Red Out Around the World will connect, celebrate and salute Husker fans for their support.
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Red Out Around the World Designed to Connect Fans, Celebrate Tradition

By NU Athletic Communications

Randy York's N-Sider

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The Nebraska video that generated more than 130,000 views in its first four days on YouTube was designed to promote our new website and a first-ever event called Red Out Around the World on Oct. 16.

"The goal of Red Out Around the World is to connect, celebrate and salute Husker fans across the globe for their unparalleled support," Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne said. "We want to showcase the depth and breadth of support from Nebraska fans and give them a way to connect with each other and the Athletic Department."

The original logo and marketing message were created and approved in February. The message - Wear Red, Be Loud, Beat Texas - was chosen to succinctly communicate the goals of the day. 

"We want our fans to wear red, no gray, white or black shirts that day, and we want them to be loud but respectful, whether they're at the stadium, a watch party or at home with their families and friends," Michael Stephens said, adding that he thought "Beat Texas" was a natural ending "since winning is a goal every time we take the field."

Osborne: We Have Great Respect for Texas

What seemed to be an innovative logo has been perceived by some to be a little too direct, so Osborne made the decision to remove the Beat Texas part of the message. 

"We normally do not call out any opponent, and we regret that this promotion has been perceived in this manner," Osborne said. "We have great respect for the University of Texas and want our fans to continue to treat all of our opponents in a respectful manner."

Last fall, Stephens, Nebraska's assistant athletic director for Marketing and Licensing, did a great job orchestrating Nebraska's 300th Consecutive Sellout Celebration. But he never felt comfortable saluting just the fans who kept clicking the turnstiles. As unwavering as those fans have been in filling every seat for every game for 48 consecutive years, he knows the Nebraska phenomenon digs much deeper than 20 million fans who kept the NCAA record sellout streak alive.

After seeing more than 30,000 Husker fans show up in San Diego for Nebraska's 33-0 Holiday Bowl win over Arizona, Stephens couldn't believe how far so many had traveled to get there. They came not only from across the country, but around the world, and several told him they had never sat inside Memorial Stadium to see The Tunnel Walk, feel the spirit or hear the band serenade with Hail Varsity and There Is No Place Like Nebraska, at least not live or in Lincoln..

Stephens flew back from San Diego on the team plane, knowing what he would like to suggest - select a day when every Husker football fan in the world could rally around their favorite team. It didn't matter if they were part of another sellout, at home with friends or family or at an alumni watch party in Alliance or Asia, Eustis or Europe, Columbus or Canada.

Planning for this special Red Out Around the World began last January. By February, the marketing team, thinking it had clearly defined the event's goals, received approval on messaging and began executing major logistics before Nebraska had even played its Spring Game.

Red Out Celebration Includes Honoring 1970 Team

The Nebraska-Texas game, of course, is the backdrop for the day, and as part of the festivities, the Athletic Department made the decision last winter to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Huskers' first national championship team in conjunction with Red Out Around the World.

The 1970 Huskers went into the Orange Bowl against LSU ranked No. 3, but emerged a 17-12 winner and was voted national champions after Stanford upset Ohio State and Notre Dame broke Texas' 30-game winning streak in the Cotton Bowl earlier that day.

Such creative coincidence seemed worthy of celebration and provides the perfect thread to weave together a national reunion of players to go with a worldwide reunion of fans.

Enjoy the journey wherever you are around the world..

