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NOTE: To apply for camp, please print the PDF above and mail to the appropriate address.
2012 Nebraska Athletic Medicine Training Camp Brochure/Application

CAMP DATES: JUNE 28 - JULY 1, 2012
We are excited to again offer our Husker Athletic Camp for high school students and coaches. There are few experiences which will better prepare you to pursue athletic training at your high school, at the college level, or as a career.

As a participant you will receive a comprehensive overview of athletic training. All participants will receive one-on-one instruction in taping techniques, injury evaluation, and emergency procedures. Participants will obtain valuable experience during the workshop and be able to apply and practice these skills at your high school.

Due to the continued growth of our clinic we are now providing two separate levels of skills adaptable to each participant's particular skill level.

The BASIC level is for students who have had very little experience and have never attended our clinic. The ADVANCED level is designed for those students who have attended our clinic previously or have experience as a student trainer. Students will benefit from the concentrated focus this workshop will provide in caring for athletes.

During your stay you will have the opportunity to experience some of the tradition of the University of Nebraska and its great athletic department facilities and staff. You will enjoy meeting other students from around the region and also listen to some of the most respected professionals in the field. We look forward to having you in camp.

About the Camp
Camp Description. The Husker Athletic Training Camps are designed for any high school student, male or female, including athletes who are interested in attaining athletic training knowledge and skills. Camps will include lecture and laboratory sessions covering a variety of athletic training topics.

Daily Schedule. A typical day will begin with sessions at 8 a.m. and concluding at 5 p.m. There will also be sessions each evening.

Housing and Meals. Participants will reside in one of UNL's campus residence halls. Meals will be served in a campus dining hall. Pillow and sheets will be provided. Participants should bring a sleeping bag, blankets or towels as needed.

Facilities. All sessions and lab will be held in UNL's athletic department facilities.

Cost and Registration. Resident tuition is $300, which includes housing, meals, camp manual, taping supplies, and T-shirt. Commuter tuition is $275 and includes lunch and camp manual, taping supplies and T-shirt. You must pre-register by completing the registration form in our attached brochure, along with the medical waiver form. The full fee of $300 for boarders of $275 for commuters must accompany your registration.

The deadline for registration is June 14. To register, complete the registration form in the brochure, enclose a check attached to the form and mail to:

Husker Athletic Training Camp
Jerry Weber
Athletic Medicine Center
One Memorial Stadium
Lincoln, NE ..68588-0128

Suggested Dress and Equipment. Shorts, T-shirts, and blouses that allow the shoulders to be exposed are suitable apparel. All participants should bring writing utensils and one pair of bandage scissors.

Arrival/Departure. All participants must check-in on Thursday, June 28 at 2 p.m. at the designated campus residence hall. Participants will be dismissed by 10 a.m. on Sunday, July 1.

Further details concerning the camp and check-in location will be sent upon receipt of the participant's application or contact Jerry Weber at (402) 472-2276.

Instructional Content
Basic Studies:

  • Evaluation and treatment of the most-commonly injured body areas: Foot, Shoulder, Ankle, Elbow, Groin and Hip, Knee, Back, Shin, Hand
  • Head and Neck Injuries
  • Abdominal Injuries
  • Heat Stress
  • Practical Taping Skills
  • Muscle Injuries
  • CPR Training
  • Weight-Training Principles
  • Injury Prevention
  • Use of Therapeutic Modalities in the Treatment of Sports Injuries
  • Injury Rehabilitation

Advanced Studies:

  • Strength Training and Conditioning Techniques
  • Sport Psychology
  • Special Medical Problems
  • Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries
  • Anatomy Review
  • Common Sports Injury Instruction
  • Pharmacology
  • Taping Techniques for Specific Injuries
  • Helmet and Equipment Fitting
  • Selected Instruction on Specific Athletic Injuries


Camp Staff
Jerry Weber, PT, ATC
A physical therapist as well as a licensed athletic trainer, Jerry is the Head Trainer and Director of Rehabilitation. With over 25 years of experience in the "Nebraska system", he has expertise in training room administration, athletic therapy and rehabilitation. Considered a leader in athletic training at the state and national level, he will serve as camp director.

Jeff Rudy, ATC
The Director of Athletic Training Education at the University. Jeff is in charge of the athletic training major in the department of Nutrition and Health Sciences. With his athletic training certification and doctoral degree, he is very qualified to lead this exciting career education experience at UNL. Jeff will be involved with daily teaching and lab duties throughout the camp.

Brad Brown, ATC
The athletic trainer responsible for the care of the Husker basketball teams, Brad is also the instructor for the introductory course in athletic training at the University. Many of the basic techniques that he covers in this first year college course will be taught during the camp. Brad will work in all areas of camp instruction and lab supervision.

Tom Dufresne, MPT, ATC
Tom is also a physical therapist and a former student trainer at UNL. Before returning to Nebraska, he was an assistant athletic trainer at UCLA for nine years prior to going to physical therapy school. Tom's main responsibility is to coordinate the rehabilitation and return to function of the Olympic sports athletes at UNL and will focus on that aspect during the camp.

Lisa Loewenstein, ATC
The athletic trainer for the Nebraska track and field teams, Lisa is instrumental in the teaching and clinical supervision of the freshman and sophomore athletic training students at Nebraska. She will be involved with the emergency care teaching situations and taping labs during the camp.

Guest Lecturers -Throughout the camp there will be several guest lecturers. These individuals will include local physicians, local high school athletic trainers, and other athletic department staff members, giving the camp a well-rounded scope of opinions and backgrounds. Also, current certified graduate and undergraduate athletic training students will serve as lab assistants and instructors.


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