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Senior linebacker Cody Glenn had a big game in his defensive debut for the Huskers.
Senior linebacker Cody Glenn had a big game in his defensive debut for the Huskers.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Postgame Player Quotes
Nebraska vs. Western Michigan
Saturday, Aug. 30, 2008

Quarterback Joe Ganz
On his performance in the game
"I thought it was good, at least right up to the fourth quarter. The first pick, Will (Henry) was a little deep and a little late getting around on his route. I expected him to be there and threw it right past his face. The second one, I just have to be smart with (the ball). I just have to realize in that situation to be OK with a two-yard run instead of trying to thread the needle to Nate (Swift). I thought it went really well, except the fourth quarter, which is a big deal for me. I'm kind of upset with how I finished the game, but I just have to look at the tape and get better off of it."

On being surprised with his two long passes in the third quarter
"The first one (I was) a little bit surprised, the one to Dreu (Young). The second one, I thought Marlon (Lucky) had a step on him. He did a good job beating the linebacker. On the first one, I put it in a spot where only Dreu could go out and grab it. I threw it out into a little area. I looked out into the deep coverage, and they got cleared out, so I just dropped it in there and just let Dreu make a play. He made a great catch. It was tough because there were two guys there swatting at the ball. It was tough for him to see it and to come down with it is a great catch."

Linebacker Cody Glenn
On starting strong
"I kind really dreamed of getting involved early and getting the nervousness down so that I could just play and feel like I have in practice all the time. It worked out really good."

On enjoying playing linebacker
"I was like I was a little kid back in Rusk (Texas), making plays and having fun."

On the potential for the defense to improve
"It (Nebraska's defense) can be a lot better. We made a lot of mistakes tonight. There were a lot of game-one things where people just lost focus for just a little bit. We'll get to the film, learn from the things we messed up on, and we'll be a lot better for next week."

On his workload
"I feel great. Usually, playing running back, you're always getting hit, so you're bruised up and nicked up. Now, when you're hitting people, you don't get hurt that much. My body feels great, and I feel like I could play another game right now."

Defensive End Barry Turner
On getting pressure on Western Michigan quarterback Tim Hiller
"It's great (to get an early sack). It just proves how aggressive our defense is. By getting a sack early, that just shows off that we weren't letting go all day. I think I hit the quarterback multiple times and many other guys did."

On the chemistry of Nebraska's defense
"Our chemistry is unbelievable. We have a brotherhood like I haven't been a part of in my life. We love each other so much and we play for each other. It's unbelievable."

Place-kicker Alex Henery
On his mindset
"I'm just doing what I can do on every kick. Hopefully, they all go through. I haven't missed yet, so knock on wood."

On if he puts pressure on himself
"I don't really get into the pressure thing. I just go out there and do it every single day. It's not like I have to make reads or anything. I just go out there and kick."

On is mindset when he goes onto the field
"You go out there so much every day that you pretty much know what you are doing. I don't really think of what I am doing out there. Like the bad snap, Jake (Wesch) did a great job of holding it, and I just did what I could to kick it through."

Linebacker Tyler Wortman
On the team’s performance
"I was really impressed with the game. We had a couple busts on defense, but overall I think we played really solid. I think everyone played well."

On how he feels about the game
"For me, I'm happy with the way everyone played. The mistakes are things that we can easily fix."

On what allowed the big plays for Western Michigan
"They showed us some things that we haven't seen. It was the first game of the year, so we were getting it all down. They played well, but it was pretty much our mistakes that allowed those big plays."

Offensive Lineman Marcel Jones
On when he found out he would be starting
"I didn't know for sure because (Lydon) Murtha was a day-to-day guy. They (the coaches) came to me a couple days ago and said that they feel confident with me, and we're going to put you in there to start this game. I was a little nervous at first, but the coaches reassured me and told me they have all the confidence in me to go out there and play the game."

On how he felt the offensive line did
"I don't know. We'll have to watch film. There are a lot of things that we are going to have to fix. We really did want to pound the rock and show everybody that we can run the ball and be physical. We didn't really do that this game, so I guess we did OK. A win is a win."

On how shuffling guys on the offensive line affects the chemistry
"It really doesn't hurt it a lot because we're really close knit on the offensive line. We are really tight and everyone has your back. We're a unit, and we have to play that way."


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