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Two New Videos Tell Nebraska's NAPL Story

By NU Athletic Communications

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If you’re a fan interested in the Nebraska Athletic Performance Laboratory (NAPL) Story and wondered why you haven’t seen, read or heard much about it over the past several months, wonder no more. Today, NAPL gets some affirmation and clarification in an almost joint release of two different videos – one produced nationally by the Big Ten Network and the other produced locally by

Both videos are timely and relevant and help Husker fans understand how Nebraska Athletics, in collaboration with UNL Academics, intends to change the world with powerful, innovative research that can transform lives and change the way concussions are detected and treated.

Following Wednesday night’s Nebraska-Illinois basketball game on the Big Ten Network, the premiere of BTN LiveB1G focused on a unique program that sends University of Nebraska-Lincoln journalism students abroad to cover the world. In addition, LiveB1G profiles the Nebraska Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior (CB3) and its concussion-based research with NAPL, its East Stadium partner located nearby.

Dr. Judith Burnfield (NAPL) and Dr. Dennis Molfese (CB3) explain how their respective organizations work together, and the video features Nebraska assistant soccer coaches Marty Everding and Peter Underwood working directly with student-athletes. The coaches assess the Big Ten regular-season and post-season champions’ levels of fitness and physical thresholds through sophisticated bio-markers and instant electronic feedback.

Both videos, approximately 3½ minutes each, tell a positive story and give viewers a keener appreciation for the impact that research will have on Nebraska student-athletes who volunteer to participate, now and in the future.

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Thank you for posting and bringing attention to this kind of research and performance enhancement for University of Nebraska student-athletes. I am currently enrolled in a personal trainer certification program and reside in Southern California. Although my current goals are simply to become a personal trainer, I am familiar with this type of testing – maximal target oxygen output during exercise and training. It’s very interesting not only to see this testing in practice, but also to see the University of Nebraska research facilities, coaches and staff that provide the solid foundation and building blocks for the student-athletes who represent the Cornhuskers. I was born in Omaha and remain a die-hard Husker fan. Thanks again for posting these videos that show Nebraska’s athletic staff and their tremendous efforts to create the most elite of the elite college athletes. Joe Connolley, Jr., Santa Clarita, California


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