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Six-time Olympian, 14-time National Champion and 24-time All-American Merlene Ottey
Six-time Olympian, 14-time National Champion and 24-time All-American Merlene Ottey
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NCAA Indoor National Champions
Rhonda Blanford (1985 - 55m Hurdles, 1982 - 4x220y Relay)
Janet Burke (1983 - 60y Dash)
Jennie Gorham (1982 - 4x220y Relay)
Angee Henry (1996 - Long Jump)
Debra James (1982 - 4x220y Relay)
Nicola Martial (1996 - Triple Jump)
Merlene Ottey (1984 - 55m Dash, 1982 - 60y Dash, 1982 - 300y Dash, 1982 - 4x220y Relay, 1981 - 60m Dash, 1981 - 300m Dash, 1980 - 300m Dash)
Shanelle Porter (1993 - 400m Dash)
Angela Thacker (1984 - Long Jump)
Tressa Thompson (1997 - Shot Put)
Linetta Wilson (1987 - 500m Run)

NCAA Indoor All-Americans
The top six finishers (and top six Americans) were designated All-Americans from 1987-1993. Since 1994, the top eight finishers (and top eight Americans) are designated All-Americans by the U.S. Track Coaches Association.

Janet Bates (4x440y relay-4th); Sharon Burrill (High Jump-2nd); Jennie Gorham (4x220y relay-6th, 4x440y relay-4th); Normalee Murray (4x220y relay-6th, 4x440y relay-4th); Merlene Ottey (60m-6th, 300m-1st, 4x220m relay-6th); Julie Seaton (4x440y relay-4th); Cindy Tatum (4x220y relay-6th)

Sharon Burrill (High Jump-2nd); Tami Essington (4x400m relay-6th, 4x800m relay-2nd); Nancy Kindig (Pentathlon-4th); Lisa Kramer (4x800m relay-2nd); Normalee Murray (300m-4th, 4x400m-6th); Merlene Ottey (60m-1st, 300m-1st, 4x400m-6th); Pam Schubarth (4x800m relay-2nd); Sara Stricker (4x800m relay-2nd); Cheryl Zajic (4x400m relay-6th)

Rhonda Blanford (60y hurdles-3rd, 4x220y relay-1st); Janet Burke (60y-2nd, 300y-3rd); Tami Essington (1,000y-5th, 4x800y relay-5th); Jennie Gorham (4x220y relay-1st, 4x440y relay-3rd, 4x880y relay-5th); Marjan Goedhart (Pentathlon-5th); Debra James (60y-5th, 4x220y relay-1st); Nancy Kindig (Pentathlon-2nd); Merlene Ottey (60y-1st, 300y-1st, 4x220y relay-1st, 4x440y relay-3rd); Ruth Pugh (4x440y relay-3rd, 4x880y relay-5th); Alicia McQueen (60y-3rd, 300y-5th); Sara Stricker (4x880y relay-5th); Marcia Tate (600y-4th, 4x440y relay-3rd)

Nicole Ali (4x400m relay-2nd); Rhonda Blanford (60y hurdles-6th); Janet Burke (60y-1st, 4x400m relay-2nd); Jennie Gorham (440y relay-2nd); Marcia Tate (600y-3rd, 4x400m relay-2nd); Angela Thacker (60y-3rd, Long Jump-2nd); Kirsti Voldnes (1,000y-2nd)

Jennie Gorham Badami (4x400m relay-3rd); Rhonda Blanford (55m hurdles-2nd); Janet Burke (55m-3rd); Merlene Ottey (55m-1st, 4x400m relay-3rd); Heather Smith (High Jump-t3rd); Marcia Tate (500m-3rd, 4x400m relay-3rd); Angela Thacker (55m-2nd, 4x400m relay-3rd, Long Jump-1st)

Rhonda Blanford (55m hurdles-1st); Michelle Milling (4x400m relay-2nd); Belvia Moody (4x400m relay-2nd); Marcia Tate (500m-2nd, 4x400m relay-2nd); Yolanda Waddles (4x400m relay-2nd)

Nicole Ali (4x800m relay-4th); Heidi Christiansen (4x800m relay-4th); Vicki Johnson (4x400m relay-5th); Michelle Milling (4x400m relay-5th, 4x800m relay-4th); Jill Noel (4x800m relay-4th); Angela Thacker (55m-5th, 4x400m relay-5th); Linetta Wilson (500m-6th, 4x400m relay-5th)

