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Weekly Press Conference Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications
Nebraska Head Coach Frank Solich talks with the media Tuesday.
Nebraska Head Coach Frank Solich talks with the media Tuesday.
Photo by Shamus McKnight/Huskers.com

Head Coach Frank Solich
Opening Comments
"There’s a little more activity surrounding this game than the normal game. As a football team we have moved on and moved forward. I hope that is what everyone else does, too. I hope they move forward for this program and for the team in support of them in the game. I hope everyone gets their focus on Colorado and the team playing well against them. It should be a great ball game. In terms of where we are at practice-wise, we have benefited from the off-week. I think we have enough injuries in the offensive line where this off-week has enabled us to move some people around in terms of practicing not in relation to the depth chart. For instance, Dan Vili Waldrop has practiced at right tackle, left tackle and right guard this week. The extra week has benefited us greatly along those lines. We have a few guys moving in the right direction in terms of getting healed up in the offensive line. We will not have great depth going into Boulder. It will be important to play a complete ball game and a physical ball game. I think our players have prepared themselves for that. They have been very energetic in practice. I think they look forward to this game."

On it being tough to move forward this week amidst speculation:
"I have been able to handle it well. I think our coaches have handled it well, and our players have handled it well. I think that being in the coaching business as long as I have been and having a staff that is experienced, you learn to focus on what is ahead of you. You can’t let anything from the outside take you away from preparation and playing your best football. We preach that year after year. We will move forward with that."

On coaches and players following his lead in dealing with the speculation:
"It is obviously important for anyone attached to our players to handle anything that comes our way very well. Our staff has done that. There has been a lot said that is probably dealing with speculation. Steve (Pederson) has said from day one that he would visit with coaches following the season. We didn’t read anything into that and he stayed by that. The last thing that I ever want to do is speculate on anything. In general, you hope that is what other people don’t do and that is what you hope the media won’t do."

On Steve Pederson speaking with him regarding the story:
"No, we have not spoken. I am fine with the way Steve is handling this. An A.D. has to certainly set the tone for what he is all about, and I think Steve is doing that in terms of how he is operating. He made a statement and he is holding with that statement. That is all I need to know. We are both moving forward and doing what we have to do to try and make things work."

On speculation trying his patience:
"Speculation in general tries my patience. We like to deal with facts. You like to think that is the way it is handled out there, but that is not the way everyone handles things."

On the coaching staff operating with notion that they have the support of Pederson:
"He has never at any time shown a lack of support as far as saying that we have to win this number of games or you have to do this or do that. It has never been addressed, so we are dealing with what we think is support."

On handling speculation:
"I think there is a good share of people out there who understand that. Yet, there are some out there who don’t understand that. That is something I don’t let bother me. It is just the nature of the business. You are always going to have some detractors no matter how well you do and that is how it works. Sometimes, those detractors gather an awful amount of attention, which can be a little frustrating, but that is how it works."

On the Colorado game falling under the microscope this week:
"Not for me. You would have to ask everyone individually who is involved with the program. I have seen our preparation as far as our staff goes remain the same. These guys have maintained the same amount of drive and energy, remaining upbeat. They have been on top of what their players are all about. It is generally what you want week after week. This is what this staff has been able to supply us with."

On the Colorado game being scrutinized:
"I don’t know and I don’t care. Every game is scrutinized. That is how it works. I will get asked the same questions afterwards win or lose. I will try to respond in a manner that when people add it all up it will make sense to them."

On recruits and speculation:
"There are no signs of being set back. We just tell them the truth. We are dealing something here that is pure speculation and that there have been no signs of a lack of support from within."

On whether it would make a difference if Pederson gave him a vote of confidence today:
"Well, if it did then there would probably be another problem down the road. I am not letting that step in the way. Steve (Pederson) is doing what he said he would do, and I think that is all you can ask of a guy. When he made the comment that he would deal with this afterwards, he stood by that and people want that."

