Nebraska Postgame Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications
Nebraska Coach Mike Anderson
Nebraska Coach Mike Anderson
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

NCAA Lincoln Regional

Friday, May 30, 2008


Coach Mike Anderson
On the win
"It was a good win.  Any win at this point of year is a good win.  I'm proud of the kids for fighting back.  I don't know if I've ever used the word ‘never’ as much; I've never seen the park play like this in the whole time I've been here.  Some of our home runs, I was amazed that they were home runs because of how they were hit.  I would say the same thing for them.  I've never seen this ballpark play like this.  It added a lot of challenges to us today.  I'm proud of the kids.  We had a lead.  We lost that lead.  We got down, but once we got down, we learned how to fight back again.  At this point, I'm not overly concerned about how we do it, just that we get it done."
On adjustments to his strategy considering the hitter-friendly conditions
"Early in the game, I'm going to run, hit-and-run, bunt and do some things that way.  I think it changed that immediately.  I didn't want to put ourselves in a position where we were giving up outs when someone might hit one up in the air and get it out of here, so, from an offensive standpoint it (the conditions) changed that.  I tried to get these guys together just to tell them, 'keep scoring'.  We got ourselves a lead and we stayed on top after that, so that was a good thing."
On Nebraska's pitching situation
"I think the only person that we'd be hesitant to do that with (bring back) tomorrow is Dan Jennings.  It would be nice if we had won 13-1, but 13-10 is the same win and we got guys in that we didn't need to get in, but it allowed us to do what we want to do tomorrow.  We have Johnny Dorn, Zach Herr; Michael Nesseth is available.  We have basically everyone available.  I'm not going to say we did it for this reason, but in hindsight, it was sure nice to get some of those guys up in a regional setting and (have them) pitch for the first time rather than them being in a close game tomorrow or the next day."
On this game compared to Anderson's expectations for the next game
"I think if we win, we win it 5-3 where we see what we can do to punch some runs across.  I think it'll be a tight game whether we face Oral Roberts or UC-Irvine."
On preparing for the next game
"We have our scouting reports done, and then what we do is that each coach has a scouting report, and we'll go that scouting report and watch each guy and either confirm a tendency or check it off and say, 'we should try to attack him this way'.  We have our scouting reports done, and now we're just going to work on it and see if we can make it a bit better."

Catcher Mitch Abeita
On adjusting Nebraska's pitch-calling to today's hitter-friendly conditions
"Overall, we had to stay low in the zone.  A couple of pitches that they hit out were pitches that were up.  It was blowing out to right, center and leftfield, so it was a difficult day for pitchers.  They had to stay down in the zone and work both sides of the plate."
On the performance of Nebraska starter Dan Jennings
"Some of the balls they hit out, they were good pitches.  They were good pitches and you have to give them credit for putting them out like that.  He works well, and he'll come back out again and have a better outing."
First Baseman Tyler Farst
On the four-run fourth inning
"We were trying to get a couple of runs that inning and even the game up so we weren't down.  Anytime they score, our objective is to score back and go ahead or just chip away at the lead.  Luckily enough, we were able to put up a four-spot and go ahead that inning."
On his fourth-inning home run
"I hit a fastball, a little bit low and away.  I was just trying to put the ball in the gap and get that run in, but luckily enough, I hit it out."
Second Baseman Jake Opitz
On the uniqueness of today's conditions at Hawks Field
"I didn't think (my first home run) was out.  Like he (Coach Anderson) said, this field has never played like this in my four years here.  If you got that ball in the air, you had a chance to get it out of here."
On today's offensive outburst as a potential spark for the NU offense
"I think so.  I think 1 through 9, I think everybody contributed with a hit or base on balls.  Everyone got their opportunity and took advantage of it, driving some runs in today.  It was a good collective win."


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