Karen Kruger (Long Jump-5th); Michelle Milling (4x400m relay-2nd); Sharon Powell (4x400m relay-2nd); Renita Robinson (Triple Jump-7th/6th American); Beth Webster (4x400m relay-2nd); Linetta Wilson (500m-1st, 4x400m relay-2nd)

Toyia Barnes (Shot Put-5th); Karen Kruger (55m-6th); Michelle Milling (4x400m relay-2nd); Lisa O'Connell (4x400m relay-2nd); Sharon Powell (4x400m relay-2nd); Renita Robinson (Triple Jump-3rd); Tammy Thurman (High Jump-t7th/6th American); Linetta Wilson (400m-4th, 4x400m relay-2nd)

Tanya Lidy (4x400m relay-2nd); Ximena Restrepo (4x400m relay-2nd); Renita Robinson (Triple Jump-6th); Beth Webster (4x400m relay-2nd); Linetta Wilson (400m-6th, 4x400m relay-2nd)

Sammie Gdowski (5,000m-2nd); Yvonne van der Kolk (Mile-3rd)

Lisa Darley Graham (800m-8th/6th American); Cris Hall (High Jump-6th); Denise Lucas (200m-4th); Ximena Restrepo (400m-2nd, 4x400m relay-3rd); Fran ten Bensel (Mile-7th/6th American); Shanelle Porter (4x400m relay-3rd); Kim Walker (200m-2nd, 4x400m relay-3rd); Tranquil Wilson (4x400m relay-3rd)

Cris Hall (High Jump-2nd); Shanelle Porter (400m-4th); Fran ten Bensel (3,000m-3rd)

Cris Hall (High Jump-5th); Paulette Mitchell (Shot Put-6th); Shanelle Porter (400m-1st)

Jenny Johnson (4x400m relay-8th); Nicola Martial (Triple Jump-2nd); Paulette Mitchell (Shot Put-5th); Jill Myatt (4x400m relay-8th); Shanelle Porter (400m-6th, 4x400m relay-8th); Theresa Stelling (3,000m-7th); Kwani Stewart (55m hurdles-3rd, Long Jump-7th); Kathy Travis (4x400m relay-8th)

Angee Henry (Long Jump-4th); Tashika Lewis (Long Jump-9th/5th American); Nicola Martial (Triple Jump-3rd); Julie Mazzitelli (3,000m-13th/8th American); Paulette Mitchell (Shot Put-2nd)

La'Tisha Croom (4x400m relay-8th); Angee Henry (55m-8th, Long Jump-1st); Nicola Martial (Triple Jump-1st); Paulette Mitchell (Shot Put-7th, 20-Pound Weight-9th/8th American); Jill Myatt (4x400m relay-8th); Charmaine Plummer (4x400m relay-8th); Tressa Thompson (Shot Put-5th); Kathy Travis Miiller (4x400m relay-8th)

Charmaine Burton (4x400m relay-4th); La'Tisha Croom (4x400m relay-4th); Kerry Doetker (High Jump-t9th/t7th American); Angee Henry (Long Jump-5th); Dalhia Ingram (Triple Jump-11th/5th American); Stella Klassen (4x400m relay-4th); Jill Myatt (4x400m relay-4th); Tressa Thompson (Shot Put-1st)

Christina Blackmer (5,000m-10th/8th American); Meka Rembert (400m-5th)

Becky Beachler (Shot Put-10th/8th American); Dalhia Ingram (Triple Jump-10th/8th American); Stella Klassen (800m-11th/8th American)

Carrie Braness (High Jump-t8th); Cheryl Harmon (4x400m relay-6th); Dalhia Ingram (Triple Jump-10th/4th American); Stella Klassen (400m-3rd, 4x400m relay-6th); Lesley Owusu (4x400m-6th); Jelena Stanisavljevic (4x400m-6th); Jessica Thompson (High Jump-4th)

Lesley Owusu (400m-2nd); Melissa Price (20-Pound Weight Throw-5th)

Indoor Conference Champions
Big Eight Conference
1976--at Manhattan, Kan., 5th, 19 points

1977--at Columbia, Mo., 5th, 24 points

1978--at Lincoln, Neb., 3rd, 61 points
Long Jump Janet Bates, 18-4 3/4

1979--at Lincoln, Neb., 4th, 63 points

1980--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 144 points
60 Merlene Ottey, 6.95
300 Merlene Ottey, 33.66
440 Jennie Gorham, 54.88
600 Julie Seaton, 1:23.08
4x220 Relay Murray, Gorham, Tatum, Ottey, 1:38.93
4x440 Relay Murray, Bates, Seaton, Gorham, 3:49.78
High Jump Sharon Burrill, 5-10 1/2
Long Jump Sharon Burrill, 18-11 3/4
Pentathlon Nancy Kindig, 3,748

