The Tom Osborne Citizenship Team was announced Monday morning.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

First-Ever Tom Osborne Citizenship Team Announced

By NU Athletic Communications

Lincoln – The University of Nebraska Athletic Department unveiled the first-ever Tom Osborne Citizenship Team Monday morning.

The team was created to recognize the service to the community by Nebraska Athletics, and to recognize the contributions and ideals of legendary Husker Football Coach and past Athletic Director Tom Osborne. 

During his tenure as athletic director from 2007 until 2013, Osborne played a significant role in expanding Nebraska’s Life Skills department while encouraging total person development for his student-athletes.

To earn a spot on the Osborne Citizenship Team, student-athletes had to complete a minimum of six community service/leadership projects in the academic calendar year and remain in good academic standing. 

This year, 223 student athletes, spanning all 24 of Nebraska’s varsity programs, have participated in 1,300 campus or community service projects including, but not limited to, weekly mentoring, school outreach, hospital and hospice visits, awareness events, special needs programming, holiday outreach and statewide motivational assemblies.  Each of the team members were honored earlier today at the Hero Leadership Breakfast at Memorial Stadium. Each of the recipients will receive a Tom Osborne Citizenship Team medallion. 

The Hero Leadership Breakfast caps a busy weekend of academic events, as the annual student-athlete Academic Banquet took place Sunday night, including the announcement of Nebraska’s Big Ten Medal of Honor winners for 2013-14.