On how big this game is:
"I think this game has always been big. You know you can go back a lot of years to when Bob Devaney coached and they played Colorado. It has always been a special game. I think there have been a lot of great athletes on the field over the years from both sides. The game is played hard by both teams. Regardless of what is there afterwards, you are going to get the same effort and the same determined drive from both teams. That is the way it should be. We are looking forward to it, and they are looking forward to it. They are a team that has gotten better as the season has gone on, and they are a confident team. They are playing on top of their game right now. If you look at them statistically, they throw the ball extremely well. I think they are averaging 37 throws a game. Joel (Klatt) is completing 66 percent of his throws, and that says a lot about where they are at in the passing game. They have excellent receivers. They are very explosive and putting a lot of points on the board. Defensively, they are very strong up front. They can play an eight-man front, and they do an awful lot of the time. They will be determined to stop the run. Generally, we are determined to do a little running, then build off of that and get something done on the offensive side of it. We will need to work hard at winning the special teams."

On how this game affects Nebraska’s bowl selection:
"A lot of athletic directors and football coaches look at that as they finish off the year and for good reason. You know you want your program to generate as much money as possible. It is not only good for your program, but it is good for all sports within the program. We will be driving hard to get the ninth win to upgrade us bowl-wise. We have great incentive, and they have great incentive. They want to get to a bowl and the fact that it is a Nebraska-Colorado matchup gives you plenty of incentive."

On the 10 a.m. Mountain time kickoff:
"It is the earliest start that I can recall for a while. That is how it is in college football. Things are dictated to you from the financial end of it, the television end of it and the radio end of it so you know that you need to adjust. You need to line up and be ready to play no matter what time it is."

On the start time being an advantage:
"I haven’t looked at it as an advantage for anybody. But it is true, fans unless they stay up all night don’t have much a chance to get wound up."

On Nebraska freshman defensive lineman Brandon Teamer:
"Brandon has really developed into a great player for us at a very early age. He has done it just by almost being forced into it. He has had opportunities certainly because of the depth we had in the offensive line. He has taken advantage of that. He has gotten better as the season has gone on. He certainly pressed hard early, but his ability didn’t show at the level he wanted it to show. Right now, he is playing good football. He is a little inexperienced, but he is playing good football. He is the kind of guy who wants to get it done for the team. Sure he has individual goals, but the bottom line is that he is very team-oriented. When you are that way, you look at what you can do to help the team from that standpoint."

On Jammal Lord answering critics:
"I don’t think anyone would like to see Jammal finish this off in an extremely positive manner anymore than I would, coaching staff or players. They know that every time he has stepped on the field that he has given it everything he has got. He is really an excellent running quarterback. There are many around the country who can’t even compare to him. When we brought him in here, we knew he could play numerous positions and possibly quarterback, wide receiver. When he came through and started his career off as quarterback, things just dictated that he stay at quarterback. I think he has given us all he has from that position. It would be nice to see him finishing it off the way he would like to finish it off. I think he has great moments here, but I think he has been critiqued pretty hard. That has come from the position that he plays and the fact that his passing statistics aren’t what you would like from a throwing quarterback. He has made many big plays for us both as a runner and as a passer. He will get more opportunities in this game."

On Colorado playing well toward the end of its season:
"They have very good talent going into those games. You know they probably didn’t play as well as they wanted to play in the beginning of their season. It is a real credit to them as a team and their coaching staff to not let it continue and to say enough is enough. They started playing the way they were capable of playing. As you are coming down a stretch, your improvement shows and it has showed in all their games. They played Oklahoma very, very well."

On Colorado’s non-conference schedule:
"If you add to what you are trying to get done in conference with a non-conference schedule that is very demanding and you look at the fact that you aren’t playing just nine or 10 games a year, but instead 12 games a year. If you are lining up against top opponents, it gets difficult to survive that. I know health-wise they had to overcome that. I know that it is that way when you are trying to compete in a non-conference schedule."

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