1981--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 142 points
60 Merlene Ottey, 6.80
300 Merlene Ottey, 33.11
4x220 Relay Ottey, Zajic, Seaton, Murray, 1:39.0
4x440 Relay Seaton, Zajic, Ottey, Murray, 3:44.8
High Jump Sharon Burrill, 6-0
Pentathlon Cathy Seybold, 3,826

1982--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 159 points
60 Merlene Ottey, 6.67
300 Janet Burke, 34.74
440 Merlene Ottey, 54.25
1,000 Tami Essington, 2:31.64
60 Hurdles Rhonda Blanford, 7.82
4x220 Relay Ottey, Blanford, Gorham, James, 1:37.71
4x880 Relay Pugh, Stricker, Essington, Tate, 8:59.71
High Jump Sharon Burrill, 5-10
Pentathlon Nancy Kindig, 4,170

1983--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 172 points
60 Janet Burke, 6.75
300 Angela Thacker, 33.98
440 Janet Burke, 54.59
600 Marcia Tate, 1:18.85
60 Hurdles Rhonda Blanford, 7.75
4x440 Relay Burke, Blanford, Thacker, Gorham, 3:45.08
4x880 Relay Nelson, Pugh, Tate, Voldnes, 9:01.39
Long Jump Angela Thacker, 21-2
Shot Put Karen Wood, 49-0 1/4

1984--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 167 points
60 Merlene Ottey, 6.71
300 Merlene Ottey, 33.02
600 Marcia Tate, 1:20.23
60 Hurdles Rhonda Blanford, 7.5
4x440 Relay Ali, Thacker, Ottey, Tate, 3:44.80
High Jump Heather Smith, 6-0 1/2
Long Jump Angela Thacker, 21-7
Pentathlon Deb Clark, 3,894

1985--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 187 points
60 Angela Thacker, 6.77
300 Angela Thacker, 33.82
600 Marcia Tate, 1:19.69
880 Nicole Ali, 2:12.28
60 Hurdles Rhonda Blanford, 7.44
4x440 Relay Milling, Waddles, Moody, Tate, 3:46.62
4x880 Relay Nelson, Nunnally, Noel, Ali, 8:52.27
Long Jump Angela Thacker, 21-4 1/4
Triple Jump Sha-ri Pendleton, 40-6
Pentathlon Deb Clark, 4,165

1986--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 138 ? points
60 Angela Thacker, 6.78
300 Angela Thacker, 33.61
4x440 Relay Milling, Johnson, Thacker, Wilson, 3:44.75
High Jump Tammy Thurman, 6-0 1/2
Long Jump Karen Kruger, 19-10 1/4
Triple Jump Sha-ri Pendleton, 40-2 3/4

1987--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 124 points
440 Linetta Wilson, 53.02
600 Michelle Milling, 1:19.17
4x440 Relay Milling, Moody, Webster, Wilson, 3:42.71
4x880 Relay Wight, Christiansen, Prowse, S. Powell, 8:58.02
High Jump Tammy Thurman, 6-0 1/2
Triple Jump Renita Robinson, 41-10 3/4

1988--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 156 points
400 Meters Linetta Wilson, 53.58
600 Michelle Milling, 1:19.85
4x400 Relay Webster, S. Powell, O?Connell, Wilson, 3:40.90
High Jump Tammy Thurman, 5-11 1/4
Long Jump Karen Kruger, 21-0 1/2
Triple Jump Renita Robinson, 41-5
Shot Put Toyia Barnes, 49-10 1/2

1989--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 155 points
400 Meters Linetta Wilson, 52.98
High Jump Meredy Porter, 5-11 1/4
Triple Jump Renita Robinson, 42-1 1/2
Shot Put Toyia Barnes, 47-5 1/4

1990--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 128 points
3,000 Meters Sammie Resh Gdowski, 9:22.61
5,000 Meters Sammie Resh Gdowski, 16:11.61
High Jump Meredy Porter, 6-0 3/4
Pentathlon Lynne Frey, 3,795

