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Spring Game Ticket Sales No Surprise to Bo Pelini
When Bo Pelini learned that 22,700 first-day tickets had been sold for Nebraska’s annual Red-White Spring Game on April 19th, it was yet another reminder of why he returned to Lincoln.

“Nebraska football fans never cease to amaze me,” he said. “If we pack the house for the Spring Game, I won’t be surprised.”

Bo made that statement knowing that Husker fans see the game as an annual rite of spring, a homecoming of sorts, where they can wear red, walk downtown, stroll through the campus and see for themselves what’s changed and what’s to come in the fall.

Bo knows Big Red fans enjoy watching the backups push the starters. He knows they keep track of the walk-ons and will be looking to see how everyone goes all out, every play, just like they did when he was the Huskers’ interim head coach in a 17-3 Alamo Bowl win over Michigan State in 2003.

Bo knows a lot of things. But for him, all that matters is being able to walk into one of the nation’s best football facilities every day, knowing that fans will create a game-day atmosphere any time of the year, and are as faithful as any he’s ever seen.   















“If we pack the house for the Spring Game, I won’t be surprised.”
- Bo Pelini
Want to See Bo on Sunday?
Join Bo Pelini at the Nebraska Coliseum, as the second-ranked Husker wrestling team takes on Oklahoma at 2 p.m. Coach Pelini will be serving as the Huskers' honorary coach, as Nebraska looks to remain undefeated in Big 12 action.
On Wednesday - the same day that Pelini announced his first recruiting class - Nebraska fans got online, on the phone or in their car to buy Red-White Spring Game tickets. Even though he didn’t say a word about any specific recruit or any specific walk-on, Husker fans bought 29,000 Spring Game tickets in 2 ½ days this week, already exceeding the 27,600 tickets that were purchased in advance of last year’s game. 

Nebraska Director of Ticket Operations Holly Adam anticipates a steady stream of ticket sales that will result in a sellout well in advance of the Spring Game. Last year, nearly 30,000 people waited until the last two days to buy their Spring Game tickets. That means tens of thousands not only stood in line to purchase them, but also to pick them up. “Think of the time it saves you on Saturday if you have your tickets in hand,” Adam said. “Remember, the Spring Game is just like a regular game as far as fans, traffic and parking.” 

This year’s Spring Game is important to fans, and Bo says it’s important to him, too. He remembers when he was a kid in Ohio and made it to a spring game once at Notre Dame. It was a big deal to him at the time, but did not approach the magnitude of what a Spring Game means to fans of all ages in Lincoln.

He’s been thinking about what his staff and his players can do for all those Spring Game fans who buy a ticket, not to mention the thousands of kids who will take a drug-free pledge at halftime. In addition, the families of hundreds of deployed soldiers will be welcomed back to Memorial Stadium, and the legion of former Husker players also will be in attendance. Bo is kicking around some ideas, and may well do something special when game time rolls around. 

One thing, however, is certain. The 2008 Red-White Spring Game will be played in honor of all Nebraska fans looking for something near and dear to their hearts – the confidence and optimism that have marked this program for decade after decade.  Coach Pelini has the ingrained optimism of a man whose favorite cap (aside from the one with an N on it) has a Cleveland Indians logo on it. In baseball, this is the time of year when hope springs eternal. 

You can’t lose at Nebraska’s Spring Game either. So Buy Your Tickets Now on Huskers.com and help Nebraska once again prove its reputation for unsurpassed support.

A first-year head coach is counting on you.


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