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Nebraska 35, Iowa State 17
Saturday, Sept. 29, 2007
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Sam Keller
Senior, Quarterback

On Coach Callahan’s comment about the game being strange (Audio)
“It was weird. It was the longest I’ve spent on the sideline in any game I’ve ever been in. I’ve said this before, that games take on personalities, they take shape and are completely different from any other games. I was just so proud of our defense, the way they battled for how long they were on the field. Holding them (Iowa State) to 17 points and (creating) turnovers and big plays—I’m just so proud of those guys. So it was fun to watch.”

On the Nebraska offense having so many fewer plays than Iowa State (Audio)
“I don’t know if that’s ever even happened to me any time I’ve played. That’s weird. It was just a weird game. We’re finding out that we can thrive in different kinds of games. We’ve won close ones. We won this one and it was a battle. The defense played well in this one. You took so many positives from the different things in the game and how we were able to respond.”

On seeing vulnerability in the Iowa State secondary and making plays (Audio)
“Our plan was to take some shots early and we thought we could get them to come up on the run. We did that once and it was nice and I thought I got the same look on the other one, but the kid just came out of nowhere and made a great play. That was our plan to take some shots early and see if we could get it on them, but one worked out and one didn’t.”

On the Nebraska defense improvements (Audio)
“One thing I’m proud of on this team and all of the guys on it is that we rally around each other. We took care of each other all week. There were a lot of things that the defense went through - Coach Coz (Cosgrove) and the defense - but they came out and carried us today. They were on the field for so long. I can’t believe how long it was. I looked up and it was 13 to 32 as far as minutes and I was like ‘Wow, we’ve never been through this before.’ They were just battling - making tackles, making picks, turnovers. We struggled early on with three turnovers, but we just kept fighting. So I’m just proud of the defense and the way they responded and how the offense responded and got going at the end of the first half.”

Cortney Grixby
Senior, Cornerback

On sparking the team with his kickoff return after being down 10-0 in the second quarter (Audio)
“We had a couple turnovers and they put up the points on the board. We just wanted to hold and keep our offense in for the game. Once we went down 10-0, we had to make something happen and it just happened to happen on the kickoff return.”

On the Nebraska offense and defense balance (Audio)
“We work together. We’re one team, so if they’re not doing so well we try to keep them in the game so they can come back and make plays. It’s all about making plays. Like I said, we just work together.”

On the intensity of the defense (Audio)
“We just wanted to come out and play loose. We wanted to come out and have fun and just play. There was no pressure and we just had to make plays.”

On defensive improvements for next week (Audio)
"We still have improvements. We gave up some yardage and we played well, but got some turnovers. We still have to work on improvements. We didn’t play up to the capability—I mean we played good, but we didn’t play how we know how to play. We just still have some work.”

Offensive Lineman Lydon Murtha
On the team's confidence entering the game
“Were definitely confident, we came into this game 0-0. That is how we approach every game. We are going into the next game just like everything is fresh, everything is new."

On the effort
“I think that we played really hard. Unfortunately we had a few turnovers, a few interceptions, but a win is a win and we passed it.”

On what the win means
“It’s a big win. It is a first season game for us. We just went out there did what we had to do, things did not go our way at first but we found a way to win.”

On being down 10-0 early
“The ball goes different ways. We just look at it like the momentum is going to change no matter who you are playing, so we just had to capitalize on it. When a team goes up on you like that a lot of teams can get down on themselves, but a lot of teams can come back and we did.”

Tight End Sean Hill
On where the team is at after the last two games

“I think we are right on track with where we need to be. I think that this was a huge game for us to start 1-0 in the Big 12 North. Iowa State is a good team and they have a lot of good athletes. We came and we played all day, and we showcased our talents. Everyone did well on offense, defense and special teams, so we're right on track.”

On the offense's confidence throughout the game
“The offense knew we should have been scoring early but we made some turnovers, and lost the ball on some run plays, but the confidence was there the entire game.”

On contributing as a senior
“ I am definitely happy. I have worked hard for four years, this being my fifth year. It is good to have that pay off. It is good to reap the benefits of all the hard work. It is good to finally have that pay off.”

On facing Missouri next week
“It is going to be a good game. We have to go down there and it is going to be a tough environment. They have a lot of good players offensively and defensively. They are going to be a good team, but we are going to be ready to go. We are going to be practicing hard all week, just like we prepare every other week. The coaches are going to get us right with game plans. We will be ready to play, but they are a good team so we have to respect their abilities. It is going to be a tough away game.”

Wide Receiver Nate Swift
On the effect of the wind on punts
“Every punt was different, because the wind was swirling so it was kind of tough, but their punter kicked a couple out of bounds and helped us out a little bit, so we did not have to catch those tough balls.”

On the team's effort
"That is one thing we wanted to come into this game and do, is everyone give 100 percent. We wanted everyone to go out and give everything they can on every play, and I think we did that."

On what this win means
“It means a lot. First win in the (Big 12) North, that is always huge. It is a big game, but it is just another win. We're 4-1 and now and it gets us going on the second season - Big 12 play.”



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