1991--at Columbia, Mo., 1st, 151 ? points
55 Meters Kim Walker, 6.89
200 Meters Ximena Restrepo, 23.93
400 Meters Shanelle Porter, 54.15
600 Ximena Restrepo, 1:19.14
800 Meters Lisa Graham, 2:09.27
1,000 Meters Fran ten Bensel, 2:54.73
Mile Fran ten Bensel, 4:44.15
Long Jump Prema Govindan, 18-10 1/2
Triple Jump Joanne Gomez, 40-1 1/2

1992--at Lawrence, Kan., 1st, 166 ? points (oversize track)
55 Meters Kathy Travis, 6.87
200 Meters Kathy Travis, 23.88
400 Meters Shanelle Porter, 54.02
600 Susan Hedrick Rehm, 1:21.60
Mile Fran ten Bensel, 4:38.10
3,000 Meters Fran ten Bensel, 9:47.17
55-Meter Hurdles Kwani Stewart, 7.81
4x440 Relay Travis, Wilson, Hedrick Rehm, Porter, 3:43.86
Long Jump Kwani Stewart, 18-10 1/2
Pentathlon Cris Hall, 4,028

1993--at Ames, Iowa, 1st, 159 points (oversize track)
55 Meters Shanelle Porter, 7.03
200 Meters Shanelle Porter, 24.21
400 Meters Shanelle Porter, 53.24
55-Meter Hurdles Kwani Stewart, 8.08
4x400 Relay Wilson, Johnson, Porter, Stewart, 3:42.58
Long Jump Kwani Stewart, 19-9 3/4
Triple Jump Nicola Martial, 40-2

1994--at Oklahoma City, Okla., 1st, 175 points
55 Meters Kathy Travis, 7.07
200 Meters Shanelle Porter, 24.09
400 Meters Shanelle Porter, 53.74
600 Jenny Johnson, 1:23.58
55-Meter Hurdles Kwani Stewart, 7.85
4x400 Relay Myatt, Johnson, Travis, Porter, 3:48.41
Long Jump Kwani Stewart, 20-1 1/2
Triple Jump Nicola Martial, 41-5
Shot Put Paulette Mitchell, 54-8
Pentathlon Michelle Shoemaker, 3,785

1995--at Manhattan, Kan., 1st, 184 points
600 Jenny Johnson, 1:22.65
4x400 Relay Myatt, Johnson, Henry, Croom, 3:49.87
Long Jump Angee Henry, 20-2 1/4
Triple Jump Nicola Martial, 42-2 1/4
Shot Put Paulette Mitchell, 54-10 3/4
20-Pound Weight Throw Paulette Mitchell, 59-5

1996--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 197 points
55 Meters Kathy Travis Miiller, 6.79
200 Meters Kathy Travis Miiller, 23.79
600 La'Tisha Croom, 1:21.17
Long Jump Angee Henry, 21-7 1/4
Triple Jump Nicola Martial, 42-5 1/4
Shot Put Paulette Mitchell, 54-2
20-Pound Weight Throw Paulette Mitchell, 60-6 3/4
Pentathlon Janet Blomstedt, 4,235

Big 12 Conference
1997--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 160 points
1,000 Meters Sherri Elwood Macfee, 2:49.99
Long Jump Angee Henry, 21-4
Shot Put Tressa Thompson, 59-5 3/4
Pentathlon Janet Blomstedt, 3,982 points

1998--at Ames, Iowa, 2nd, 101 points
No conference champions

1999--at Manhattan, Kan., 2nd, 94 ? points
Long Jump Dalhia Ingram, 20-0 1/4

2000--at Ames, Iowa, 1st, 154 1/2 points
Long Jump Dalhia Ingram, 20-11 3/4
Triple Jump Dalhia Ingram, 44-6
20-pound Weight Throw Melissa Price, 66-2 1/4

2001--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 145 1/2 points
200 Meters Lesley Owusu, 23.73
400 Meters Lesley Owusu, 52.37
Triple Jump Krisztina Kovesi, 41-2 1/2
20-pound Weight Throw Melissa Price, 66-8 1/2

2002--at Lincoln, Neb., 2nd, 103 points
60 Meter Hurdles Shelley-Ann Brown, 8.20
Triple Jump Krisztina Kovesi, 42-7 1/2
20-pound Weight Throw Amanda Moreley, 60-5 3/4