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Voices from Around the World

I was introduced to Nebraska football in 1995 when I worked with three UNL alumni at a summer camp in Michigan. I have never seen them play live, but thanks to the Internet, I've been a fan of the Big Red ever since and look forward to the day that I do finally get to sit in Memorial Stadium, chanting in my loudest voice with the rest of the Sea of Red :)  Looking forward to the Red Out Around the World! Sharlene Glennie, Sydney, Australia

We will be supporting the Red Out from Beijing China. We'll either be sending pics from the Great Wall or Tian'amen Square. We havent decided yet, but either way we'll have Beijing China covered. Brent Shonka, Beijing, China

I'll be deployed and wearing my RED in Africa, on October 16...LOUD AND PROUD! Jesse P. Scott, Djibouti, Africa 

I am a long time fan of the Huskers since I arrived in Lincoln in 1983 to get my education. I have worked for the Daily Nebraskan and every game day I was responsible to distribute the First Down magazine. I was in the the stadium on every home game. After leaving Lincoln in 1990, it was difficult at first to keep up with news updates. I had to buy USA Today in the bookstore four days after gameday. Now I am able to watch live sometimes if the game is on ABC or Fox thru streaming. There are still a lot of Nebraska fans here, but the only live games televised here will be the bowl game. Sometimes they will be rerun on ESPN showing my beloved Huskers. I will continue to follow my Huskers and have the intention one day to be back in Lincoln just to see one game. Husker supporters here are proud that the Blackshirts are back. Noor Azman Hargus, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Just wanted to express my support for Big Red football from Davao in the Philippines and let everyone know we will participate in Red Out Around the World on Oct. 16. Alan Farlin, UN-Kearney grad serving as Principal of international Christian school Faith Academy Mindanao, Davao, Philippines

We are sending "Aloha" to the Huskers for the past 40-plus years of memories and for the next year of anticipation. Let the BoDogs loose. Jac Fogelstrom, Kealakekua Bay,  Hawaii

I'm a 47-year Husker fan, Alaskan Nebraskan member and now display with great pride my support of the Huskers at our fishing resort in Minnesota. Every year we have Husker Week, but any time you drive into camp, you know you are in Husker territory. Over the Fourth of July, for instance, we had a free concert and invited Husker fans and the public to join us and celebrate Nebraska joining the Big Ten. Red Out Around the World is a terrific idea and a great way to show the nation and our recruits that we support our team now and forever. GO BIG RED!!!!! Terry Colton, Scenic Point Resort, Clitherall Lake, Minnesota

I lived overseas for many years. I've worn my Husker red with pride all over South Korea, as well as Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines and all over the U.S. I wear red almost every day, so I'm ready for Red Out Around the World. GO BIG RED! Beat Texas (no second chances this time).Ron "Chuck" Wilson, Brule, Nebraska

I left Nebraska and moved to Virginia in the mid-'70s. I was going to adopt one of the teams here, but I always kept my loyalty to the Huskers. Had Bowl parties every year; convinced my Virginia-born kids that NU was and always will be the best team. One year, I asked them where they wanted to go on vacation.  They unanimously said: "We want to go to a Nebraska football game." It wasn't easy, but I flew the three of them to Lincoln, spent the weekend and watched Nebraska win. I had the extreme pleasure of going to the last Big Eight game ever played and watched as we beat Oklahoma. I now live in Jersey and have made quite a few converts here. We will all definitely be wearing red every single football Saturday this year, and we do have 10/16/10 circled on our calendar. William A. Stuckwisch, Plainsboro, New Jersey

In the mid-1930s, I lived on 10th Street just west of the stadium. This area is now buried under the new stadium extension, which is a great addition. I am now near 80 years old, and that was 74 years ago. I used to get into the knothole section at the games at 25 cents a game, and they would let us poor kids in for zero if we had no money. During the week, practices were pretty much open, and I watched such greats as Sam Francis (Oberlin, Kan.), Vike Francis (Lincoln, Neb.) and Walter Luther (Cambridge, Neb.) and many others. They all treated me like a mascot. I have attended a Husker game about every year, many times in Minnesota and Missouri, where I lived and now here in Illinois. My children have moved on to Texas and Pennsylvania, but I have many family members who still go to all the games, even on the road. On Oct. 16, I will be in Memorial Stadium - in spirit - for the Red Out Around the World. Herman H. Harding, Bloomington, Illinois

