on team to get cut! #AskCoachMiles

@KuipsGotsRights: Put rivers in”
Tim Miles: Technically that's not a question - he's 9th man in rotation - great kid Hustler

@Simba_Simms I'd like to #askcoachmiles 3yr goal for program? 5yr plan?
Tim Miles: Every year we want to be in NCAA Tournament

@BruceShayne: How do you feel about the announcement of a Dumb and Dumber sequel? #AskCoachMiles
Tim Miles: too little too late

@JBDavis2 do you actually tweet at the half or does someone else tweet for U?
Tim Miles: Famous Shamus @leftyShamus. He types & edits. #AskCoachMiles

@cashby21: How much wood would a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood? Rough estimates accepted.
Tim Miles:  NOT ENOUGH

@AaronSchoening: Can you ask him where he learned to dance?
Tim Miles:  Teddy Owens @teddyowens #AskCoachMiles

@JanikowskiMike: Do you ever let young coaches come & sit in on a practice to learn from you & your staff #AskCoachMiles
Tim Miles:  Clinics are best

@roblmo. Coach. What was your fav restaurant to visit in the MW? And now in the B1G?
Tim Miles: Ongoing discovery. #askcoachmiles

@CoachMiles what big ten team are you most looking forward to playing?
Tim Miles:  All of them, it is going to be a deep league #AskCoachMiles

@Mr_TylerBrown: I've been hearing the managers esp @Rjedwards22 have been slacking. Perhaps some conditioning might help?”

@ibleedcsugreen: Does your suit jacket ever stay on until the first media timeout? #AskCoachMiles
Tim Miles:  once every 500 games or so

@jrjohnson77 How was the Jay Z concert?
Tim Miles:  Excellent…until the smoke alarms went on. #AskCoachMiles

@Levi_Valentine: #AskCoachMiles What surprises recruits most about NE?”
Tim Miles:  Facilities and Fan support!!

@nateporter78 what is your opinion on one and done players & do you recruit then
Tim Miles:  I would recruit them. It’s the rules, it is their right & part of the business #askcoachMiles

@AaronLauby: when teaching young players fundamental man/man defense, to switch/not to switch?”
Tim Miles: No switching until they are older. Like HS

@Kid_Bach: how difficult was replacing the raw talent that @BrandonUbel brought to the program #AskCoachMiles

@TimDoyle00 is the midnight blue suit your favorite? 
Tim Miles: Definately. It’s better than the Nantucket tan one #AskCoachMiles

@_KyleBruce: What's your favorite thing about Twitter?
Tim Miles:  Twitter chats with our fans #AskCoachMiles

@spazmaztic: #AskCoachMiles Where you rank making NCAA tourney on list of things to get done?”
Tim Miles: It's a red exclamation point - email joke

@klheureux: advice you can give young players how to build resilience/strength when facing challenges in their game?”
Tim Miles:  Never give up!

@BigAFPD How much influence did Bob Olson have on your coaching philosophy?
Tim Miles:  A great deal, also Jim Kretchman

@Kaiser_CTK any chance of alternate uniforms in the near future?
Tim Miles:  Always a chance…gotta keep it fresh! #askcoachmiles

@NorsemanSalem Is it safe to assume your favorite NFL team is the Vikings? #AskCoachMiles
Tim Miles:  Love the Vikings, but am a @jaguars fan as long as Gus Bradley is coach!

@Dberg414: How's your father doing?
Tim Miles: Excellent, he will be down to a game soon! #AskCoachMiles

@DavidAQuinze: @bnemecek92 JayZ was terrible didn't sound anything like cd, Pink amazing thats talent”
Tim Miles:  So you’ve never heard Bob Dylan live?

@doughnutsbydip what do u think of the new def. hand check foul calls?#AskCoachMiles
Tim Miles:
 I like the hand check rules, not positive about the charge rule

@m_nielsen12: What's your favorite will ferrel movie? @CoachMiles #AskCoachMiles
Tim Miles:  I think I'm already tired of seeing Anchorman2 promos

@TheEPidemic9: Will we ever see u rock an all red suit for a game? #AskCoachMiles Tim Miles: and a Clown nose?

What's the biggest piece missing on the team right now? #AskCoachMiles
Tim Miles:  Size. Point play has to improve too.

@stephanieleonar: Do you drink energy drinks and if so, what kind?
Tim Miles:   No, coffee and some tea #AskCoachMiles

Tim Miles:  We have about 5 more minutes in the #AskCoachMiles chat.

@huskers_tweet: How many times have you been Ice Skating in the Railyard? #AskCoachMiles
Tim Miles:  I'm from frozen tundra gave up skating at age 8

@MikeJ_Kessler: what's one way you help motivate the guys for an inferior opponent?
Tim Miles: You take every opponent the same #AskCoachMiles

Tim Miles: Most likely would be getting fired if I told that. #AskCoachMiles

@jlongst Up Three under 7 seconds, W/O the Ball: To Foul or Not? Both teams in the bonus…
Tim Miles:  Its always a possibility #AskCoachMiles

@PunkRockSensei: When did you come up with the idea of tweeting during halftime? #askcoachmiles
Tim Miles:  I didn't. It was @bchulick

@CoachBPat: I'm a huge UNL fan. Has recruiting picked with the new Arena? #AskCoachMiles
Tim Miles:  It's helped but we gotta win

@andy_licht: Any pre-game superstitions?
Tim Miles:  Gotta find a lucky penny...heads up! #AskCoachMiles

@brandonmiller5: How do you think the energy has been in the new facility?
Tim Miles Awesome, great place to play & coach in. #AskCoachMiles

@Manchez_402: what is your greatest challenge moving forward?
Tim Miles:  Kenpom has us picked to lose 10 of next 11, so it sounds like winning

Tim Miles:  Thanks everyone. Film to watch Practice to finalize! #Huskers #GBR #GATA


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