NCAA Outdoor National Champions
Rhonda Blanford (1985 - 100m Hurdles 1982 - 4x100m Relay)
Angee Henry (1996 - Long Jump)
Debra James (1982 - 4x100m Relay)
Nicola Martial (1994 - Triple Jump, 1995 - Triple Jump)
Alicia McQueen (1982 - 4x100m Dash)
Merlene Ottey (1983 - 100m Dash, 1983 - 200m Dash, 1982 - 100m Dash, 1982 - 4x100m Relay, 1981 - 100m Dash, 1981 - 200m Dash, 1980 200m Dash
Shanelle Porter (1991 - 4x400m Relay)
Sharon Powell (1988 - 800m Run)
Ximena Restrepo (1991 - 400m Dash, 1991 - 4x400m Relay)
Renita Robinson (1989 - Triple Jump)
Tressa Thompson (1997 - Shot Put, 1998 - Shot Put)
Denise Thiemard (1983 - Javelin)
Kim Walker (1991 - 4x400m Relay)
Linetta Wilson (1987 - 400m Hurdles)
Tranquil Wilson (1991 - 4x400m Relay)

NCAA Outdoor All-Americans
Sharon Burrill (High Jump-6th); Jennie Gorham (400m-4th, 800m medley relay-3rd); Nancy Kindig (Pentathlon-6th); Normalee Murray (800m medley relay-3rd); Merlene Ottey (100m-3rd, 200m-1st, 800m medley relay-3rd); Julie Seaton (800m medley relay-3rd)

Tami Essington (4x800m relay-3rd); Nancy Kindig (Heptathlon-2nd); Lisa Kramer (4x800m relay-3rd); Merlene Ottey (100m-1st, 200m-1st); Pam Schubarth (4x800m relay-3rd); Sara Stricker (4x800m relay-3rd)

Rhonda Blanford (4x100m relay-1st); Debra James (4x100m relay-1st); Alicia McQueen (4x100m relay-1st); Merlene Ottey (100m-1st, 200m-2nd, 4x100m relay-1st); Robin Small (Discus-7th)

Nicole Ali (4x400m relay-4th); Rhonda Blanford (100m hurdles-3rd, 4x100m relay-2nd); Janet Burke (4x100m relay-2nd, 4x400m relay-4th); Jennie Gorham (4x400m relay-4th); Merlene Ottey (100m-1st, 200m-1st, 400m-3rd, 4x100m relay-2nd); Marcia Tate (4x400m relay-4th); Angela Thacker (200m-8th, 4x100m relay-2nd, Long Jump-6th); Denise Thiemard (Javelin-1st); Karen Wood (Shot Put-9th/7th American, Discus-9th/7th American)

Nicole Ali (4x440y relay-6th); Holly Ashmore (4x440y relay-6th); Rhonda Blanford (100m hurdles-6th, 4x100m relay-5th); Deb Clark (Heptathlon-6th); Jennie Gorham Badami (4x100m relay-5th, 4x440y relay-6th); Deb Powell (4x100m relay-5th); Marcia Tate (400m-8th, 4x440y relay-6th); Angela Thacker (100m-7th, 200m-7th, 4x100m relay-5th, Long Jump-2nd)

Rhonda Blanford (100m hurdles-1st); Deb Clark (Heptathlon-5th); Karyn Szarkowski (Javelin-9th/7th American); Laura Wight (3,000m-3rd)

Sha-ri Pendleton (Triple Jump-8th); Karyn Szarkowski (Javelin-2nd); Linetta Wilson (400m-8th)

Karen Kruger (Long Jump-7th); Michelle Milling (400m-6th); Sammie Resh (3,000m-11th/8th American); Renita Robinson (Triple Jump-7th); Linetta Wilson (400m hurdles-1st)

Sammie Resh Gdowski (3,000m-11th/8th American); Karen Kruger (4x400m relay-4th, Long Jump-7th); Michelle Milling (4x400m relay-4th); Sharon Powell (400m-4th, 800m-1st, 4x400m relay-4th); Tammy Thurman (High Jump-5th); Linetta Wilson (400m hurdles-2nd, 4x400m relay-4th)

Sammie Resh Gdowski (3,000m-4th); Prema Govindan (4x100m relay-6th); Tanya Lidy (4x100m relay-6th, Long Jump-6th); Denise Lucas (4x100m relay-6th); Patricia Nadler (Heptathlon-8th); Ximena Restrepo (200m-8th); Renita Robinson (Triple Jump-1st); Nora Rockenbauer (Javelin-3rd); Linetta Wilson (400m hurdles-2nd, 4x100m relay-6th)

