Coach Bo Pelini said he was pleased with Nebraska's progress this spring.
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Bo Pelini Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini
Postgame Quotes
Red-White Spring Game
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Saturday, April 16, 2011

On the game
"It was about what I expected. We mixed and matched a lot of personnel, so there wasn't a lot of continuity out there. I thought it was a good game to watch, hopefully the fans enjoyed it. The players enjoyed it. There were some good things. Obviously we were very, very basic. We huddled the whole game, we did a lot of things to be really basic. We were pretty basic on both sides of the football and were running guys in and out. That's how we chose to play the game, but the most important thing is no one got seriously hurt, which is always a plus. In the end, I thought we had a good spring. I thought we did a lot of things for the spring ball as a whole that made us a better football team and really set us up for the next step, which sets us up for the summertime."

On areas that saw the most improvement this spring
"I don't know where we made the most. Obviously we installed a new offense, and I feel really good about where we are in that process right now. That was an obvious priority that we had. I think we've gotten better technique-wise, and I think we've had a lot of young guys get a lot of reps. We've found out a lot about some guys, some that I think will help us and some that need to improve. I'd like to think that we're a deeper football team coming out of the spring than we were going in."

On the play of Brion Carnes
"He did some good things. He shows flashes. He has a lot of ability, but he's still swimming in it a little bit. Even as basic as we were today, there are a lot of things he needs to improve upon and can get better at. But you see signs that he's going to be a good football player in time. I think he's had a pretty good spring."

On the play of Jamal Turner and the wide receivers
"Jamal Turner has a lot of ability. He's going to be a good player for us, and he brings a really good element. I think you see a lot of those young wide receivers do. We were very basic in our passing game and what we showed and what we put out there today. Jamal, Brandon Kinnie has gotten better, Kenny Bell's going to be a good football player, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Quincy Enunwa, Tim Marlowe - we had some guys who did a lot of good things through the spring. We have some playmakers at the wide receiver position."

On the improvement of Eric Martin this spring
"I think Eric Martin's gotten better. He's a good football player, and he's gotten better. We're doing some things with him that we didn't necessarily do today that I think really play to his strengths and are really going to make him a guy that's going to be a force to be reckoned with on our defense. I'm excited about what he's shown this spring."

On the future of the running game
"I think we're going to have an outstanding running game next year. Some of those true freshmen - we recruited those guys because we think that they've got some ability, and they're going to be players. I'm hoping that a couple of them, if not all of them, will be ready to step up and help this football team. I don't ever look at recruiting somebody, thinking I'm going to redshirt them. Sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn't. We'll see how it goes. I know those guys have the ability to help our football team next year."

On the play of Brett Maher and his miss at the end of the game
"Austin Cassidy and Maher decided since they had red jerseys on they were going to sabotage the game. I don't think he did himself any favors for when he did try to kick it. I don't know if Cassidy even tried to hold it the right way for him. They were getting a lot of barking from their sideline, so I call a foul on that one. I'll have to look at the film on that.
Brett Maher has come a long way. I really feel good about how far he's come, both as a punter and a kicker. We've got a young man coming in that's going to help us in the kicking game. I feel really good about where we are."


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