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The third component of the tutorial support program is supplemental instruction (SI). The goals of SI are to provide transition assistance, develop study skills promoting independent learning, encourage academic success and retain students. Nebraska's SI component is modeled after the program that was developed at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Faculty and staff from nearly 400 institutions from the United States and abroad have been trained to implement SI. Potential SI classes are identified, professors are consulted for approval, and the SI selections are communicated to all student-athletes through the academic staff. SI classes are typically freshman-level and meet the UNL general education requirements. SI leaders are selected from the tutorial staff or recruited from the general student population by the coordinator of learning development programs. All SI leaders are required to attend a specialized training session designed to facilitate the implementation of peer-assisted learning strategies. SI leaders attend all class sessions, take notes, read all assigned material, communicate regularly with professors and conduct SI sessions. On the average, SI leaders meet with students two times per week throughout the semester. Students who attend the SI sessions learn appropriate application of study strategies as they review content material, i.e.: note taking, graphic organization, questioning techniques, vocabulary acquisition, and test preparation. Student-athletes are also encouraged to participate in the University-wide SI program coordinated by the Division of General Studies.
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