Sabrina Eames (Javelin-9th/8th American); Sammie Resh Gdowski (10,000m-5th); Meredy Porter (High Jump-t6th); Ximena Restrepo (400m-4th); Nora Rockenbauer (Javelin-3rd)

Lynne Frey (Javelin-9th/7th American); Lisa Darley Graham (800m-11th/8th American); Denise Lucas (200m-6th, 4x100m relay-3rd); Shanelle Porter (4x400m relay-1st); Juliet Prowse (5,000m-4th); Ximena Restrepo (400m-1st, 4x100m relay-3rd, 4x400m relay-1st); Kwani Stewart (4x100m relay-3rd); Fran ten Bensel (1,500m-6th); Kim Walker (200m-3rd, 4x100m relay-3rd, 4x400m relay-1st); Tranquil Wilson (4x400m relay-1st)

Lisa Darley Graham (1,500m-2nd); Cris Hall (Heptathlon-4th); Denise Lucas (4x100m relay-3rd, 4x400m relay-2nd); Shanelle Porter (400m-6th, 4x100m relay-3rd, 4x400m relay-2nd); Kwani Stewart (4x100m relay-3rd, 4x400m relay-2nd); Kathy Travis (4x100m relay-3rd, 4x400m relay-2nd)

Shanelle Porter (400m-4th); Theresa Stelling (3,000m-8th); Kwani Stewart (100m hurdles-7th); Fran ten Bensel (1,500m-4th, 3,000m-2nd)

Angee Henry (Long Jump-8th); Nicola Martial (Triple Jump-1st); Paulette Mitchell (Shot Put-5th); Kwani Stewart (200m-9th/7th American, 100m hurdles-11th/8th American, Long Jump-12th/7th American)

La'Tisha Croom (4x400m relay-6th); Annette Hall (4x100m relay-8th); Angee Henry (4x100m relay-8th, Long Jump-11th/7th American); Jenny Johnson (4x400m relay-6th); Tashika Lewis (Long Jump-8th); Nicola Martial (Triple Jump-1st); Paulette Mitchell (Shot Put-8th); Jill Myatt (4x400m relay-6th); Shanelle Porter (400m-5th, 4x100m relay-8th, 4x400m relay-6th); Theresa Stelling (5,000m-5th); Tressa Thompson (Shot Put-6th); Kathy Travis Miiller (4x100m relay-8th)

Janet Blomstedt (Heptathlon-10th/6th American); La'Tisha Croom (4x400m relay-8th); Angee Henry (4x400m relay-8th, Long Jump-1st); Tashika Lewis (Long Jump-9th/7th American); Nicola Martial (Triple Jump-3rd); Paulette Mitchell (Shot Put-8th, Discus-6th, Hammer-7th); Jill Myatt (4x400m relay-8th); Charmaine Plummer (4x400m relay-8th); Tressa Thompson (Shot Put-5th, Discus-9th/8th American); Kathy Travis Miiller (100m-7th)

Carrie Braness (High Jump-15th/8th American); Jody Doetker (High Jump-14th/7th American); Kerry Doetker (High Jump-10th/6th American); Angee Henry (Long Jump-13th/7th American); Tressa Thompson (Shot Put-1st, Discus-10th/8th American, Hammer-9th/8th American)

La'Tisha Croom (4x400m relay-7th); Dalhia Ingram (Long Jump-7th, Triple Jump-7th); Stella Klassen (4x400m relay-7th); Lesley Owusu (4x400m relay-7th); Meka Rembert (400m Hurdles-8th, 4x400m relay-7th); Kim Stewart (Pole Vault-2nd); Tressa Thompson (Shot Put-1st, Discus-8th)

Dalhia Ingram (Long Jump-5th, Triple Jump-5th); Stella Klassen (400m-3rd); Cassi Morelock (Javelin-8th); Melissa Price (Hammer-10th/7th American)

Carrie Braness (High Jump-3rd); Dalhia Ingram (Long Jump-5th, Triple Jump-5th); Cassi Morelock (Javelin-6th); Lesley Owusu (400-meter run-8th); Melissa Price (Hammer Throw-2nd)

Carrie Braness (High Jump-t5th);

Becky Breisch (Discus-2nd, Shot Put-8th); Melissa Price (Hammer Throw-2nd); Shelley-Ann Brown (100-meter hurdles-5th)

Outdoor Conference Champions
Note: All distances in meters, unless otherwise noted.