2014 Tom Osborne Citizenship Team 

Ameer Abdullah, Football
Gage Anderson, Wrestling
Brena Andrews, Track & Field
Sam Areman, Soccer
Alicia Armstrong, Softball
Rachel Arthur, Softball
Gabby Banda, Softball
Josh Banderas, Football
Martina Barinova, Track & Field
Stacy Bartels, Soccer
Jordyn Beck, Gymnastics
Alex Bilunas, Swimming & Diving
Danica Bishop, Softball
Tom Blackwell, Tennis
Hollie Blanske, Gymnastics
Tommy Brinn, Track & Field
Amanda Burau, Bowling
Sam Burtch, Football
Emily Cady, Basketball
April Campbell, Bowling
Jaycee Carter, Rifle
Jourden Casey, Soccer
Brandon Chapek, Football
Court Clark, Tennis
Taryn Collura, Swimming & Diving
Mayme Conroy, Soccer
Jake Cotton, Football
Sam Cotton, Football
Eric Coufal, Wrestling
Imani Cross, Football
Michaela Cunningham, Swimming & Diving
Hailey Decker, Softball
Cassandra Deeg, Golf
Bria Deveaux, Swimming & Diving
Jessie DeZiel, Gymnastics
Katie Ditter, Swimming & Diving
Hannah Dittmar, Soccer
Ellen Dougherty, Track & Field
T.J. Dudley, Wrestling
Kelly Dunn, Swimming & Diving
Jessica Eberly, Bowling
Hannah Edwards, Cross Country
Tatum Edwards, Softball
Taylor Edwards, Softball
Scott Elsass, Tennis
Erik Evans, Football
Tyler Evans, Football
Joey Felici, Football
Sarah Firestone, Track & Field
Alyssa Flannery, Soccer
Morgan Flannigan, Swimming & Diving
Anna Filipcic, Swimming & Diving
Sebastian Florczyk, Tennis
Caroline Flynn, Soccer
Sam Foltz, Football
Jack Fordon, Football
Mattie Fowler, Softball
Skylar Galloway, Wrestling
Tyrell Galloway, Wrestling
Karlee Gansebom, Soccer
Grant Gehlen, Track & Field
Janelle Giblin, Gymnastics
Levi Gipson, Track & Field
Ashleigh Grammar, Swimming & Diving
Ryan Grassel, Golf
Caroline Gray, Soccer
Kylie Greischar, Soccer
Jake Griess, Track & Field
Ellie Grooters, Track & Field
Shannon Guy, Swimming & Diving
Kelsey Hansen, Rifle
Samantha Hardewig, Swimming & Diving
Greg Hart, Football
Allie Havers, Basketball
Caleb Hawkins, Baseball
Nate Hawkins, Basketball 
Maritza Hayes, Soccer
Blake Headley, Baseball
Bethany Hedley, Bowling
Amy Herman, Swimming & Diving
Jordan Hooper, Basketball
Michael Hoppes, Baseball
Lane Hovey, Football
Jordan Jackson, Soccer
Annie Jackson, Track & Field
Brandi Jeffrey, Basketball
Ciara Jenkins, Swimming & Diving
Collin Jensen, Wrestling
Josh Jochim, Track & Field
Dwayne Johnson, Football
Devandrew Johnson, Track & Field
Spencer Johnson, Wrestling
Adam Joseph, Wrestling
Jacqueline Juffer, Swimming & Diving
Florentia Kalogeraki, Track & Field
Tess Keller, Cross Country
Ron Kellogg, Football
David Knevel, Football
Robert Kokesh, Wrestling
Caleb Kolb, Wrestling
Katie Kraeutner, Soccer
Kyle Kubat, Baseball
Liz Kuhlkin, Bowling
Jennie Laeng, Gymnastics
Ashley Lambert, Gymnastics
Tim Lambert, Wrestling
Rebekah Land, Swimming & Diving
Sarah Larson, Cross Country
Tear’a Laudermill, Basketball
Amanda Lauer, Gymnastics
Jennifer Lauer, Gymnastics
Maggy Lehmicke, Tennis
Spencer Lindsay, Football
Yan Ling, Bowling 
Emily Lockman, Softball
Will Lohman, Track & Field
Chris Long, Football
Jake Long, Football
Spencer Long, Football
Alex Lorentz, Rifle
Courtney Love, Football
Tanner Lubach, Baseball
Mitch Maginnis, Wrestling
Marissa Major, Rifle
Maggie Malone, Track & Field
Anne Martin, Track & Field
Ariel Martin, Gymnastics 
Denise Martin, Rifle
Rachel Martin, Rifle
Gazmine Mason, Bowling
Kevin Maurice, Football
Maddie McConkey, Gymnastics
Dexter McKenzie, Track & Field
Alex Metzler, Wrestling
Maggie Mical, Rifle
Payton Michaud, Swimming & Diving
Anna Minnick, Cross Country
Ben Morgan, Wrestling
Natalie Morris, Swimming & Diving
Alex Mosquera, Bowling
Mike Moudy, Football
Kylee Muir, Softball
Sadie Murren, Basketball
Graham Nabity, Football
Shawn Nagel, Wrestling
A.J. Natter, Football
Steffi Neisen, Golf
Sammi Noland, Softball
Emily Nykiel, Bowling
Jaylyn Odermann, Soccer
Erin Oeltjen, Swimming & Diving 
Jacob Olson, Cross Country
Bryce Only, Baseball
Kristi Oslund, Cross Country
Ian Ousley, Wrestling
Cameron Palmer, Golf
Anna Peer, Cross Country
Mark Pelini, Football
Grant Perdue, Gymnastics
Lauren Phillips, Rifle
Sarah Plambeck, Cross Country
Bailey Pons, Swimming & Diving
Brent Qvale, Football
Esther Ramacieri, Basketball
Josh Reinertson, Golf
Trevor Roach, Football
Siera Rohde, Track & Field
Amber Rolfzen, Volleyball
Kadie Rolfzen, Volleyball
Julia Roller, Swimming & Diving
Ari Romero, Soccer
Andrea Ruiz, Bowling
Cody Rush, Track & Field
Sunny Russell, Rifle
Hailie Sample, Basketball
Jillanna Scanlan, Track & Field
Kelly Schatz, Soccer
Jamie Schleppenbach, Gymnastics
Eric Schryver, Gymnastics
Nicole Schwery, Swimming & Diving
Tristen Sharp, Track & Field
Shavon Shields, Basketball
Katt Sickle, Swimming & Diving
Katie Simon, Basketball
Jeremiah Sirles, Football
Lotte Sjulin, Softball
Morgan Smejkal, Golf
Leslee Smith, Basketball
Johnny Stanton, Football
Vasileios Stavropoulos, Tennis
Desiré Stephens, Gymnastics
Emma Stevens, Soccer
Kiki Stokes, Softball
Kristin Strecker, Swimming & Diving
Jake Sueflohn, Wrestling
Rachel Theriot, Basketball
Alney Tobias, Cross Country
Beau Treyz, Tennis
Hannah Tvrdy, Basketball
Dawna Tyson, Softball
Josh Ungar, Gymnastics
Austen Urness, Softball
Krista Van Wie, Swimming & Diving
Trevor Vidlak, Cross Country
Kaitlan Walker, Swimming & Diving
Mara Weekes, Track & Field
John Welk, Track & Field
Seth Wiedel, Track & Field
Paige Wilberding, Soccer
Brandon Wilbourn, Wrestling
Austin Williams, Football
Shawnice Williams, Cross Country
ReAnn Wilson, Rifle
Austin Wilson, Wrestling
Aaron Wong, Golf
Emily Wong, Gymnastics
Nate Wong, Golf
Kat Woolman, Softball
Jessica Wright, Cross Country
Chad Wright, Track & Field
Briana Zabierek, Bowling
Megan Ziemann, Swimming & Diving
C.J. Zimmerer, Football


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