Brook Berringer Citizenship Team members are honored each year at NU's Spring Game.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Brook Berringer Citizenship Team

By NU Athletic Communications

Established in honor of the late Nebraska quarterback who died in plane crash in April 1995, the Brook Berringer Citizenship Team annually honors Nebraska Football players who have consistently went above and beyond the call of duty providing excellent leadership, involvement and service.

Honorees must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, completed at least eight new service activities in the past year and have had no off-field incidents.

The recipients of the award are announced and honored on the field at Nebraska football's annual Spring Game.

  • 2009 Brooke Berringer Citizenship Team (12)
    2009 Team Members: Jake Wesch, Tyler Wortman, Todd Peterson, Marcel Jones, Dan Glassman, Alex Henery, Marcus Mendoza, Adi Kunalic, Dan Titchener, Anthony Blue, Blake Lawrence, Lance Thorell
  • 2008 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team (11)
    2008 Team Members: Joe Ganz, Aaron Gillaspie, Cody Glenn, Victory Haines, Blake Lawrence, T.J. O'Leary, Todd Peterson, Matt Senske, Dan Titchener, Jake Wesch, Tyler Wortman
  • 2007 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team (10)
    2007 Team Members: Greg Austin, Titus Brothers, Victory Haines, Will Henry, Todd Peterson, J.B. Phillips, Brandon Rigoni, Matt Senske, Dan Titchener, Jake Wesch
  • 2006 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team (11)
    2006 Team Members:
    Greg Austin, Cortney Grixby, Brandon Jackson, Brandon Koch, Eric Lueshen, Kurt Mann, Matt Senske, Zac Taylor, Dan Titchener, Dane Todd, Jake Wesch
  • 2005 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team (13)
    2005 Team Members: Willie Amos, Greg Austin, Joe Dailey, Sandro DeAngelis, Garth Glissman, Mark LeFlore, Eric Lueshen, Kurt Mann, Jeff McBride, Jake Peetz, Dane Todd, Jake Wesch, Ben Zajicek
  • 2004 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team (13)
    2004 Team Members:
    Titus Adams, Willie Amos, Joe Dailey, Sandro DeAngelis, Garth Glissman, Steve Kriewald, Jeff McBride, Mike McLaughlin, Ryan Ommert, Jake Peetz, Chad Sievers, Dane Todd, Ben Zajicek
  • 2003 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team (15, plus 5 honorable mention)
    2003 Team Members:
    Demoine Adams, Will Dabbert, Sandro DeAngelis, M.J. Flaum, Garth Glissman, Troy Hassebroek, Steve Kriewald, Jack Limbaugh, Mike McLaughlin, Ryan Ommert, Josh Sewell, Dane Todd, Tyler Toline, Curt Tomasevicz, Ben Zajicek; Honorable-Mention: Adam Hassebroek, Brandon Koch, Jeff McBride, Alex Shada, Kyle Ringenberg
  • 2002 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team Members (16):
    Willie Amos, Will Dabbert, Judd Davies, Joe Chrisman, Sandro DeAngelis, Troy Hassebroek, Patrick Kabongo, Chris Kelsay, David Kolowski, Steve Kriewald, Jack Limbaugh, Mike McLaughlin, Ryan Ommert, Phil Peetz, Pat Ricketts, Kyle Ringenberg
  • 2001 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team Members (12):
    Demoine Adams, Dan Alexander, Willie Amos, Rod Baker, Will Dabbert, Troy Hassebroek, Jeff Hemje, Patrick Kabongo, Jack Limbaugh, Jake McKee, Jon Penny, Ryan Ommert
  • 2000 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team Members (10):
    Dan Alexander, Rod Baker, Will Dabbert, Jeff Hemje, Jake McKee, Willie Miller, Bobby Newcombe, Jon Penny, Jason Schwab, Brian Shaw
  • 1999 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team Members (10, plus Bill Doleman):
    Dan Alexander, Rod Baker, Matt Baldwin, Will Dabbert, Matt Davison, Jeff Hemje, Jake McKee, Bobby Newcombe, Jon Penny, Brian Shaw; Lifetime Achievement Award: Bill Doleman
  • 1998 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team Members (9, plus Tom Osborne):
    Dan Alexander, Kris Brown, Matt Davison, Demond Finister, Jeff Hemje, Sheldon Jackson, Chad Kelsay, Brian Shaw, James Sherman; Lifetime Acheivement Award: Tom Osborne
  • 1997 Brook Berringer Citizenship Team Members (9, plus Trev Alberts):
    Dan Alexander, Rod Baker, Demond Finister, Kris Brown, Ahman Green, Brandt Wade, Brendan Zahl, Jared Tomich, Grant Wistrom; Honorary Member: Trev Alberts



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