Big Eight Conference
1974--at Manhattan, Kan.,
No Team

1975--at Ames, Iowa,
No Team

1976--at Ames, Iowa, 4th, 30 points
No conference champions

1977--at Lawrence, Kan., 4th, 54 points
No conference champions

1978--at Norman, Okla., 2nd, 97 points
400 Julie Seaton, 55.39
4x880 Relay Vickers, Fox, Hitz, Dixon, 9:03.39
Long Jump Janet Bates, 19-03 1/4

1979--at Manhattan, Kan., 7th, 48 points
Pentathlon Karen Frazee, 3,763

1980--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 124 points
100 Merlene Ottey, 11.2
200 Merlene Ottey, 22.93
400 Jennie Gorham, 53.24
4x100 Relay Mills, Tatum, Murray, Ottey, 47.0
Pentathlon Nancy Kindig, 3,926

1981--at Ames, Iowa, 1st, 159 points
100 Merlene Ottey, 11.88
200 Merlene Ottey, 22.7
800 Tami Essington, 2:10.13
4x100 Relay Mills, Zajic, Murray, Ottey, 46.16
4x400 Relay Zajic, Murray, Essington, Ottey, 3:44.28
Sprint Medley Mills, Zajic, Murray, Ottey, 1:41.08
High Jump Sharon Burrill, 5-10
Discus Karen Wood, 153-5
Heptathlon Nancy Kindig, 5,839

1982--at Norman, Okla., 1st, 145 points
100 Merlene Ottey, 11.29
200 Merlene Ottey, 22.63
800 Tami Essington, 2:07.16
100 Hurdles Rhonda Blanford, 13.63
4x100 Relay James, McQueen, Blanford, Ottey, 44.30
Sprint Medley James, D. Powell, Blanford, Ottey, 1:38.90
Discus Robin Small, 167-5

1983--at Stillwater, Okla., 1st, 161 points
100 Merlene Ottey, 11.25
200 Merlene Ottey, 22.45
400 Nicole Ali, 54.32
100 Hurdles Rhonda Blanford, 13.55w
400 Hurdles Nicole Ali, 59.36
4x100 Relay D. Powell, Blanford, Thacker, Ottey, 44.40
Shot Put Karen Wood, 50-1
Discus Karen Wood, 165-8
Javelin Denise Thiemard, 201-3

1984--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 156 points
100 Rhonda Blanford, 11.54
200 Rhonda Blanford, 23.71
100 Hurdles Rhonda Blanford, 13.47
4x100 Relay Blanford, D. Powell, Gorham Badami, Thacker, 44.56
4x400 Relay Ashmore, Ali, Blanford, Gorham Badami, 3:40.25
Long Jump Angela Thacker, 22-4 1/4

1985--at Manhattan, Kan., 1st, 148 points
100 Rhonda Blanford, 11.43w
400 Marcia Tate, 52.82
800 Nicole Ali, 2:07.89
100 Hurdles Rhonda Blanford, 13.07w
Triple Jump Sha-ri Pendleton, 40-10 1/4
Javelin Karyn Szarkowski, 173-7
Heptathlon Deb Clark, 5,545

1986--at Boulder, Colo., 1st, 142 points
800 Nicole Ali, 2:06.83
4x400 Relay Milling, Cantrell, Moody, Wilson, 3:41.06
Long Jump Angela Thacker, 21-9 3/4
Triple Jump Sha-ri Pendleton, 41-4 1/2
Javelin Karyn Szarkowski, 172-2

1987--at Lawrence, Kan., 1st, 184 points
200 Linetta Wilson, 23.39w
400 Linetta Wilson, 51.58
1,500 Sammie Resh, 4:23.74
4x400 Relay Milling, Webster, S. Powell, Wilson, 3:39.75
High Jump Tammy Thurman, 5-11 1/4
Long Jump Karen Kruger, 21-7 1/4

1988--at Ames, Iowa, 1st, 158 points
200 Sharon Powell, 24.16w
400 Linetta Wilson, 52.74
1,500 Sammie Resh, 4:32.63
4x400 Relay Kruger, Milling, S. Powell, Wilson, 3:39.87
High Jump Tammy Thurman, 5-10
Long Jump Karen Kruger, 21-4 1/4w
Discus Jean Monter, 161-11
Javelin Lynne Frey, 153-6

1989--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 194 points
100 Ximena Restrepo, 11.82w
200 Ximena Restrepo, 23.42
1,500 Sammie Resh, 4:19.22
400 Hurdles Linetta Wilson, 57.04
Long Jump Tanya Lidy, 20-5 1/4
Triple Jump Renita Robinson, 41-5 3/4
Shot Put Toyia Barnes, 44-11
Javelin Nora Rockenbauer, 173-7

