Adrianna Maurer gives the Huskers' first impressions of Norway.
Photo by BreAnna Haessler/NU Media Relations

Adrianna Maurer - Europe Blog #9

By NU Athletic Communications

Hey Husker Fans,

Our adventure in Sweden has unfortunately come to an end.  Early this morning we packed our bags, ate our last breakfast at our hotel in Stockholm and hit the road for a seven-hour bus ride to Oslo, Norway.  For the most part, everyone seemed to sleep for the long ride but when people were awake, they could look out their windows to witness the beautiful countryside of Sweden.  A comparison that was frequently used among players in the bus was that the landscape reminded them of what you would see in the movie Twilight.  For me, I couldn't relate too well to that comparison because I've never actually seen a Twilight movie, but nonetheless the angelic scenery was one that you could just picture coming from a movie like that.

Once we got to Norway the atmosphere seemed pretty much the same, but with a few slight differences.  For one, here in Oslo I could definitely tell that they were big on public transportation by the tracks and cable wires I saw throughout the streets for the buses that I saw in use constantly packed with people.  Another minor difference that I noticed was the size of the streets.  The streets in Norway are narrower and they were also less busy because most everyone here either walks to where they're going, rides their bikes or takes the bus.

After checking into our hotel, the team wasted no time unloading their luggage into their rooms and hitting the streets to explore Oslo. Our excitement turned to sorrow when the first thing we experienced was seeing the mourning public laying flowers, pictures, candles and all sorts of gifts in front of a church just blocks away from our hotel in remembrance of those who were killed in the terrorist attacks here just a couple weeks ago.  All around the block of where this church was, a feeling of gloom really seemed to take people over.  As our team walked around together looking at the different memorials I got chills thinking about all the innocent people that died.  I had never really experienced anything like it before, and it is something that will definitely stand out for me on the trip. 

Our exploration of Oslo wasn't all sad. After we spent a few moments looking at the public memorial, we made our way down a few crowded streets where we explored different shops and unique street vendors.  To cap the night off, a few teammates and I decided to do some extra exploring. We ended up finding an outdoor concert that was going on with a local band as a part of a music festival that was about to take place the next five days.  We checked it out to discover the kind of music they listen to over here.  Surprisingly all the songs the band played were in English and they weren't too bad. We actually ended up enjoying ourselves.

Just from our half day in Norway I can already tell our time here is going to be another fun time. We still have a lot of our trip left, and I'm excited for what lies ahead.

Finally, I just want to give a big shout-out to all those who helped contribute to make this trip happen, especially the Fastbreakers. This trip has been an experience of a lifetime so far and we all appreciate this opportunity more and more every day we're here.  Thank you so much!!

Go Huskers!!



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