Stanford and Tulsa Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Stanford Head Coach John Rittman
Opening Statement
“I am very proud of our team coming back from an early deficit. I thought we competed well while competing against two good pitchers from Tulsa. We gave ourselves some opportunities to score some runs, hitting a couple balls out of the park. Teagan (Gerhart) settled down after the first inning—really proud of her effort today."

On the importance of winning game one
“I think it is very important to win the first game, especially in a tournament like this. We have been in this situation before so we know we need to come out tomorrow and play a little bit better than we did today.”

Senior Pitcher Teagan Gehart
On the game
“We definitely need to build off of today. We need to come out tomorrow with more energy and come out to play in the first inning. I know I need to get my nerves under control.”

On bouncing back after the first-inning home run
“I just needed to relax and breathe and play my game—trust what I have. I was talking to my coach and just like he said, I need to relax and trust every pitch and just have fun and go at them.

Freshman First Baseman Kayla Bonstrom
On the game
“It is definitely important to keep our momentum after this game because all the teams we are going to face later down the road will keep getting better so we need to keep what we are doing and we should be fine.”

On her home run
“I try to keep my approach pretty simple, I just saw the ball and hit it. A lot people came up clutch today, we had another home run to help us even out the score again. One-through-nine we are pretty solid, so any one of us can do the job.”


Tulsa Head Coach John Bargfeldt
Opening Statement

“Looking and talking after the game, I felt like it came down to a couple of centered-up balls. They got two and with the right angle and trajectory, with the wind blowing out it didn’t take a whole lot to get one out today. Defensively we played well, probably the most disappointed I was, was (with) our ability to make adjustments to the pitcher. I felt like we were underneath her way more than we should have been.”


On his message to the team now, having to win four games in two days
“I don’t think you think ofif as four games, you just think of the next game and that is what we have to do. Everybody knows in this game once you get on a roll, things change. What you have to do is you have to get it started by focusing on that next game, and that is what we intend to do, focus on that next game.”


On what they need to do differently tomorrow
“You’re facing teams that you haven’t faced before, so you have to really figure out tendencies. I’m speaking from a hitting standpoint, because I have a lot of confidence in our pitching staff, we’ve pitched really well all year long. I just feel like they made a little better adjustments to our pitches than we did to theirs today. That’s what I feel like the focus of the game will have to be. If we can get out and get on top and make adjustments, and just having good at-bats. I’m not talking about scoring a lot of runs, just having good at bats, I feel like that will be a key.

On changing their approach at the plate tomorrow
“I think that we always take that approach. I think we got a little bit excited, maybe we got too excited from seeing that first ball in the first inning go out of the yard, and maybe we had too many players that thought we could do that again. We just have to get back to who we are. A lot of our players on the team just have to do a better job of hitting line drives and focusing on that. We tried to talk about how home runs are mistakes many times, you miss the ball just a little bit low. That’s what we like to see from our hitters about staying on top of the ball.


On relying on the upperclassmen for leadership
“That’s exactly what I told them at the end. As coaches, we want it, but we can’t make you want it. We have to see the energy, the passion to come from you guys and realize that this is a fight all the way to the end. I have confidence that we’ll do it, I felt like maybe there could have been more energy today. Maybe we have been here too long sitting around, maybe we should have gotten up and done some more things. Now that we’ve played a game, game on.”


Junior Pitcher Aimee Creger
On today’s game and her approach going into tomorrow
“I know I can throw better than what I did today. My team did a really good job of getting ahead at the beginning of the game, which took a lot of pressure off. I obviously fell behind a little bit, and I know I can do better than that. I believe in my team, they’re going to help me. We can go one game a time. We have the pitching staff, we have the offense and the heart to do it.”



On using her changeup
“It took me a long time to work on that pitch and get it to where it is now. Last year helped me a lot, being injured, I had to work on that pitch and rely on it to get me through the season. It has definitely helped me become a better pitcher, throwing that pitch this year and it’s been great knowing I can throw it more often and be effective."



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