Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini leads his team onto the field at Wyoming in a business-like manner.
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In Bo Peliniís Vocabulary, Hype is Like a Swear Word

By NU Athletic Communications

"I think the world is filled with so much hype and PR bull. Frankly, it all comes out in the end. Good or bad, I'd rather just let our accomplishments really speak for themselves."

                                                       - Bill Ford, Ford Motor Company

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Toward the end of Monday's press conference, a respected Omaha writer asked Nebraska's head football coach how he keeps his young players from all the hype of Saturday's Top 10 showdown against Wisconsin at Camp Randall Stadium. College Game Day wasn't even mentioned, but somehow it seemed almost imbedded in the question, but Pelini wasn't buying any of it.

"We have a really consistent approach around here," he said. "The number one thing we have to do is take care of us and get better. I know you guys get tired of hearing about it, but there is a process we go through each and every day that has nothing to do with the hoopla or our opponent or anything else. It talks about our fundamentals and how to get better every day.

"That is our approach, and that will not change. It always has been and will be the case. That allows us to do everything we can to keep our guys on track and focused on what we control. There are a lot of things outside of our practice and offices and field that we can't control. What we can control is us. You do that and work hard and get better every day, and let the chips fall where they may on game day."

Okay, so you've heard Bo say that before. But, in this, an historic week for Nebraska's tradition-rich football program, it's the only answer to the H-word. In fact, to be perfectly honest, hype might as well be called what Bo thinks it really is ... almost like a swear word.

Hype for Big Red Fans is a Different Story

Hype heightens interest, and Bo has no issues with Husker fans gearing up for someone else's Game Day, wearing black to differentiate themselves at Camp Randall or celebrating all week long in anticipation of Saturday's nationally televised matchup.

Just don't expect Nebraska's coaches or players to fall into that kind of trap door. Bo does not, could not and will not ever care about hype, publicity or PR bull. All he cares about is helping his team get better, and right now, I'm sure he's hoping that happens by leaps and bounds. Frankly, the only way that's possible is for Pelini to remove himself, his coaches and his players from any and all hype that might come their way.

I have no idea if Bo Pelini has ever heard of Bill Ford, the great-grandson and leader of the new Ford Motor Company, but I have a feeling they would get along well. Bill Ford wrote a book called "Ford Tough" and in it he describes his vision of the company's future, his genuine care for his employees, his well-timed toughness and his concern for the well-being of one of America's most famous business brands.

Pelini, Nebraska's fourth-year head coach, likewise, bases his vision of the Huskers' football program on a genuine care for his players, a well-timed toughness and a concern for the well-being of one of college football's best-known brands.

Revitalization Creates No Room for Hype

My guess is Bo Pelini could relate to Bill Ford because both were hired to lead revitalization efforts - Ford as the first family member to run the company since 1979 and Pelini as Tom Osborne's personal choice to end decline in Nebraska's football program.

Essentially, both Ford and Pelini were asked to rebuild a foundation, restore faith in a product and return their employers to their customary place in a national hierarchy. Read the quote atop this blog, and you know what Bill Ford thinks of hype.

Frankly, Ford's disdain of hype sounds just like Pelini must feel every time the word creeps into a question. They both know the only thing that matters is how it all comes out in the end ... good or bad.

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