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PEO Served as a Life Changer For Maddox-Herr

By NU Athletic Communications

Former Husker Mackenna Maddox-Herr went from returning serves on the courts of the Sid and Hazel Dillon Tennis Center to landing a high profile remote internship for The Montalvo House in Southwest, Texas.

Following a successful college tennis career, Maddox-Herr took advantage of Nebraska’s Post-Eligibility Opportunities (PEO) program. The PEO program provides letterwinner alumni a $7,500 scholarship to pursue opportunities, such as internships, once their time wearing Husker Red is over.

Many students have issues finding work in their preferred field, and the PEO program helped Maddox-Herr find that opportunity.

“Although this was not the first professional experience in my career, it was my first time working hands-on in my preferred field.” Maddox-Herr said.

During her time with the PEO program, Maddox-Herr worked for The Montalvo House as its Online and Social Media Director. She was tasked with creating an online store for the non-profit organization’s Organic Farm-to-Table Market. The experience also enhanced her ability to communicate and perform tasks remotely.

“The best part of my experience was gaining a greater understanding of how to work remotely, enhance my communication by email, and confidently make important design decisions on projects.” Maddox-Herr said.

Like many former student-athletes, Maddox-Herr knows her time as a Division I level tennis player has benefitted her after college.

“I believe it continually fueled my fire to be driven and productive.” Maddox-Herr said. “I am a full-time graduate student with a full time job, and I am able to balance my life independently and effectively.”

Maddox-Herr speaks highly of the PEO program and credits it for helping her find her confidence in her professional career.

“I think the PEO benefited me, both personally and professionally, by igniting my confidence.” Maddox-Herr said. “Confidence to be a contributing member of a successful team, confidence to be myself and take that new opportunity, and confidence to stay humble and know that the best is yet to come.”

The PEO Program is designed to help former student-athletes pursue their dreams, get motivated, and find success after college. This is exactly what happened for Maddox-Herr.

“I found a lot of motivation in starting my career through this unique program and gained a valuable edge that led to a full-time social media and marketing analyst position in Hawaii.” Maddox-Herr said.

Maddox-Herr was one of 22 Nebraska graduates that benefited from the PEO program’s $7,500 post-graduate scholarship in the spring of 2018. She is beyond thankful for the donors who made her experience possible.

“To all the donors and Athletic Department staff who made my PEO experience possible, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Maddox-Herr said. “Being one of the first college graduates from my family, the University of Nebraska has given me the ultimate gift of turning my prized education into a career I am proud of... The Nebraska PEO Program has changed my life.”



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