I live in Dunedin Florida. I always show my Husker pride. It's hard here in Florida. Friends give me a hard time, but still I show my pride. I can't wait for Oct.16th. My pride will shine brighter. Jenny Keith, Dunedin, Florida

Red around the World, what a wonderful way to honor the 1970 Huskers and Nebraska fans. I have had the honor of being a Husker fan all of my life. I even had the pleasure of being live at the 1995 Orange Bowl game against Miami when Coach O got his first national championship. Thank You for coming up with this plan for the fans that are distant from Lincoln because we are out here every Saturday when the Big Red takes the field, and we are yelling GO BIG RED !!!! Corbin Conway, Jacksonville Florida

You can be sure that the flags will be flying and everyone in this house will be dressed in Red for the Red Out Around the World Day on October 16th! Jerry Faubel, Commerce, Michigan

Just wanted to add our support that Southern Arizonans for Nebraska salute the Red Out. Most of us travel to at least one game per season. I attended the 300th sellout to go with my 250th and 200th  sellouts. Plus we drove to the Holiday Bowl to watch my beloved Huskers destroy the arrogant Arizona Wildcats (my town). I plan to attend the Washington game and the Texas game this year.  Nice article, and Go Big Red. Todd Meedel, Tucson, Arizona

My husband Robert and I are on the board of directors for the North Texas Nebraskans in Dallas. We own two Vitty's Husker sports establishments in Denton and Lewisville. I can't tell you how much we will be supporting this Red Out campaign. I think it is fantastic to make it a worldwide event which would include all those Husker soldiers protecting the world. Our organization is planning on taking 50 soldiers to the Nebraska-Texas A&M game in College Station this year. They will join another 150 Husker fans from the Dallas area. We can't wait for football to start. GO BIG RED!!! Gayle "Mrs. Vitty" Vittitoe, Flower Mound, Texas

My family and I have been supporters of the Huskers our whole lives. I had a cousin (Mitch Krenk) play for Nebraska in the 1980s. Like thousands of others, I will always be a Husker fan no matter where I live. I am in Little Rock, Arkansas, right now. I support the Razorbacks because of my wife and because I am a college football fan, but I always wear my Husker red on football Saturdays. I remain a loud and proud Husker and will do just that on Nebraska Red Out Around the World. For me, it will be like every other Big Red Saturday! Just ask my golf buddies. They're always commenting on my Husker logo tattoo on my calf!  GO HUSKERS!!!! Christopher Foster, Little Rock, Arkansas

Red Out Around the World is a great idea. I live in Texas now, unfortunately, but have been a lif long Husker fan. I can remember watching the Huskers play when I was stationed on Okinawa, Japan, and having to get up at 3 a.m. to watch the game. I would do anything to see the Huskers play, and I will definitely be wearing red on Oct. 16 here in Texas. GO BIG RED! BEAT TEXAS!!!!!! David Olson, Abilene, Texas

Huskers Baby!! Been wearing red on game day for at least 30 years!! RED ON, DUDE!! Tony Lynch

Let's do the Red Out! Huskers here in the state of Washington are ready! Carol Hornburg, Bremerton, Washington

Yes, to the Red Out! Matthew Hornburg, Bremerton, Washington

I think having a worldwide Red Out Day is ssooooo cool, and I'm glad the Beat Texas was taken out. I really hope we do beat them, but we don't want them to use that statement as fuel. I sure hope there will be Red Out shirts available. I can hardly wait to get  mine. Our family is worldwide and being able to get in touch will be awesome. Thanks again Husker Nation for leading the way and recognizing this huge family - Let's just draw names for Christmas. Alice Fisher, Sycamore, Illinois

Excited about the Red Out Around the World!  Looking forward to football season. Moved back to Oklahoma 12 years ago, but I'll always be a Husker fan! My dear Sooner husband has even driven me back so I could attend the NU-OU game last year. I'm still on the season ticket wait list and hope to get single game tickets this year. Here's to an awesome football season! GO BIG RED! Marian West, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We will be supporting the Red Out Around the World here in Austin. I purchased the website to promote the University of Nebraska plates that are now going to be available in Texas. We don't profit at all from the selling of the plates, and 10 percent of the price of the plates goes back to three Nebraska Alumni clubs in the state. Here's hoping we get permission to put the Red Out video on our site. Thanks. Tom Myers, Austin, Texas 

