Nebraska and Northern Iowa Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Head Coach Rhonda Revelle
Opening Statement
“Northern Iowa competed with a lot of energy and they were fun to watch play. I knew with Coach (Ryan) Jacobs he’d have them ready and they came right after us. On our side, I thought Tatum (Edwards) really set the tone in the circle, she came out with great intention tonight and delivered some great pitches in some tough situations. We just kept working. I’ll give (pitcher Jamie) Fisher all the credit in the world because she came right at us and attacked us.

"We just kept chipping away, when we got that first run, that was huge that we got on the board. In the bottom of the sixth, Brooke (Thomason) gets behind 0-2 and she fights it off, fights it off then sends it deep. That gave us a little bit of breathing room. Great players make great pitches and great swings in pressure moments and these two next to me (Tatum Edwards and Brooke Thomason) are great players.”

On how big it is to get this win and move on to tomorrow
“What you need to realize about this win, this is this young lady’s (Tatum Edwards) first NCAA postseason appearance in the circle. We have 11 of our 16 players that just played their first NCAA postseason game. For any team it is huge to get the first victory, there is always more jitters in the first game than any other game. I’ve been at this a long time and it’s been true every single year. For this team and this group, it is even more significant. I felt like they practiced well all week and came out loose tonight and in a good place. Again I just want to tip my hat to Northern Iowa because they came out really loose and attacking, it was just a good battle through the first half of the game.”

On if she worried about the team’s inexperience
“Yes and no. It’s nothing to worry about, I don’t want to set anybody sideways saying that we’re worried about it. I recognize that every first experience you have is a first experience. We’ve maybe played 52 games, but we’ve had a first time when we started the season and now this is another first. This is our third season, you kind of cut the season into seasons. You can’t explain or talk through what this feels like. Tatum (Edwards) set the tone, and she had last week to draw on, but still I bet if you ask her this week still felt a little bit different.

Junior Pitcher Tatum Edwards
On being ready to go right away
“No I just wanted to come out with intention and set the tone for the game and get them early. I struggled with that last week, so that was on my mind. I just wanted to come out and throw more strikes.”

On how she felt tonight
“I felt good, energy was pumping and adrenalin was going a bit, but I settled in once that first pitch got going.”

On what she said after the final out
“Gabby (Banda) made a great play and it was great to see the defense behind me, and I was just giving kudos to her because it was a great play. She really impressed me.”

Senior Outfield Brooke Thomason
On the insurance runs
“I think those runs are really important because it shows we are there to fight and continue to work hard with our bats. Winning by more than one is good for our team.”


Northern Iowa Coach Ryan Jacobs
Opening Statement
“It was a great game just like we expected. We got everything we expected out of it. It was a tight ballgame, came down to a couple of clutch hits. Our team will continue to do what we’ve done all year long and will use it as a learning experience and move on tomorrow.”

On how good Tatum Edwards was tonight
“She did a really nice job of keeping us off balance. We made a few different adjustments at the place and as we adjusted, she adjusted right with us. Early she went to change-up and really got us off balance and then started going more to the hard stuff. We put ourselves in situations where we had a chance to get a clutch hit and she toughened up in those spots and was able to get out of it. She did a fantastic job."

On what he liked from his team today
“They just played free and loose. It was one of those things that will be a learning experience, we know we have to play a little better defense and can’t give up opportunities. They weren’t overwhelmed with the situation or the environment at all, they just played like they’ve been playing all year long.”

Junior Pitcher Jamie Fisher
On controlling Nebraska and how she felt
“I am just excited to be here. They’re a great team. Sam (Reimer) did a great job calling and they got a few clutch hits, hats off to them.”


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