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Move In Ready

By NU Athletic Communications

Moving out of the dorms and into a place of your own is a big part of the college experience for many students. While this step can be exciting, it can also bring about a significant amount of stress. The Moving Off Campus Seminar is an annual event designed to give students the resources and knowledge to make good decisions about their future.

This year’s seminar took place on Tuesday, January 30th and hosted several guest speakers that discussed topics relevant to first-time renters. The first speaker, Director of PEO Programs Ashley Stone spoke about comparing apartments, understanding a lease, and how to make a budget. The group, made up of mostly first-year students, then participated in an activity that allowed them to estimate expenses and create a budget to figure how much they could afford for rent. Expenses like utilities, internet, and furniture were things that the group did not realize they had to account for.   

Jena Johnson, Associate Director of Compliance followed with a presentation that covered the basics of monthly stipends and how to utilize scholarships and grants correctly. She urged students to pay bills immediately after receiving a scholarship check or refund to avoid problems with bills later.

Another aspect of living off campus is learning how to live with roommates. Assistant Director of Life Skills, Sammi Cowger covered different ways to avoid conflict such as setting clear expectations, communicating frequently, and being flexible. Bills, having guests over, and cleaning can all be sources of tension between roommates.

“The biggest takeaway that I had from the seminar is that you and your roommates are going to have disagreements, but you can’t bundle up those feelings inside, you need to talk about them and get things worked out. If you do, your experience will be much better,” freshman golfer Kirsten Baete reflected.

Safety and security can also be a concern when looking for a place to live. Patrick Kelly, former City of New York Police Detective and Compliance Assistant/Security Expert talked to students about making sure they are in a safe area and being smart with home security. He also advised student-athletes on avoiding behaviors that can get you into trouble legally.

To conclude the event, a panel of upperclassmen student-athletes told their stories of living off campus. Junior gymnast Catelyn Orel and junior baseball players Robbie Palkert and Ethan Frazier offered advice and answered questions from the group.

Orel was glad she could offer some advice to the freshman student-athletes, “I wish I would have had someone to help me in the way that I was able to give advice to the new freshman. Moving Off Campus is a different experience and a pretty big adjustment at first.”


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