Emily Cady (queen) says the Huskers a building strong bonds in Scandinavia.
Photo by Bryce Currie/Nebraska Women's Basketball

Emily Cady - Europe Blog #13

By NU Athletic Communications

Hey Husker Fans, 

Our day in Copenhagen started off great because everyone was able to sleep in until 10 a.m., before heading downstairs to eat breakfast.  Breakfast consisted of a variety of things from bread to cereals.  I tried some Nutella for the first time today.  Nutella is like Europe's version of peanut butter and it was pretty good.  Others on the team ate things like danishes and other breads.  After breakfast we headed off to our game.

On the bus ride over to the game, the coaches told us the areas we needed to improve so we can get better as a team. We were focused the whole way over to the gym. I think we got better as a team during today's game. Our whole team played well in specific areas, and we showed a lot of effort on the court. 

I think playing these games will give us an advantage for the season because after every game we have gotten stronger as a team. Especially after this game, I felt the team continues to build stronger bonds together.  After the game we took off our ankle braces and shoes, drank a very yummy protein shake, and then hurried onto the bus to go back to our hotel.

Once we got to the hotel we had to rush to get cleaned up and ready to travel to a church with a tall spiral staircase leading up to a tower. Only a few of us made the trip to the church, probably because it was a good 20-minute walk from our hotel, but it was worth it.  Jordan, Lindsay, KB, Adri, Hailie, Layne, Katie, our tour guide Dave and I made the journey to the church.  When we got to the church, we paid 30 Kroner to walk up this tower to see all of Copenhagen.  A few of us in the group were scared (Jordan Hooper and Lindsay Moore) but we all managed to walk up the tower.  It took a good 10 minutes to walk up all the stairs to get to the top. The stairs in the church varied a lot. There were steep stairs; there were narrow stairs; there were spirally stairs, and any other kind of stairs you could think of were in this church.  There were so many stairs that we had to walk up that we had to take breaks between staircases. 

I made sure I had tall people walking in front of me (Jordan Hooper and Katie Simon) because when I would hear them say "ouch" I would know that they hit there heads on the top of a staircase, so I would be watching where my head was.  The experience was great and I am glad that I decided to go and see it.

After the church, our stomachs were making some fierce noises and we knew we were all hungry.  We walked closer to our hotel and found somewhere to eat.  We were deciding on what to get at the restaurant, and Layne Reeves and I chose chili burgers.   We were getting excited to eat this burger and when the lady brought it out to us we asked why there wasn't any chili on the burger.  The lady replies by saying that the word chili is meant by the jalapenos that were on the burger, lets just say I was kind of sad that I didn't get actual chili, but the food was still good!  After we ate we thought that we needed some ice cream so we went to an ice cream place.

The ice cream place was great!  They had a variety of flavors from strawberry to ones called hello kitty.  We got our ice cream and we were headed back to the hotel.  We were walking and there was a man painted in all sliver acting as a statue.  We were getting closer to him, and Layne told me I should run up and scare him, but I was too afraid.  I think he might have heard her tell me, because right as we passed him he jumped at us and yelled.  We all huddled together in a bunch and screamed.  Jordan Hooper did a quick Heisman pose and then took off running.  We laughed the rest of the way back to the hotel.  I am sure we will be talking about that for a while.

The day was very eventful and fun.  We enjoyed every bit of it, and we know we wouldn't be able to live all these amazing experiences and bond as a team without the support of all of the great Husker boosters!  Thanks Fastbreakers!

Go Big Red!

Emily Cady


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