Votes will determine where GameDay goes to shoot a summer college football promotion ad..
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Vote Red in Nebraska Primary Ending Tonight

By NU Athletic Communications

Vote Here and Help Bring ESPN to Lincoln

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Since this an election year, the N-Sider is asking Husker fans to turn your eyes to Nebraska’s real primary date –  Thursday, May 10 – when voting ends at 11:59 p.m. ET, and a winner will be declared. Please consider this your official invitation to vote red, as in Big Red. This is your chance to win over all your friends and influence others to stuff the digital ballot box, so ESPN’s GameDay crew will visit Lincoln this summer and film a commercial to promote college football.

This 10-day nationwide voting process has become a two-horse race between Texas A&M and Nebraska and frankly, the Aggies are finishing with a kick, transforming a 2,000-vote lead over your Huskers at mid-day yesterday into an 8,000-vote cushion over the Huskers at mid-day today. So sound the trumpets, beat the drums and get off your duffs to vote today, tomorrow and Thursday.

With a little help from our friends, Nebraska can close the gap and leapfrog A&M in this social media arms race. The Aggie voting total was 114,076 during today’s noon hour, and Big Red’s total was 106,120. It’s a two-horse race because Washington State ranks third with just 44,595 votes.

Try Tweeting on Twitter, Posting on Facebook

So how does a school that has produced the most wins in college football over the last 50 years and has sold out every seat in the process galvanize its fan base when Nebraska needs you most? Well, one idea is to recruit a small army of Husker fans to do something they said they’d never do – start a Twitter or a Facebook account.

I know there are countless Big Red fans out there with that mindset because dozens of you have sent me emails, complaining why you won’t use social media to vote for your favorite team in this highly visible voting process. Time’s flying, so all I’m asking is for you to have some fun and reconsider joining this brave new world.

In an attempt to change your mind, I offer three simple statements:

1) ESPN had to suspend this voting process once because of widespread Internet fraud.

2) The mega sports network was forced to go the Facebook/Twitter route because both are more secure sites than anything else and therefore became the only way to assure personal authentication and voter integrity.

3) The N-Sider is asking Twitter/Facebook account holders to ask others to take a long-overdue test drive in social media. Encourage them to become the reinforcements that help the Huskers get back up on our feet and head for the end zone.

It’s All Coming Down to Joe Fan, Jane Fan

Here’s the deal. A&M almost doubles Nebraska’s student enrolment, and the well-organized Aggies have been actively supporting their SEC-bound maroon-and-white. A&M's Collie mascot is the one named Reveille, but Herbie Husker and ‘Lil Red are blowing the military bugles today, asking Big Red fans to wake up and get going.

We need a rousing start from some and a finishing kick from others to win this one. Remember six years ago when Maurice Purify caught a 9-yard touchdown pass from Zac Taylor with 29 seconds left to give Nebraska a 28-27 win in College Station? Well, we need fourth-quarter heroics from our fans this time. The good news is both A&M’s and Nebraska’s student bodies are finished with spring semester classes and finals. That means this competition most likely will be decided by Joe Fan and Jane Fan.

No doubt Nebraska is counting on our social media nucleus to rise to the challenge and deliver in the clutch  ... one vote at a time. That’s why we’re asking all of you to lobby your Facebook friends, your fringe friends and even your wannabe friends. Please don’t panic. Just be calm and ask your friends to execute one day at a time. We have simple instructions for non-socials to go social and strongly believe that now is the best time in the world to do it. Who knows? You just might “like” it and end up connecting with your kids and grandkids more often than you ever dreamed.

N-Sider Helps Make Twitter, Facebook Easy

Please use this N-Sider primer to pump yourself up and get going.

For Twitter: 1) Visit; 2) Sign up for Twitter by entering your full name, email, and creating a password in the box in the bottom right; 3) Create a Twitter Handle of 15 characters or less (e.g. a nickname for yourself); 4) Go through the rest of the steps…e.g. suggested followers; and 5) Visit and click the “FOLLOW” button in the upper right hand corner.

For Facebook: 1) Visit; 2) Fill out the information on the front page and click “SIGN-UP”; 3) Go through the rest of the steps…e.g. suggested followers, upload a profile photo, etc.; and 4) Visit and click the “LIKE” button right under the main photo at the top of the page.

Good luck to all, and for anyone who tries this and likes it, please feel free to contact me, so we can help encourage others. Remember that every “fan” who “likes” Nebraska gets all kinds of chances to show your love throughout the year on Nebraska’s Official Athletic Website. We need you, and we need you now! GBR!!

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