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Husker Press Conference Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications
Nebraska Head Coach Frank Solich addressed the media Tuesday afternoon.
Nebraska Head Coach Frank Solich addressed the media Tuesday afternoon.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Head Coach Frank Solich
Opening Comments
"Well, it is obvious we are moving on. We didn’t execute very well at Texas in any of the three areas and that was a disappointment. If you look at our schedule now, we need to finish things out by playing very hard and playing very well. That is exactly what we are doing. It is obvious that we lacked a little spark out there, and we were probably not as fresh as we needed to be. We seemed to wear down very quickly and it was a combination of things that hit us. Texas was certainly on top of their game. Kansas is a very good football team, who is playing very hard right now. When you turn on the film to see them, you see a team that is playing hard on both sides of the ball and has very good athletes. They have bolstered their team with a number of junior college players, who have proven to be a good move for them."

On Nebraska’s performance at Texas
"They played hard, but there wasn’t much bounce to our step. We were about a step behind on a lot of things we did. There was a combination of things that we generally have not had any problems with like the snaps between our center and punter. We had a couple dropped balls and throws. Things just seemed to accumulate. When that happens, you need to find a way to turn it around, and we were not able to do that. I thought Texas played very well."

On Nebraska losing its spark
"We always evaluate and adjust playing time. If need be, we move a guy down or move a guy up. There is a combination of things that go into you making decisions about that. I don’t think the thing we want to do is overreact. They played hard and the fact that we didn’t play well was disturbing. If they hadn’t played hard and well, then that is another story."

On Blackshirts being taken away
"It’s really not that big of an issue. It was virtually a player’s idea to do it. They wanted to make a statement and start fresh. Other than that, there wasn’t anything to it. There was a player who brought it up and a decision was made from there. It really isn’t that big of an issue. We will have players back in Blackshirts pretty quick."

On overcoming struggles on road
"There is no magic formula to it. We have left early for games and we have left late for games. We have gone to movies and we haven’t gone to movies. We have adjusted the schedule to fit the needs of the particular away trip. A lot of it comes down to who you are playing on the road. A lot of it comes down to the timing of who you are playing on the road. I would imagine that the road has been difficult for most ball clubs this year other than Oklahoma. We certainly don’t feel good about what we are all about on our away trips. We are going to have another one this week and we go to Colorado. We need to play well in all three games and we will do what it takes to make an attempt to play well going out with our schedule."

On the importance of road win
"I don’t think it is truly a confidence issue. We went down to Southern Mississippi and it was a hostile environment. The temperature was tough on us. They have excellent athletes, but we ended up winning the ball game and winning it fair-handedly. It can get done. We just need to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are put together and we are playing extremely well. You certainly can’t get outplayed in all three areas and expect to come out on top."

On whether or not a heartbreaking loss is worse than a regular loss
"I think with a loss it is not automatic to be able to come back. They are difficult at times to overcome. It also depends on how you look at them. If you look at them as a learning process, you understand that you didn’t get the job done and you need to decide what it will take to get the job done. You look at all that and move forward. Virtually, you want to step on the field and play well in every single ball game. For the most part, this program has been able to do that and hopefully, we will be able to keep that going in the future. The attitude of the players is what you are after. The drive and the energy of those players in practice is what you are after. Generally, that carries on over."

On mental edge of Nebraska over Kansas
"It is obvious that Kansas has a lot to gain and we have a lot to gain. I don’t see it as a situation where we are just showing up and they are making it the game of the year for them. They aren’t doing that. Kansas has played well every time they have stepped on the field and done a great job this year. They want to keep that going, and I am sure they are focused on that right now. We want to have a good year and finish it off right. There is a lot of incentive for us to play well and to do a great job in this game."

On Kansas bringing in a true freshman quarterback
"I thought he did an excellent job for stepping in like he did. I don’t know what kind of reps he was getting leading up to that, but nothing simulates a game like being in a game. It was obvious he knew what he was doing in terms of executing their offense. I think that is a credit to him right from the start. But to be able to go in and do it, I think says a lot of things about the young man. I thought Adam (Barmann), who is 6-4 and 215 pounds, moves very well. It looks like another quarterback who has the ability to run and throw is in the league."

On the chemistry of Nebraska as a team
"I think that plays a big role in any type of season for example, the attitude of your players and how they fit together and the drive they have to make it work. I have been satisfied and in fact, I feel very good about that part of it. It always comes back with the way you are able to prepare yourself week after week to get the job done. I expect that this team will be that kind of team in finishing out very well. If they prepare well and execute well, we will have a chance in all three games. There was a disappointment in how we executed in the ball game against Texas. We didn’t block well or tackle well. That is a bad place to start when you are playing a game of football and that has to change. I think it obvious that the players understand that, and we will go about making that change."

On whether or not Solich sensed they would lose against Texas
"No just the opposite. They prepared well and they prepared hard. The attitude was excellent going in, but early on in the game it appeared that we did not have our normal speed. It didn’t seem like we were on top of things and flying around the football team like we usually do.

I think as you go through a year, if your energy is there then you are going to be great. Yet, there are those times when don’t have your legs and things. Whether or not that happened, I don’t know. I do know Texas played extremely well and we didn’t. I don’t expect that anything that was lacking in terms of execution won’t get corrected. The energy level has always been there. You throw it together with good execution then you have a good chance if you have a good football team."

On the Kansas game being a must win
"Every game you line up, it seems like it is a win that is extremely important. We approach it that way, and we will do everything we can to play great football this week. We know we have a quality opponent, who is playing well right now. So we will do everything we can to get it done. If we play well, we have a chance and that is what we are setting up to do. The outcome we will discuss after the game."

On outside criticism affecting him
"You really don’t have to take in any of it. The pressure you apply to yourself to perform is the only pressure you look at. You cannot live your life feeding off of that and I don’t. I don’t let that bother me. But if someone is in your ear all the time, it is going to wear on you. I do the best I can to look at myself and evaluate my own performance, the performance of the coaches and players. That is my job and that is what I attempt to do."

On frustration of not being able to make plays
"Yes it is more frustrating not being able to extend drives and make plays. We only had two plays of 20 yards or more. They had six. We had 13 plays for minus yardage with five sacks for minus-45 in yardage. Those are all frustrating things. They keep you from performing at the level you want to expect and want to perform. As you go through the season, you want to see yourself getting better and better each game. We did not get better this past game as a football team. We did not get better as an offensive unit. We want to be more productive and put more points on the board. The bottom line is points on the board and as of late, we have not been doing a great job of that. We need to get better in all three areas if we want to finish this off right."

On coaches motivating players
"The players want to play well, but they did not have the same speed out there against Texas. It doesn’t have to do with igniting our players to do better. The effort has always been there and that is always where you want to start."

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