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Athletic Medicine Staff Offers Help in Psychiatry and Mental Health

Nebraska Athletics has assembled a professional team that includes Dr. Larry Widman, Dr. Todd Stull, Dr. Jennifer Bruning-Brown and John Goldrich. The team features both quality and depth in sports performance psychiatry, psychology and mental health services offered under the department’s Athletic Medicine Program.

Dr. Stull and Dr. Widman are beginning their fifth year as sport psychiatry consultants for the athletic department, and their efforts are complemented by Dr. Jennifer Bruning-Brown, a research psychologist, and John Goldrich, a licensed mental health practitioner.

Stull and Widman specialize in sport psychiatry and addiction psychiatry and can be reached through Jackie Wilken in Dr. Lonnie Albers’ office (402-472-2276 or ).

Stull and Widman’s expertise is enhancing a student-athlete’s ability to stay process-focused to maximize performance. The process includes planning and goal setting, composure, confidence, concentration, and commitment. Stull and Widman also confidentially treat mental health and addiction problems.

Widman earned his B.S. degree from Washington University in St. Louis in 1986, and Stull earned his B.A. degree from Hastings (Neb.) College in 1986. Both physicians graduated from the University of  Nebraska Medical Center School of Medicine in 1992.

Bruning-Brown received a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Stanford University, where she worked as a post-doctoral Fellow. She also received a J.D. in Law from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her extensive clinical training includes assessment and treatment of depression, eating disorders and relationship issues.

Goldrich provides individual counseling and substance abuse education.

Like Stull and Widman, Bruning-Brown and Goldrich can be reached through Wilken in Dr. Albers’ office (402-472-2276 or 


Dr. Widman

Dr. Brown

John Goldrich

Dr. Stull



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