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Huskers Fall in Big Ten Tournament

By NU Athletic Communications

West Lafayette, Ind.-- Nebraska competed as the No. 11 seed in the Big Ten Tournament against the hosts, and No. 6 seed Purdue. NU fell to the Boilermakers 4-1. 

In doubles in the No. 2 spot, David Samardzija and Micah Klousia paired up and competed against Ricky Medinilla and Stephan Koenigsfest but fell 6-2. Chris Dean and Tomislav Antoljak also fell 6-2 to their Purdue opponents. With the point going to the Boilermakers, the No. 1 spot went unfinished. 

For singles, Jon Meyer played in the No. 6 spot against Athell Bennett, but fell 6-0, 6-1. Sophomore Toby Boyer took home the only point for the Huskers of the day, winning his match in the No. 2 spot against Ricky Medinilla, 6-3, 6-2. Micah Klousia came up short to his Boilermaker opponent, 6-2, 6-2. Purdue also took the point in the No. 4 match between Tomislav Antoljak and Stephan Koenigsfest, 7-5, 6-1. With the fourth point going to Purdue, the rest of the singles matches went unfinished.

"This was definitely a learning year for a young group of guys and we really struggled all year with consistency as a team," Head Coach Kerry McDermott said. "Hopefully, this year was a real eye opener for our team and they will take a small break and get ready for their finals then jump back in the saddle and get after it this summer playing tournaments and working on developing their games!"

The Huskers wrapped up their regular season with a 5-19 record and a 1-10 in the Big Ten conference. 

Doubles Results 
No. 1 Athell Bennett/Gergely Madarasz (PUR) vs. Toby Boyer/Dylan Bednarczyk (NEB) 4-3 (unfinished)
No. 2 Ricky Medinilla/Stephan Koenigsfest (PUR) def. David Samardzija/Micah Klousia (NEB) 6-2
No. 3 Renan Hanayama/Benjamin Ugarte (PUR) def. Chris Dean/Tomislav Antoljak (NEB) 6-2

Order of Finish: 2,3

Singles Results 
No. 1 Gergely Madarasz (PUR) def. Dylan Bednarczyk (NEB) 6-3, 3-4, unfinished
No. 2 Toby Boyer (NEB) def. Ricky Medinilla (PUR) 6-3, 6-2
No. 3 Benjamin Ugarte (PUR) def. Micah Klousia (NEB) 6-2, 6-2
No. 4 Stephan Koenigsfest (PUR) def. Tomislav Antoljak (NEB) 7-5, 6-1
No. 5 Renan Hanayama (PUR) vs. Chris Dean (NEB) 6-6, unfinished
No. 6 Athell Bennett (PUR) def. Jon Meyer (NEB) 6-0, 6-1

Order of Finish: 6,2,3,4


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