As a UNK graduate and someone who has been around the world, and a lifelong Husker fan, I can understand the importance of Red Out Around the World. I have had the opportunity to view Husker games from the Far East to the Middle East, and back here at home. Thank you for giving me a piece of home no matter where I was. Ronald Stark, Cozad, Nebraska

I will gladly support the Red Out Around the World.  It would be wonderful if in our last Big 12 season, we beat Texas not only on the 16th of October but also in the Big 12 title game. Mike Bagley, Kuna, Idaho

I am just showing my love and support for the Cornhuskers from behind enemy lines in Oklahoma. GO HUSKERS!!! Chris Hadley, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Vancouver, Washington is ready as always. Go Big Red Out! Corey Harrell, Vancouver, Washington

It's been difficult being a Husker in Kansas for many years and for many reasons. However, when I tell people my dad (Bob Tenopir, Crete, now deceased) was a cousin to Milt Tenopir, people are kinder.  There is a great respect for the coaching staff of Nebraska. Dad's brother, Earnest, was a custodian at Love Library for years. His wife, Grace, was employed on East campus.  My great grandfather, Frank Rejcha, was instrumental in securing the teaching of the Czech language and other romance languages at UNL.  My youngest daughter, Kristin, is currently a Jr. at UNL, and I am so proud of her for choosing Nebraska. There are many Husker fans in the Wichita area and that helps Husker Power. We're looking forward to joining everyone who will celebrate Red Out Around the World. GO BIG RED! Teri Unruh, Newton, Kansas

The idea of bringing together all the Husker fans and recognizing the players and coaches that produced Nebraska's first national championship is just great. I was born and raised in Nebraska and have lived in Wisconsin for some years, but I do my best to get back to Lincoln for football games when I can. It has been a great time bragging up the original "Big Red" in a part of the country that wants to lay claim to that title. Hope to see more games now that the Huskers will be in the Big Ten Conference. Go Huskers!!!!!! Kathy Bartlett, Waunakee, Wisconsin

The Red Out Around the World is a great idea. I grew up about a mile-and-a-half from Memorial Stadium, so we always knew when Nebraska scored. I used to pay 50 cents to attend games in Nebraska's Knothole Club for kids. It was a great experience to be there when Bob Devaney took over the program in '62 and then watch Nebraska football grow into what it is today under Tom Osborne as AD. We will participate in this big event. Mario Guajardo, Susanville, California

I wear my red every weekend that NU football takes the field and also sport Nebraska red with my truck and tags, flags and magnets down here. I will be ready for Red Out Around the World. Frank J. York, Columbus, Mississippi

I am a lifelong Nebraskan and die hard Husker fan. I come from a family of the same. My children will be raised in the same love of our team and our game.  About four years ago, my employment relocated us to Louisville, Kentucky. Although our house and life is here for now, our home and our hearts are still in Nebraska. One nice benefit was being able to get HSKRS on our Kentucky plates. We will be flying our Blackshirts flag and donning our Husker clothes with the same whole-hearted pride and dedication that everyone in our great state will be!! GO BIG RED!!! ALL AROUND THE WORLD!! Brenda Lee Finley, Louisville , Kentucky

I've been a Husker fan since my Knothole Club days in the north end zone in the 1950s. I can't wait to fly my Husker flag here in the heart of Central Texas on Red Out Around the World Day on Oct. 16. Go Huskers! John Coolidge, Bastrop, Texas

Here's hoping there be some kind of official event in Branson, Missouri, to celebrate Red Out Around the World? If not, we will still celebrate it ourselves. Elise Bishop, Branson, Missouri


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