Heavy rains and threatening skies were the norm on Saturday in Lincoln.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Spring Game Canceled; Tickets Good for NU Baseball, Softball Games

By NU Athletic Communications

Lincoln - Due to inclement weather and potentially severe weather throughout Eastern Nebraska and the Lincoln area, Nebraska's Red-White Spring Game on Saturday at Memorial Stadium was canceled. Nebraska officials announced Saturday afternoon that the game will not be rescheduled.

Fans with a Red-White Spring Game ticket can use it for a free general admission ticket to any remaining regular-season home baseball or softball game. Fans who wish to use their ticket stub for admittance to an upcoming baseball or softball game should present their spring game ticket at the gate on the day of the game.

Following the announcement at Memorial Stadium that Saturday's game was canceled, fans at the stadium were treated to free concessions and many of the Husker players signed autographs for fans who were in the Memorial Stadium concourses.

Bo Pelini Quotes
On canceling the spring game
"It's disappointing, it's disappointing for the players who I know look forward to this day and it's disappointing for the fans, but what are you going to do? I think the right decision was made, they made the right call. You have to look at the safety of everyone involved. They made the right choice. You listen to the event management people and you have to make sure you make a rational decision and I think that was done."

Playing tomorrow
"I don't think that's going to work out. When we met with the team, there are a lot of issues that come with playing tomorrow. You're talking about family issues; I had a show of hands of guys who had a problem with tomorrow. You're talking about group projects, academic things, a banquet coming up tomorrow night, and logistical issues with their family. In the end, that wasn't going to work. As much as I think everybody would like for that to happen. From what they're telling us, we could get more of the same tomorrow weather-wise, there is a good chance. I think we're just going to move on."

On having a 15th practice next week
"With the situation, I think we'll just move on and go to the next step. We have some things planned for them next week lifting-wise and getting into their offseason conditioning. I think that is the route we're going to go. It's not going to make or break us one way or another in that situation. It's not going to disrupt anything that we have scheduled and planned heading into the next phase of our offseason for one practice. To be honest, you worry about the mindset of your players at that point and how much you're going to get out of it. I don't want to deviate from the plans we set up at that point."

Athletic Director Tom Osborne Quotes
"Essentially what we did is go on the best advice we could get from the weather service. They said it would be a good idea to cancel the game. The problem is we have a steady progression of thunder cells which are coming up this way. We have a slight window right now but the forecast said it is going to hit here before too long. They were talking about some possibly some very strong winds and some hail and some possibility of a tornado, but we were not counting on that.

The biggest problem was lightning. We had quite bit of lightning here about 12:30 and if that started again, we would have to clear the stadium and the field and we felt also that the strongest threat of really bad weather was going to kick in later this afternoon when people were going home. We thought in the best interest of the safety of everybody, it was best to cancel it at that point. You don't know, maybe the sun will shine and maybe it will be a perfect day from here on. If so, we made a bad call, but on the other hand if it turns out like it is forecast; we felt we probably did what we needed to do. 

We tried to give the fans a little bit of a break in that we told them that they can go to the concession stands and at no cost get what they wanted to eat. Hopefully, a lot of them got at least $10 worth of food. We tried to make it right. We have a no refund policy and we have never had this happen before, and so we will take a close look at that. I think we have everyone's e-mail address, so we will decide what needs to happen in that regard sometime in the next couple of days. That is about all I can tell you right now, and we are very sorry that this happened."


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