UC Irvine Postgame Quotes

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2008 NCAA Lincoln Regional

Friday, May 30, 2008


Head Coach Mike Gillespie
On the game
"Now that it's over, that was fun. It was hard. It was a grind. I'm really proud of the number of different guys that did something to pick us up on the mound, at the mound and on defense.  There were a lot of things that happened in that game that, perhaps without any one of those kinds of things, the game could've been different.  Oral Roberts was all that was advertised.  We were led to believe they could really hit, and they didn't disappoint in that regard.  They really can hit.  It was drama and we love it."
On the performance of UC Irvine's bullpen
"I really think all three of the guys that came in really picked us up.  (Tom) Calahan was only asked to face one guy and he did exactly as we hoped he would do.  Both Christian (Bergman) and Eric (Pettis) have really been in these roles all year long.  We really trust them.  We have confidence in them.  They respond when it's tough and they haven't given any indication that they've backed down, even if something goes wrong.  I'm thrilled with what they did."
On the effect of Ollie Linton on the bases
"There is no secret about him.  His reputation precedes him.  His statistics are what they are.  Even though people in your own conference aren't supposed to give up scouting reports, some one is giving them up.  He is certainly is a guy that people know does run and can run and likes to run.  You have to deal with him if he gets on.  If he leads off an inning and gets on, it's a factor.  There's no question about.  I think that even if he's not able to steal, he has to take a bit of the pitcher's brain, and that results in a ball, maybe a base on balls, maybe a pitch to hit."
Pitcher Eric Pettis
On the tumultuous ninth inning
"What happened mechanically was that I started falling off the mound a little bit and I tend to do that time to time.  Mentally, I was in the game with a tough at-bat against the No. 2 hitter.  In a two-run game, you have a little more leeway than in a one-run game, and sometimes that can get into your head.  Sometimes you don't make the pitches you would in a one-run game.  After the two-hitter got on, the next two batters are dangerous, so you just try to pitch around them as much as you can while trying to get them out at the same time.  I walked those guys, but I managed to get the next two, so it worked out."
On the drama of the game
"As long as you get it done, it doesn't matter.  For the highlight reel, it looks a little better (to have a close game), but for our hearts, it's probably better to have a little less drama."
Pitcher Christian Bergman
On his mindset coming into the game
"My job is to come in and minimize damage and get out of a tough situation, so my mentality really doesn't change.  It's still the same 60 feet, six inches, so my job doesn't change."
Outfielder Ollie Linton
On the tough conditions for the center fielders
"At the start of the game, the sun was pretty much right behind home plate and it came down right behind home plate as the game went on.  It was just tough to see.  I had to switch out a couple different pairs of lenses just to get the right glasses for the sun.  On the ball (a fly ball to center in the second inning), I looked toward Ben Orloff, our shortstop.  We've done this before where he points to an area and I get a late jump on the ball.  Luckily, I was able to get over there and make the catch."


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