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Defensive end Pierre Allen recorded one of Nebraska's three sacks of Baylor's Robert Griffin.
Defensive end Pierre Allen recorded one of Nebraska's three sacks of Baylor's Robert Griffin.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska 32, Baylor 20
Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)


Quarterback Joe Ganz

On how he found more of a rhythm in the second half

“We were able to throw the ball down the field a little bit more, we were down and up more, a little bit more vertical passes. We had more of a passing game going. It's easier to find a rhythm when we aren't just throwing it on third down. The play-calling in the second half worked to my advantage and allowed me to get in a rhythm, find short, quick throws and be able to push the ball down the field more too. It was just a different type of play-calling."


On the seniors playing well on offense

"Todd (Peterson) made some great plays too, he had some big third down conversions for us, all three (Lucky, Swift and Peterson) made great plays for us. It's what we're looking for, when our team is kind of struggling, someone has to step up and make a big play and it's got to be one of our senior leaders. That's what happened today. Those guys did a great job, we just got put in good positions and situations to do it. We started getting more third and shorts, third and manageable, so that is always good and helps our advantage. We just made plays."


On where things are at with this team after coming back to win today

"It's tough to be your best every week; that's something you strive for, but you are going to find yourself in games like this. It's just how you respond. I thought we responded well, second half we came out with great intensity and great focus, we started executing a lot more. Both sides of the ball came out and played well, defense played great in the second half and we were just able to execute. That's what it came down to in the second half, we executed our part and that's what happens."


On  how much confidence he has in Nate Swift

"I have a lot of confidence in all the guys really. Obviously, Nate and Todd (Peterson) are my go-to guys. Meno (Menelik Holt) is starting to get mentioned up there with those guys, but he got dinged up a little. Nate and Todd had to play pretty much be in every position when Meno went out. I'm comfortable with those guys. Just growing up in the system together, we kind of have the chemistry and know where each other is going to be and what kind of routes they are going to run, when they are going to convert certain routes. It's just confidence in those guys because I've worked with them for so long."


Wide Receiver Nate Swift

On what it's like to be ahead of Johnny Rodgers on a career chart

“It's a great honor just to named up there with those guys and put on a list like that. Anything here in Nebraska where you're up on an all-time list is a great feeling and a great honor to be up there with them."


On what the team's reaction was on the sideline

“People were just coming up to me saying congrats. Everybody pretty much said congratulations except Todd Peterson. He told me he wasn't going to congratulate me until the end of the game if we won. Thank God we won so he came up to me after the game and came through with that. It was pretty cool."


On breaking the record with the go-ahead touchdown

“I didn't know where I was at that point, but that was definitely a fun one to catch it on, to catch that touchdown there."


Defensive Lineman Ndamukong Suh

On what the difference was in defense in the second half

“He was in the shotgun a lot more because they had to pass the ball since they were down a little bit, especially once you got to the fourth quarter. I think we just made more of an awareness on the defensive side and we went more to our power rushes rather than our quick rushes where we can get washed down and the offensive linemen can wash us down."


If an adjustment had to be made beause of Robert Griffin's speed

“For me, not really. He really didn't threaten us too much inside. It was more that he got on the outside."



Tight End Ryan Hill

On the team's overall performance

“We went out there and tried as hard as we could. We are working as a team and getting better each and every week."


On the confidence of the offense

“We're all there. We just have to go out there each play and keep working hard and get better every week."


On if he realized he was going to be that wide open on his touchdown

“It's kind of hard to tell when you're down on the goal line with all those people around.  I felt like I was all alone, which was really nice to have."


On if it's harder to catch a ball when you're that wide open

"It's not hard as long as you keep your eye on the ball and bring it in like you're coached every week."


Defensive End Pierre Allen

On the defensvie adjustments in the second half

“We're weren't executing as well as we would of liked to (in the first half), but we made the corrections on the board at halftime and came out pretty good in the second half."


On his sack on Robert Griffin

“They slid the protection and luckily I came free. I just threw all my weight on him.  He's quick so I had to get him."


On coming up with big stops throughout the second half

"The defensive line, we're the heart and soul of the defense. We thrive on making big plays and coming up big for the offense. The DBs and linebackers too; we're always trying to make a play to get the offense on the field."


On if the defense was frusturated on how fast Baylor's Robert Griffin was

"We knew it coming in, so we kind of expected it. Coach told us he was going to slip out a couple times. It was expected. He's fast. I think we held it together pretty well."


Defensive End Zach Potter

On the defensive adjustments in the second half

"We had some communication things that we had to get figured out call-wise. We had some busted calls in the first half.  We just needed to play smarter and we did that in the second half."


On if it was difficult to adjust to the speed of Robert Griffin

"He was really fast, no doubt about it. You don't really have to get used to it, you just have to settle yourself down and  play you're technique and hone in on your skills."


On keeping Robert Griffin in the pocket

"I thought me and Pierre (Allen) did a really nice job of getting pressure on him and collapsing the pocket and containing him. I thought we did a good job of that all daya long."


On if they have to take a different approach when rushing a guy like Robert Griffin

"He's not going to be a guy that escapes up the middle.  He's going to definitely want to try and get outside on us and run, so we had to take some extra measures this week to make sure we contain it and force it. If he is going to run,  to go up the middle instead of the outside."



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