Tear'a Laudermill (third from left) enjoyed time at Tivoli in Denmark.
Photo by BreAnna Haessler/NU Media Relations

Tear'a Laudermill - Europe Blog #12

By NU Athletic Communications

Hey Huskers,

We finally arrived in Copenhagen after a fun, memorable night on the cruise boat, and I must say that today was a great and long day. This morning we took a fabulous tour around Copenhagen. We were all excited to learn more about this city.

Our tour was great and informative. We found out that"The statue of Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid" near the harbor is probably the most famous landmark of Copenhagen. We saw a lot of food places, shopping malls, museums, and an amusement park, which we couldn't wait to see!

After our tour, we all decided on spending team time at a delicious restaurant called "Café Stella". We couldn't resist getting cheeseburgers. They looked too good on the menu picture for us NOT to get one. I had to chase my burger down with some French toast and might I say that it was scrumptious. After each of us chowed down on the burgers, we were ready to hit the Copenhagen streets and start our journey for souvenir hunting and clothes shopping.

We all decided where we wanted to go, so some of us split up into groups. Rebecca Woodberry and I decided to walk to"Store Vega" to purchase our tickets for the Wiz Khalifa concert that was going to be held there Sunday, Aug. 14, 2011. Even though we couldn't read the street signs because they were all in Danish, we still found the building and couldn't wait to buy our tickets!

After we all came back to the hotel from our long journeys, some of us hopped into bed for power naps since we knew we would need it for the next exciting hours of the day. 6:15 p.m. finally arrived and we knew what that meant...Tivoli - the amusement park!

When we arrived, we couldn't believe what we were seeing and hearing. We saw rides moving in all kinds of directions and people screaming their lungs out, and we immediately thought to ourselves, "Oh I'm definitely going on that one". We again got into groups. I was in the group with Emily Cady, Hailie Sample, Katie Simon and Rebecca Woodberry. The first ride we went on was fun and got our adrenaline pumping for the next big rides. By that time, our blood was pumping like crazy. My favorite ride was called "The Dæmonen". It was breathtaking...Literally! But we all enjoyed it and didn't want the fun to end.

Tomorrow is Game day No. 3, and I can't wait to play again!

We are all blessed to have this opportunity to travel out of the country to play. I am having the time of my life out here and want to thank the Fastbreakers and staff who made this trip possible for us. You all are truly appreciated.


Tear'a Laudermill


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