1990--at Norman, Okla., 1st, 161 points
100 Denise Lucas, 11.54
200 Kim Walker, 23.50
5,000 Sammie Resh Gdowski, 16:41.24
Javelin Nora Rockenbauer, 167-11
Heptathlon Lynne Frey, 5,005

1991--at Lincoln, Neb., 1st, 204 points
100 Kim Walker, 11.35
200 Kim Walker, 22.57
400 Ximena Restrepo, 51.25
3,000 Fran ten Bensel, 9:18.81
5,000 Juliet Prowse, 16:22.08
400 Hurdles Susan Hedrick, 58.18
4x100 Relay Govindan, Stewart, Lucas, Walker, 44.39
High Jump Cris Hall, 6-0 1/2
Triple Jump Joanne Gomez, 40-10
Javelin Lynne Frey, 166-1

1992--at Norman, Okla., 1st, 177 points
100 Kwani Stewart, 11.45w
200 Denise Lucas, 23.25w
400 Shanelle Porter, 52.04
1,500 Lisa Darley Graham, 4:25.41
100 Hurdles Kwani Stewart, 13.35w
4x100 Relay Travis, Stewart, Porter, Lucas, 43.83
4x400 Relay Hedrick Rehm, Wilson, Porter, Lucas, 3:37.95
Long Jump Kwani Stewart, 20-3 3/4
Heptathlon Cris Hall, 5,679

1993--at Boulder, Colo., 1st, 163 points
100 Kwani Stewart, 11.52
200 Shanelle Porter, 23.53
400 Shanelle Porter, 52.34
1,500 Fran ten Bensel, 4:24.6
3,000 Theresa Stelling, 9:52.0
100 Hurdles Kwani Stewart, 13.56
4x100 Relay Wilson, Stewart, Johnson, Porter, 45.01
Long Jump Kwani Stewart, 19-6 1/4
Triple Jump Nicola Martial, 42-3 1/2
Shot Put Paulette Mitchell, 50-4

1994--at Lawrence, Kan., 1st, 146 points
100 Kwani Stewart, 11.41w
4x100 Relay Travis, Henry, Perry, Stewart, 45.10
4x400 Relay Travis, Stewart, Myatt, Henry, 3:40.87
Long Jump Kwani Stewart, 21-10 1/4w
Triple Jump Nicola Martial, 42-7w

1995--at Ames, Iowa, 1st, 198 ? points
4x400 Relay Myatt, Johnson, Croom, Porter, 3:38.00
Long Jump Angee Henry, 20-10
Triple Jump Nicola Martial, 44-10 1/4w
Shot Put Paulette Mitchell, 52-11
Discus Paulette Mitchell, 161-0

1996--at Lincoln, Neb., 2nd, 191 points
100 Kathy Travis Miiller, 11.54
200 Kathy Travis Miiller, 23.73
High Jump Jody Doetker, 5-11 1/4
Long Jump Angee Henry, 21-11 1/2
Triple Jump Nicola Martial, 44-4 3/4
Shot Put Tressa Thompson, 56-10
Discus Tressa Thompson, 163-2
Hammer Throw Paulette Mitchell, 199-0

Big 12 Conference
1997--at Waco, Texas, 2nd, 110 points
Shot Put Tressa Thompson, 59-4 3/4

1998--at Columbia, Mo., 2nd, 113 points
Long Jump Dalhia Ingram, 21-4
Shot Put Tressa Thompson, 59-7
Discus Tressa Thompson, 174-2

1999--at Waco, Texas, 4th, 97 points
Long Jump Dalhia Ingram, 21-11
Javelin Cassi Morelock, 178-6

2000--at Columbia, Mo., 1st, 169 points
Long Jump Dalhia Ingram, 20-4 1/2
Triple Jump Dahlia Ingram, 44-2 1/2w
Shot Put Leann Boerema, 51-1 3/4
Hammer Throw Melissa Price, 201-3

2001--at College Station, Texas, 2nd, 117 1/2 points
High Jump Carrie Braness, 5-11 1/4
Triple Jump Krisztina Kovesi 42-2 3/4

2002--at Columbia, Mo., 3rd, 117 1/2 points
Discus Becky Breisch, 182-8
Hammer Throw Melissa Price, 219-2
Heptathlon Katherine Livesey, 5,577


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