The Nebraska Academic Experience
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When rising freshmen decide to make the University of Nebraska their home, athletic academic counselors at the new Student Life Complex work closely with every student-athlete to provide guidance, support, and resources until graduation.  Nebraska is dedicated to foster personal and academic growth as student-athletes flourish into leaders in their respective fields of study.  Available to all student-athletes, the academic support team is comprised of 13 full-time staff members and over 80 tutors to help them transition from high school to college and college to post-graduation. 

Academic Counseling

Eight academic counselors and three assistant counselors develop relationships with student-athletes that promote successful academic progress.  Counselors assist student-athletes with registration, class schedules, and understanding of NCAA academic rules.  Also, part of Nebraska's proactive approach, counselors monitor daily academic progress to keep athletes current with progress toward degree requirements and continuing eligibility.  In their work with students, coaches, and faculty, athletic counselors are held to the highest standards of integrity, trust, and respect.

Tutorial Support

A tremendous resource for all academic abilities, unlimited tutorial support is available from day one up to college graduation. Subject and mentor tutors help provide academic support and study strategies to be successful. Supplemental Instruction, a sub-component of the tutorial program, provides targeted group review sessions to help ease the transition to college academics while improving study strategies and building academic self-esteem. 

Study Hall

In a multifaceted study environment, student-athletes have options of study hall designed to meet their individual needs.  Important consideration is given by each student's counselor and coach to ensure the best and most effective study options.  Student-athletes may attend a structured study hall or required flex time.   Structured study hall may be accompanied by tutoring and supplemental instruction, and becomes an integral part of the student's daily schedule.  Flex time allows the student more freedom, as the athlete completes a designated amount of study time at the Student Life Complex at his or her own pace. 


To assist the transition to the University of Nebraska incoming student-athletes, freshmen and transfers, student-athletes meet weekly with mentors.  Mentors collect class syllabi, help the student with time management skills, gather and report academic progress information and teach academic success strategies.

Educational Assessments

Educational assessments are administered to student-athletes upon request by an academic counselor, coach or faculty recommendations.  The assessments provide staff with supplemental information beyond SAT and ACT scores and help determine the individual needs of the student.  Results pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement.  If additional testing is necessary, referrals are made to a consulting psychologist and accommodations are made through the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities. 

Multi-Cultural Programs

Recognizing the benefits of diversity and various opportunities available in the university setting to explore different cultures and issues; multicultural programming at UNL is fun and insightful.  Staff members concentrate to develop transition, adjustment, and retention for minority and international student-athletes to graduate with a degree of their choice.

Student-Athlete Orientation

Student-Athletes are welcomed to Lincoln with an orientation program that provides guidance for the adjustment to college life.  Student-athletes are introduced to staff, faculty, administrators, business and community professionals, and procedures that will help them navigate their first semester, and consequently their collegiate career at Nebraska.

Personal Counseling

Academic Counselors are also a personal resource for student-athletes.   Counselors serve to be a support system away from home.  Throughout the year and as needed, counselors help students develop techniques and strategies for transition, time management, academic focus, and problem resolution.  If further counseling is needed, referrals are made to designated practitioners at the University Health Center.

Computer Resources

Student-athletes enjoy a state-of-the art computer lab with nearly 60 computers and professional supervision. Laptops are also available during team travel. Student-athletes have the benefit of ongoing education and assistance from a full-time computer technician.

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