Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska Training Table Rules

By NU Athletic Communications

The University of Nebraska Athletic Training Table offers a few basic rules for student-athletes to follow, in order to create an enjoyable and healthy environment.


  1. Prior to your arrival, we suggest you shower and dress in clean clothes. We also suggest the removal of hats while dining in the Nebraska Training Table.


  1. The Nebraska Training Table is open to the public at lunch, but is reserved exclusively for student-athletes at dinner.


  1. Everyone is required to check in with the cashier at the entrance to the Nebraska Training Table. You will be required to produce a student/staff ID card to be admitted into the dining room. Failure to present identification will result in non-admittance to the dining facility. You will not be able to give the clerk your student/staff ID number to be admitted. All transactions are university meal plan, NCard charge, or cash purchases only.


  1. The dining room serves customers who have paid to eat during meal times. If you are not eating, please wait outside the dining area glass walls to speak with friends.


  1. Food service personnel and all customers will be treated with respect.


  1. No tobacco in any form (including chewing tobacco) is allowed in any state facility.


  1. Please leave your table as clean as you would like to find it, and push your chair in before you leave.


  1. No utensils or food are to leave the Nebraska Training Table without permission.


  1. Small-group use of the Executive Dining Rooms during meal service hours are for Athletic Department use only.

  2. No pets allowed under any circumstances.


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