The 4-1-1 with Frankie London

By NU Athletic Communications
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Name:   Frankie E. London Jr.                                                        

Phone:  224-772-9596

Email:  or

Address:  P.O. Box 5038, Vernon Hills, IL 60061-5038

Hometown:  Lake Charles, LA                                                  

Years played: 1995-1999

Family:  Father Frank London Sr., Mother Rosanna London, Brother Derrick London, Sisters Veronica & Jennifer London


Frankie London came to Nebraska from Lake Charles, La. as the quarterback of the future.  As a backup to Scott Frost during his first few years as a Husker, London helped the Huskers win their fifth national championship in 1997.  Midway through his collegiate career, he converted to a wingback, and was part of a memorable two-point conversion that helped Nebraska to a win over No. 5 Kansas State.  A 2000 graduate of the University with a degree in communication studies, London has gone on to continue his education and career, and contribute to the lives of student-athletes.  What’s he been doing?  Get the inside info with Husker 411 with Frankie London.


Who is Frankie London?

I’m a former quarterback and wide receiver for the Huskers, born and raised in Lake Charles, La.  I attended LaGrange Senior High, and graduated from UNL in 1999.  I still have a great deal of passion for sports and athletics, and enjoy speaking to youth groups and adolescents on taking charge of their lives and working hard to make a difference in their lives as well as others’.  I’m single, with no children.


What’s the most significant personal achievement or event that’s happened in your life since you left Nebraska?
I would have to say attending the Joseph School of Business and Entrepreneurship here in Chicago and graduating.


What’s the one thing you learned through your student-athlete experience at Nebraska that’s helped you the most?
I believe that every student athlete that attended the University of Nebraska would have learned so many things that would help with life outside of school.  The number one thing I gained from my experiences at UNL was the tenacity to never quick or give up and hold fast to your faith. 

As life has tossed some of its most difficult challenges, preparation for sport, education, injuries, and relationships have helped me gain perspective on fighting through until the end.  When you are tired and everything looks to be coming against you, and each challenge makes your faith stronger.  Each struggle makes you tougher.  Each road block is to get you to your destination.  When the coaches, trainers, and strength coaches would push and push until you would break through to the other side, no one ever would think that not only did it make you a better athlete, it made you a better person.  God is the same, each and every obstacle, God is saying, “I’m molding you to make you better!”


What are you doing now?

I’m currently working for an organization by the name of CDW as a Software Pre-Sales System Engineer.  Also, I’m currently working to start my own business, training student-athletes on all aspects of life, spiritually, physically, mentally, as well as assisting in understanding the recruiting process and making the right decisions.  I have made this decision to start this business because I have a passion to give back and make others better.


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